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  1. Nice vid! Do believe Jubu does well too. More challenging is that they are even further away....
  2. As I am not doing really any track driving, just like the raw power at times, would the Komo-tec 430 do or is it stupid to do 430 vs 460 in my case would anyone say? Also, no experiences here with Jubu so it seems?
  3. Man, the blinking on off looks like a Pacman game from the eighties
  4. I'm looking to power upgrade my Exige S. Although contact with Komo-tec is very appropriate I became aware of Jubu recently. I've seen info on Komo-tec 430 upgrade which looks reliable but haven't seen it on Jubu other than the crazy build they recently did of which I'm sure all have seen by now. Both seem to offer an equal power upgrade looking at the 430 range in example. Any suggestions on pros and cons??
  5. Just replace the little black box that handles locking. I had exactly the same issue, tried it all and at the end this was the quick and easy fix. The box is not too expensive and you can access from left front panel in dash. I believe I had a thread about it. Look forward if that solves your issue, very annoying not able to lock your car half the time... It's called the CDL and here is the thread:
  6. Sorry, I sold them already. There is a set available here:
  7. @SCCZthe Valved system with Ti tips. I liked the previous Ti tips much better with the curved edges as I like the exhaust tips to be visible which these are not (with regular use). Awaiting custom made tips now from elsewhere. Choise of exhaust depends on how much sound you want, I expected it to be louder 4sure. Delivery time was fine. I don't question the craftsmanship of 2Bular.
  8. The valve issue wasn't really an issue at the end of the day. The mechanic misunderstood the working of this on an early v6 (vs later models) at different settings and revs. The new valved exhaust does feel to deliver a bit more responsiveness in handling, could that be? Thanks @GFWilliamsand there is multiple ways so it seems. Since @Kristof Thysexceeds a jet fighter, what first next single step should I take to get more loudness would you say?
  9. That is insane @Kristof Thys What are ways/ steps to upgrade on the loudness with my current exhaust (2bul. V6 valved)? Suggestions without braking the bank?
  10. There are quite some threads on exhausts. I was looking for a decibel reading from various exhaust setups as I can't find these with various exhausts offered. Easy to measure with a decibel app: I believe a standard is the Static Test measuring at 3/4 so let's say 5000rpm at 0.5 meters distance from the exhaust at a 45 degree side from center. Anyone?
  11. Solved, nothing to special.. If I want an even louder sound from the 2bular valved v6 system, which now rates about 116db at 6k revs, what could I do? Any ideas? I noticed @Kristof Thysand @GFWilliamshave quite a bunch of knowledge on this as well.
  12. Thanks guys. I've never used the switch since I had a valveless exhaust so I don't know when it stopped working or if the previous owner did something with it. Just got the message that the dealer has fixed it, will know tomorrow how and update.
  13. @Hangar 111I've seen your reply else where on a manual override or so. Would you happen to have a suggestion?
  14. Any ideas on why the valve on the exhaust won't work in this case below? When the button on the steering column is pressed it shows valve open valve closed in the display but no action on the valve itself. However when it is tested with the computer and dealer software it does work in full.
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