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  1. For those who've not seen another thread on Led lights, I upgrades my lights and tge result is amazing. Chose your led lights carefully, Aliexpres will do just fine! Before and after:
  2. Thanks, definitely worth while upgrade. Probably best bang for my buck in terms of all upgrades I have done whahahaha
  3. Man, 200 just for one set?! Am I missing something?! Anyone knows the specs of current lights in Exige S for interior and license plate? Type of light and size in mm and such. Wanna look for a great led replacement there also, white light but not too bright..
  4. Took around 20 days to get here in total. Yes, dip and high beam changed out both: Lights are 6000k and H9 and HB3. Good luck!
  5. bit fidly as I was told but happy with the result. These led lights do give a very impressive light at a relatively low cost (if you can place them yourself)
  6. Both changed to led, see a before and after. Very impressive!
  7. Stocked with GRP parts and services always. I was on the hunt for a custom made flat bottom carbon steering wheel and found that Greg now also sells an open gearshifter in Carbon for the older closed shifters. Also the flat bottom steering wheel should aid me easier getting in and out. Can't wait to get these in!
  8. @KIMUTAKUnew striping done on side sills, much better now 🤣🎄. @Jackthanks and looking sharp! New added striping on front and roof and some blue flamed clips and tips. I'm happy.... Now next project adding #komotec 😁
  9. Ground (earth), don't Zapp yourself 🤣
  10. So changing out the manifolds, down pipe and sport cat also won't be a worth while upgrade vs cost? In terms of added power and sound?
  11. Hi Kristof, yes a Komo-tec ex430 conversion compared to SSC same'ish'
  12. And SSC without tvs1900? I'm comparing Komo-tec 430 set against similar of SSC but the power gains seem to be more at Komo-tec (but using Imran his v2 air intake)
  13. So now I'm between Komo-tec 430 upgrade or SSC similar upgrade although the power increase there seems to be less. Also changing out the manifolds, mid pipe and sport cat with ECU flash. I've heard of insane great products from SSC. Any recommendations between these 2 upgrades as I haven't seen much on power upgrades here from SSC?
  14. Yes that is the Komo-tec wing. The side skirts have it but these are Eltech-Italia, pretty thin which is why it doesn't show so well. To your point, I am going to have these redone and get some extra few millimeters on the top so that it also stands out from further away. Thanks for pointing it out!!
  15. I got them out of the UAE through Lotus, they have a workshop they are using. Unfortunately they want to keep their things exclusive to the region and keep it in small qty, as I am often there they made an exception supplying me.
  16. Anyone has experience with this? I know boring can be very helpful in gaining power but there are no real results mentioned in comparison with the Komo-tec power upgrades.
  17. Great and thanks, decided to give these a go, seem to be build well and let's see!
  18. @nordschleife666thanks. So I take it HB3 will be fine instead of HB3A as I only find HB3 (9005) in LED? I think 6k white would be good choice probably. I've seen some great value on Aliexpres, not a real waste of money if it doesn't deliver like: € 4,78 43%OFF | Muxall 2Pcs Led 12000LM/Paar Mini Auto Koplampen H1 H7 H8 H9 H11 Koplampen Kit 9005 HB3 9006 HB4 Auto Lampen 4300K 8000K
  19. Thanks, did some mods in the meantime and check it out! Also changed the red black to gold black theme for now.
  20. Did all of the above all in once, only not cleared potentials faults, and it seems to be all good now! Thanks
  21. Hi Kristof, Thanks. Yes when I did the installation I forgot to connect the cable to the sensor and started the engine, which did not came on (click click sound like the battery is down, which it was not) and my dash did some sort of reset. I then noticed I forgot to connect the cable, re attached and then all worked again to my relief.. I'll have a go to 5 times switch the ignition and the disconnect the car battery 30 minutes and do a code reading and reset coming week. Let's see if that does the trick as I never had this issue before so should be the fix..
  22. After installing the new v2 intake I forgot to connect the maf plug to the maf when I started the engine. The dashboard went off and reset. I now had this a few times, car not starting and resetting and even on the high way a reset. What should I do, have Lotus clear the fault code then it should be OK or else?
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