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  1. Terrific pics man! What's new on the V3 lights from Greg??
  2. Hi Ya'll. The larger scoops just seem not to get their actual launch which I was hoping for.. So I have a connection via Lotus in Dubai to have the Carbon 430 side scoops being produced with mesh and asked for oem fixing. These are approximately 100grams heavier than the original. I trust the build will be great but the cost for a set would be around €1500 I expect. In November I should be able to pick them up and will check them out in full before taking them. If it fits the bill, I will update the thread and should be able to accommodate if there should be interest. In the meantime, Imran I am awaiting your update as well but it seems not to be straight forward at this point.
  3. Anyone installed a DAB+ caraudio? It comes with an antenna which for a part normally also connects to mass on the window frame but in our case not a solution. Think to run mass cable? Look forward though to digital FM
  4. Around 850 complete with mesh and, by preference, OEM fixing to swop it out one on one would probably count me in as well..
  5. Haha, wasn't even sure what it was.. No, just swapping out all silicone tubes for nice red ones. . Only hurdle was the diameter though..
  6. So the outer diameter is 4mm. I purchased a 4mm silicone tube but found it loose, now with a 3mm it is a tight fit.. Old tubing difficult to measure, could have been 3 or 4mm. Does it matter anyways??
  7. I bought the stethoscope on Aliexpress so let's see if we can play doctor on the car
  8. Actually, what is the cost for the actual 430 scoops??
  9. Yeah, I agree. The idea is nice but it would only make sense to do it with a sequential box otherwise it's no more than an indicator I guess...
  10. Although an older thread, I was looking for a correct windscreen wiper and came across this topic. It seems the right part (nowadays) is the Bosch AR60N. Might help someone.. Fyi.
  11. So my dealer told me if you pull the Ign fuse the voltage drops from say 14volts to 12volts so the pump would still work but with lower voltage and thus changing pitch. However I do hope it is not the pump as it is not realistic and easy to change out... I'll try and find the stethoscope! Any more suggestions (anyone)?
  12. So, had it investigated a bit more I think it is a noisy fuel pump. It appears that when you pull the fuse the voltage drops, thus the tone changes.. Any idea on cost of a new fuel pump and man hours?
  13. It says plug and play, is there a specific version that is plug and play or not really?? Also, are there any more suggestions?
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