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  1. Ok, so it's taken a while but here are my pictures from Super Car Sunday. I'm lazy so will only upload a few to here, but the rest can be seen at the link below. All photo's can be seen at this link
  2. Needed something with a little more poke dave Bought another elise, but upped the power by 40ish HP
  3. andycs3

    Green S4

    I was in the black elise, just about to pull onto the roundabout, when the other half shouted "LOOK!" So i missed the gap, as you came roaring past. Sounded good tho
  4. As I wave goodbye to my Black Elise I thought id just add a final thought
  5. Permission to fly has been revoked :-( Mothers day / expense / not feeling well Sorry guys... hope to meet up at the next one
  6. Can't find this thread .... but was wondering if we had some form of group booking? Just looked at prices to get into the museum... and I might have my wings clipped
  7. I hope you all wont be too offended if a small black car were to tag along behind?
  8. Good to hear the car is having the 5* treatment. The gear linkage was a constant problem from the moment i got the car. It once left me with only 3rd and 4th in the middle of the lake district. When I sent you the car, it was the best I've ever had it, I could always get every gear. But it sounds like the car didn't enjoy travelling over there. Sadly i have no useful advice, apart from, fiddle with the cross gate, and when it works tighten everything up so it doesn't move. Best of luck, and keep up the good work Andy
  9. I would like to come... but valentines weekend = permissions needed [Also snow is forecast]
  10. Well that isn't promising.... but I was going to say that I may be interested, depending on location and weather. Although I will be under Elise power (until Dodgy sends me the keys to the Turbo).
  11. a ride out sounds great you have my number, drop me a line
  12. Im very happy actually. It's such a responsive drive, and just feels much faster than the Esprit.
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