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  1. Well, I jumped the gun and ordered a new exhaust with Jim as I was also looking for a louder sound. He suggested his 410/ 3 eleven non valved 70mm light weight exhaust to build for my Exige giving it loud sound and also being able to have the exhaust tips to be adjusted in length. Can't wait for the result.. BTW, If anyone fancy a used 2bular, mine can go after first week August and send me a PM.
  2. @PJ, please place all ads in our free classifieds - - Thanks, Bibs.
  3. I now have a non valved exhaust, what's the use of having a valved exhaust?
  4. Recommended to place simultaneously on front and rear or.......??
  5. Is he on the forum, I've sent an email though and thanks for the suggestion.
  6. I seem to have a 2bular exhaust with Ti tips and the previous owner shortened it a bit. Now with the newer 380 diffusor set I want to extend they show better. Size of the tips is about 11,5cm long, outside 9cm and inside width 8,5cm. Any ideas on most practical solution adding a few centimers of length to the exhaust (tips)??
  7. Is the street series a worth while upgrade or is the NTR more suitable?
  8. Thanks, recommended to use these pads for both front and rear?
  9. Interesting, can you give me an example of more aggressive breakpads which would fit as a direct replacement?
  10. I was thinking about the Kometec 460 but the price is perhaps hefty for a 2013 car which I don't really use on track. Also then I'd expect some other upgrades like brakes and such are imperative. Could I go for a Komotec 430 upgrade only, without having a need for other upgrades??
  11. Thanks, I have it already installed from the first batch and am awaiting the black powder coated with Air straightener as I believe that would be even better. I do feel I want to add a more noticable power upgrade.
  12. I am thinking about a power upgrade along side the AIM dash and 380 wing from SSC. What would give me my best bang for my buck not overspending?? What would be your recommendation to add a bit of noticeable power and to support that where needed..
  13. Hey Imran, noticed on Instagram testing started. Pls let me know when it's concluded positive as I feel a need to upgrade as mine is from the first batch, no black no air straightener šŸ¤£šŸ˜
  14. Feel free to sign me up for testing too!
  15. PJ

    New 430 cup

    Beautiful, amazing and congrats! Shitty that vat and such is insane (on cars) in the Netherlands... šŸ™ƒ
  16. I bought it as well from SSC. The do ship several items quite regularly to various Lotus dealers, perhaps they can include it in a shipment and save you some shipment cost.
  17. I believe the screws are there for the angle adjustment on the rubbers only.
  18. I have them from the Elise shop, very happy with those and look stunning (the red line I did) and comes with clear installation instructions. The rear canards from them I'm a bit less enthusiastic about..
  19. @Kristof Thyshahahahaha, fantastic!
  20. So I haven't pulled the trigger yet on the new 380 cup wing but I'm looking forward to the group buy from SSC and the results. Happy with the upgrades so far
  21. Clear, where do the 3 red oval lights stand for which you get when revs go to max?
  22. Hey @alias23, yes I like @dixie v6and @Kristof Thystheir suggestions but I'm not confident of doing it myself. When you have a good working solution, pls let me know as I want to have this installed. I think it will optimize.
  23. This is for all Exiges? I have a S but fitted with the newer dash layout with the three red lights. Are there also set revs to each light?
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