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  1. Hahaha, yeah at first glance looks shocking right?! Thanks!
  2. Thanks, I'll check that too. It isn't in the speaker though, it is an even higher pitch and doesn't change with the revs. It's monotone and continuous.
  3. No it's not the instrument cluster, before changing that out the beep was there also. Throttle body actuator I am not familiar with?? It's defenitely electrical beep. High pitched monotone continuous beep. Its that kind of beep you don't hear anymore of you are in the car for a few minutes and don't pay attention on. But if you listen you notice again. I feel it comes from somewhere between my center console gear towards the back of the seats. Very difficult to pin point the noise. I've read stuff about the diode of the Altenator. 100% when I pull the Altenator Ign fuse the beep changes, only with that action. What should that say?
  4. Welcome! You should be able to get it through a Lotus dealer. If you bought the car with them they can do the install at the same time as a service?! Note if you purchase the softtop elsewhere, the older versions don't have the additional insulation..
  5. Thanks, I will give that a try and see what happens..
  6. Yes I think so too. It should be option 3.
  7. Option 3 should have amber turn signals?
  8. Yeah, I have decided to take the red lights indeed. Only sorting out any issues with(out) CE related..
  9. Being fairly new with the Exige, I seem not to be able to get Launch control active. Whatever I do, engine above 80 degrees, wheels in a straight line, it says Launch control DENIED. Any thoughts on that?? What am I doing wrong or is there something for the workshop to be done?
  10. Thanks Guys. I located the sensor and disconnected, nothing changed with the beep unfortunately. Don't think it comes from this. Can it be a faulty alternator (diode)?
  11. Do you think when I pull the fuse for rear sensors this speaker should be disconnected as well? Also, how can I get to it, just take out the passenger seat and look behind the textile or do I need to take off the full rear panel inside?
  12. So I pulled some fuses. I noticed when pulling F19 a 5amp fuse the tone changed, less high pitch. It is the Altenator Ign. Any ideas on that??
  13. Hey Mark, you mentioned just above the passenger seat. What is actually installed where exactly? What am I looking for exactly? I still have the high tone beep, yes it seems to me it comes from below the seats or at the back of the seats. It is an electrical pitched high tone. Any help and suggestions, get me started!
  14. Looks great. Can you share a better picture of your carbon steering wheel column cover with the carbon instrument panel cover? I am thinking about doing the same. It's around €500, not sure yet if it is worth the extra bucks..
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