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  1. Feel free to sign me up for testing too!
  2. PJ

    New 430 cup

    Beautiful, amazing and congrats! Shitty that vat and such is insane (on cars) in the Netherlands...
  3. I bought it as well from SSC. The do ship several items quite regularly to various Lotus dealers, perhaps they can include it in a shipment and save you some shipment cost.
  4. I believe the screws are there for the angle adjustment on the rubbers only.
  5. I have them from the Elise shop, very happy with those and look stunning (the red line I did) and comes with clear installation instructions. The rear canards from them I'm a bit less enthusiastic about..
  6. @Kristof Thyshahahahaha, fantastic!
  7. So I haven't pulled the trigger yet on the new 380 cup wing but I'm looking forward to the group buy from SSC and the results. Happy with the upgrades so far
  8. Clear, where do the 3 red oval lights stand for which you get when revs go to max?
  9. Hey @alias23, yes I like @dixie v6and @Kristof Thystheir suggestions but I'm not confident of doing it myself. When you have a good working solution, pls let me know as I want to have this installed. I think it will optimize.
  10. This is for all Exiges? I have a S but fitted with the newer dash layout with the three red lights. Are there also set revs to each light?
  11. They indeed can make custom decals and did some for me too in the past. It would be nice if he would make a generic black sunstrip. The known sunstrip I don't like too much..
  12. No offense, but if I am not mistaken you are replying to a 2 yr old post? Just FYI
  13. Yep, interest in that here too
  14. Let's please keep this thread in ENG as this is the language of the public forum. You can PM in Dutch by the way, no problem! The red on the splitter, front canards and side sills is 3m tape. Probably painted comes out stronger. The red on the wing support and the filler intake are painted.
  15. Thanks Imran but I'm looking at another option now. What are you going to replace your wing with?
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