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  1. @Hangar 111I've seen your reply else where on a manual override or so. Would you happen to have a suggestion?
  2. Any ideas on why the valve on the exhaust won't work in this case below? When the button on the steering column is pressed it shows valve open valve closed in the display but no action on the valve itself. However when it is tested with the computer and dealer software it does work in full.
  3. Yes, wrong info on the add as they confirmed to me today..
  4. Indeed it appears to be the 380... A 410 doesn't come up that much here which is why it caught my attention initially. Taxes and duties on cars are insanely high in the Netherlands unfortunately..
  5. Wondering if anyone knows the history of this car, believe it sits in the UK, that comes to the Netherlands as I might be tempted... 🙃 410 wordt verwacht#gallery[album]-1
  6. Congrats Andrew, what a beautiful car! I even had my Lotus dealer in the Netherlands see if it would make sense to buy it for me here but with all add on taxes & duties too far out... To me personally, one of the nicest looking Exiges out there. If you want to get rid of it, just send me a PM 🤣
  7. This car is insane, I would love to own it but would need a rebuild from rh to lh car and the taxes here, ouch...
  8. Thanks, yes Spal and this website offers them at good value and with a variety of good options:
  9. Interesting to see that the Airco ran 12.7 degrees. Was this with an outside temperature of 21 degrees which is showing on the display? Although my Airco is working, I had it refilled and it produces colder air when switched on I'm trying to understand if my Airco produces what it should as I always felt my Airco in my Elise 111r was much colder. Any more indicators on temperature measured when turned on and full cold so I can benchmark?
  10. Just FYI for someone incurring the same issue. Dealer was able by handyworks to only cut through the front bolt (rusted and all) and replaced the innerworks of the fan with the new one and mounted it back. Bearing of the old one was totally done.. Still a pricy job for just a stupid not so expensive fan as it took three hours to get it right but at least no clam off job and all that comes with it to get to the fan saving me hundreds more...
  11. Replying to an older topic but does anyone have the actual images/ info on the 2 screws to align the window? Which does what before I fidle around with them... 😱 'The Exige documention does state that with the roof correctly fitted, the window glasses may need to be adjusted. Using the two screw-adjusters, located at the bottom of each door, the window glass should lightly touch the side rail seals. This adjustment may differ between the soft and hard top where both are utilised.'
  12. Was in doubt, initially opted for non valved but canceled as I do prefer a loud sound when I want but also not so loud when I want.. In conclusion, as I don't really track race, I ordered the valved road system for the Exige 6 with Jim and hope to get it placed soon. Happyhappy
  13. If I were to get a new valved exhaust from Jim for my Exige S, would it be recommended to use the 380 valved road system or rather the 70mm valved road system for Supercharged? Looking for great performance and sound 'out of the box' solution.
  14. I kept the seats in which is an option although you'd be better off and just as quick (perhaps quicker) taking the seats out. Job well worth doing anyways.. 👍
  15. Hi Rob, in short: most efficient to get the seats out and tape off the rings and Plastidip spray them in a color of your choice. Show the result when done 👍
  16. Hi Nano, as Kristof mentioned this could vary a bit not 100% accurate.
  17. Eliseshop supplies with installation instructions, unfortunately I don't have this anymore.
  18. Hi Paul, see my Instagram patje0007 for some pics. I love them!
  19. Hi Mark, these exhaust tips, did you get these from Komotec as well or..... I'd fancy them / or in titanium if you wouldn't mind sharing with me? They have the rolled end and yours have the same angle as the diffusor which looks great all together to me!
  20. So it seems my right hand fan is making this noise, probably a bearing.. Isn't there a way to fix this from this side without removing clam and all? Someone a great idea??
  21. Today all of a sudden noise under the front clam. Sounded sissing. I came to learn it is the fan from the Airco which is making this sound. Can be due to water (over time). I am not looking forward to a clam off and airco out job, any smart ideas on how to try and overcome this issue of the fan making this sound?
  22. I have exactly the same issue and exhaust. According to Jim this would be your solution on great sound and swap: I have to wait a bit unfortunately to do this but he can build you one soon if you reach out to him. Is so, pls post how it came out!
  23. Any pros / cons using Titanium or Carbon tips on this exhaust?
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