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  1. I have an Exige S 2013. Thanks also for the tip of changing the front wheel if needed, I could keep the wheels on the back unchanged right. It doesn't matter if I only change the front?
  2. Thanks! No I only have it when the engine is running, not when the ignition is on and the motor isn't running.. Any suggestions for that?
  3. The no step on your sills look good @anewtoy. Did you also place them where they originally would place it as I believe that is more to the front correct?? I didn't see the decal on the sills @MrP_.
  4. Thanks. Strange, the high beep is only there when I start- and run the engine. Not sure where it comes from still, on the outside I can't really hear it but inside I can hear it.
  5. Thanks, yes I believe 13 should be good. I have 13 on the sides but in the middle it seems to drop like 0.5 to about 12.5. I think I should get that part to 13 also. If anyone else could share, it might help for future reference. Thanks!
  6. Hi, perhaps it's due to my hearing but when I start the engine- and when the engine is running I hear a high continuous beep tone. It is not loud but (better) audible when the engine is stationary. It seems to be from the engine bay and it doesn't seem to me it is mechanical, more electrical. Any suggestions?!
  7. By the way, if I can get some measurements from ground to bottom front splitter without anyone in the car I can compare it. Interesting to see the differences..
  8. I believe when I come down. 45 degree can help but isn't possible always. Yeah, not braking sounds logical indeed to keep the nose from diving down. Well, all the suggestions are welcome as I am not looking forward to speedbump issues and broken splitter :)..
  9. I think I just need a few mm to raise the nose in order to avoid encounters with speedbumps mostly. Is there an easy way to do so??
  10. Good stuff! Where do your side sills differ Alias23 from that to Eltech by the way?
  11. Hey, can you connect me with the 'no step' sticker chap?
  12. Got my Exige and left the keys behind of the R111. The exhaust pipes where removable tips and coloring looks ok now!
  13. Yes that's an idea indeed. We'll I bought the car with the remark that both tips should be similar either color heated or chrome so let's see what happens!
  14. Can't find the tutorial on using batteries though. I do know that coke and aluminum can be used as a polish. I think the heat should perhaps become more intense to color the other pipe around 600 degrees, not sure.
  15. Thanks, yes I'd rather not cut them off to replace...
  16. Good question, I don't know actually. My Lotus dealer heated it up red burning but told me they did not get the other one to color similar... Any thoughts??
  17. Hi, The two exhaust pipes differ in color too much from each other. It doesn't look good like this. One is just plain chrome but the other has the 'heat treated' color. Any ideas on how to get them the same (again)? It's an exhaust similar to Thanks, Patrick
  18. Hi Guys, I am getting my Exige 350 next week and I am looking for a nice engine badge upgrade everywhere. Is this also possible in black and gold? Or something similar as to the LF1? Hope you can help out!
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