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  1. On 02/04/2021 at 22:47, hamks18psi said:

    After road test at nightm, I found the IPF headlights are not bright as I thought, and they are too fused, while high/main beam aftermarket are fine. Then I have checked the LED facing position then figured out why. I have found that our headlight housing is not designed for LED directional, so the flange made my IPF LED light at 12 o'clock and 6 o'clock position, which is wrong. After today adjustment, LED are facing 9o'clock and 3 o'clock, then everything works well. They are so bright! I am very happy to say I got what I paid for.

    Before and After pics are attachedGOPR1070.JPG.b76dc1d881ed5cca18a6d1ae904e5019.JPG


    What was the adjustment you made?

    Referencing this comment:-

    After today adjustment, LED are facing 9o'clock and 3 o'clock, then everything works well.


  2. Had my car serviced recently, and it was noted that there was 'front splitter damage'.

    I had no idea, and hadn't noticed anything whilst driving it.

    Either way, I have small chunk missing from the splitter on my 2018 Exige 350.

    Standard Lotus replacement looks to be £362 ish.

    Are there any other options out there? I've seen some of the ones made from wood, but I'm not sure I'm 100% keen.



  3. Interesting topic really, as I bought and fitted a 2Bular Valved Road exhaust this year, and it totally transforms my 350 Sport into something way more exciting sounding.

    I knew I was going to be ruining my chances of trackdays with it specifically, but had hoped there are options.

    The 2Bular road exhaust comes in 3 sections:-
    1) The pipe from the downpipe section to the silencer
    2) The silencer/backbox section
    3) The tailpipes section from the backbox

    I've emailed Jim to see if I can buy a track friendly #2 section. It seems logical in my head, but I don't make these systems for a living.
    I feel like I could quite easily drop out #2 pre/post track days and it gives me the flexibility I want.

    I've emailed once and followed up once with no reply yet.

    Until Jim responds, does anyone know if what I'm suggesting is possible?


  4. I ordered a 2Bular Valved Road exhaust on the 27th Jan.

    So far, 2 promised delivery dates have been missed and we're on course for a 3rd missed date.
    I've already had to cancel 1 appointment for fitting.

    I've been nothing but polite and patient in all my correspondence, but the wait time is really tainting the general excitement for it to actually arrive.

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