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    Exige 410 or 420

    Thanks, yes those side sills do look wrong to me but I've seen it like that before. Perhaps less side sill where you put your feet but I don't like that flow. Let's see if I can find a nice 410! What is the current average value on one in the UK with low milage? Around 60k pounds or more?
  2. If anyone knows of an Exige 410 (anniversary) or 420 come to market direct or via a car dealer, feel free to drop me a DM. Also if there are any good platforms to keep an eye on, please share.
  3. PJ

    Exige 410 or 420

    I am so happy with my Exige but I feel it can be time for a new project and I'm on the look out for a well cared for- and honest Exige 410 (anniversary) or 420 Final. The duties and customs are high on import in the Netherlands and unfortunately these cars are hard to come by here also. So if someone would like to do a private sell, let me know! Preferably a European car but steering wheel can be altered so UK would work too.
  4. It has been a while now and don't have these but I'm sure you can get improved ones also by now.
  5. Has been a while to update the thread here and have done a lot. Will surely update ASAP. After all works, I have some parts left if there is any interest DM me pls. If not permitted, pls remove. I need to free up some space so I'm selling some Exige V6 parts, where applicable black metallic paint code C93. Pics for reference. - rearwing with stuts - 2 sidescoops - complete diffusor set - complete front access panel - complete leather middle console with brake and shifter covers - Airintake box with tube and all complete Shipment from the Netherlands.
  6. Looking for a very good condition F1 soft shell jacket or bodywarmer in xl or XXL. Picture for reference. If you have one to sell or know anyone who does, pls DM me.
  7. Thanks. They were able to switch it out with another one they had laying around. I wasted the thread too much but Jan will probably be able to save that for a future save, for someone else of course 😂🤣...
  8. In an effort to chase perfection I've made an error and broke the top screw in the Gear Lever that shifts into reverse. Drilled it out but need to alter as a screw doesn't hold anymore. Is this pin removable and to be replaced? Can I take it out to the top? I've seen both top and bottom of the pin is steel but in the middle it's like threaded steal. Any ideas? I've seen the following on DeRoure but not 100% sure if it is the same and how to replace, part 39 Update: My Lotus dealer is kind enough to have me drop in last minute tomorrow morning and see if they can fix this. I'm sure Jan has a way and I'll update on a fix (hopefully 🤔)...
  9. If it's non if the above probably the control box (CDL I believe). Easy to replace, not expensive and I mentioned it at a thread a while ago.
  10. All subjective indeed.... But let's agree to disagree as I do believe fair price has EVERYTHING to do business practices. This is how business models being made, can't offer high end product and a lot of labor for very cheap & low cost items and one shouldn't do it the other way around.. If I go for a MC Donald's I know I pay €10 and you're in you're out, still you would expect decent service and decent food in its sort. Fair price related to business practices.. In conclusion, not clouding the thread, the good thing is that with business initiatives/ handlings with George, Imran, Greg, Dave and many more we as Lotus enthusiasts have solid offers to choose from imho great value for money👍
  11. A fair return is subjective but imho 20% Ebitda should do but set aside from that sales prices are not the only & primary factor in ripping off customers because that is a known factor in advance usually and a free choice... You either buy it or you don't. Taking your money while items are not in stock for months and companies know about this, sell you a product that can't deliver on the promise, having terms & conditions Taylormade without mentioning this clearly, not assisting you correctly with aftersales/ warranty and things like that.. To me, that is where it can hurt the most...
  12. Don't know, we'll see & it better be as it will be an investment 🤣.. I've seen many people having negative experiences on various exhaust systems, including yourself, so I aim for the best outcome and Jason is aware of that so let's see! I have some updates so it will be included in the write up 4 sure. I don't have his Carbon so can't judge his quality on that tbh. In general I feel when people/ companies sell parts for cars like this they should be aware of car loving people and deliver a good reliable product with a reliable service at an acceptable amount. Nowadays, ripping off customers won't last that long.. I have had some great experience with Lotus part sellers and some horrible. The negative I never mention(ed) but the great ones were definitely o.a. GRP, deRoure and Devine being all very responsive and clear in and around expectations.
  13. Yeah I understand your point. I've also been informed that SSC exhaust products are both really reliant and well build but there is the issue of higher transport and taxes to me... Let's see what Jason comes up with as I am busy with a custom build with him and update 4 sure!
  14. So why didn't you just go for a full 2bular setup, wouldn't that have been more practical?
  15. Hi @Benson, look forward to seeing if that worked and not even to replace the fuel pump itself but only the filter and how many manhours the job took.
  16. Hi Benson, doesn't bother me anymore really that much. You come to learn to accept things like this which come with a Lotus 😂.. I also think it is the fuel pump, it isn't easily accessible so I left it and invested in a louder exhaust system 🤣 However, if you solve it pls post it here and send me a DM!
  17. The install was done by my Lotus dealer so I truly have no idea how it sits. Personally I would think to buy 2 connectors and replace the spades?
  18. True, a tracker draws power. If you use a tracker, set it to deep sleep. If you think there is a tracker but you can't find it you could try to disconnect the car battery for a week or so than the internal battery of the tracker should have died also and the tracker shuts down all together. Perhaps the tracker wont restart anymore after that cycle.
  19. When moist is in the fiberglass like this it definitely can get worse. It's never a good thing if it's there... I'd get rid of it imho..
  20. I haven't tried anything else other than a lot research, but yes my ultimate fix 😏
  21. Normally you could find this at places which keep moist. Also on boats but it has to do with the quality of paint (protection) at this age.. My Elise had it near the mirror on the door which is a commenly known area for that car, the car was already like 14 years or so. You've bought the car private and I just bet the previous owner knows more... Not sure about your legal rights as per your location but I can't imagine this comes on a 5 year old car from 'nowadays' at that place.. If it's there now, and I hate to say it......, but I'll be unsure as to where it will be more next year around this time. Hope you figure it out.. I just noticed the line around your blinker also has multiple bubbles. It really seems to me a bad paint job/ epoxy..
  22. Man, that's not got and not really expected at these locations.. Was it resprayed before??
  23. Led is definitely the way to go. Some info at another thread. Before and after:
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