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  1. Hi @Benson, look forward to seeing if that worked and not even to replace the fuel pump itself but only the filter and how many manhours the job took.
  2. Hi Benson, doesn't bother me anymore really that much. You come to learn to accept things like this which come with a Lotus šŸ˜‚.. I also think it is the fuel pump, it isn't easily accessible so I left it and invested in a louder exhaust system šŸ¤£ However, if you solve it pls post it here and send me a DM!
  3. The install was done by my Lotus dealer so I truly have no idea how it sits. Personally I would think to buy 2 connectors and replace the spades?
  4. True, a tracker draws power. If you use a tracker, set it to deep sleep. If you think there is a tracker but you can't find it you could try to disconnect the car battery for a week or so than the internal battery of the tracker should have died also and the tracker shuts down all together. Perhaps the tracker wont restart anymore after that cycle.
  5. When moist is in the fiberglass like this it definitely can get worse. It's never a good thing if it's there... I'd get rid of it imho..
  6. I haven't tried anything else other than a lot research, but yes my ultimate fix šŸ˜
  7. Normally you could find this at places which keep moist. Also on boats but it has to do with the quality of paint (protection) at this age.. My Elise had it near the mirror on the door which is a commenly known area for that car, the car was already like 14 years or so. You've bought the car private and I just bet the previous owner knows more... Not sure about your legal rights as per your location but I can't imagine this comes on a 5 year old car from 'nowadays' at that place.. If it's there now, and I hate to say it......, but I'll be unsure as to where it will be more next year arou
  8. Man, that's not got and not really expected at these locations.. Was it resprayed before??
  9. Led is definitely the way to go. Some info at another thread. Before and after:
  10. For those who've not seen another thread on Led lights, I upgrades my lights and tge result is amazing. Chose your led lights carefully, Aliexpres will do just fine! Before and after:
  11. Thanks, definitely worth while upgrade. Probably best bang for my buck in terms of all upgrades I have done whahahaha
  12. Man, 200 just for one set?! Am I missing something?! Anyone knows the specs of current lights in Exige S for interior and license plate? Type of light and size in mm and such. Wanna look for a great led replacement there also, white light but not too bright..
  13. Took around 20 days to get here in total. Yes, dip and high beam changed out both: Lights are 6000k and H9 and HB3. Good luck!
  14. No cutting, these leds are short enough to fit.
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