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  1. They indeed can make custom decals and did some for me too in the past. It would be nice if he would make a generic black sunstrip. The known sunstrip I don't like too much..
  2. No offense, but if I am not mistaken you are replying to a 2 yr old post? Just FYI 🙄
  3. Yep, interest in that here too
  4. Let's please keep this thread in ENG as this is the language of the public forum. You can PM in Dutch by the way, no problem! The red on the splitter, front canards and side sills is 3m tape. Probably painted comes out stronger. The red on the wing support and the filler intake are painted.
  5. Thanks Imran but I'm looking at another option now. What are you going to replace your wing with?
  6. Nice, great combo off too
  7. CDL: seems to be solved Today @lotusvanderkooi they installed a replacement CDL, easy reachable from behind the left front panel in the dash. Tried it many times today and each time flawless so the defect indeed seems to be the CDL. Easy and quick fix, happy now not feeling stupid trying for minutes to lock the doors 😁🤣😂🔒
  8. Thanks, I'll just ask my dealer to install. I asked deroure for the part cost and availability, I don't know which part this is exactly. I have a feeling that this is the cause of the malfunction.
  9. I believe it comes in at the front top, it is on both side quite similar.
  10. So I had my soft top installed when I purchased the car. The soft top is brand new. I placed it today for the first time but the rain poored in. Any suggestions, I do believe it fits quite well actually so I was surprised..
  11. On the older cars it was more easy to replace I believe and less costly..
  12. Yes, also the doors seem willing to lock. Usually when something isn't closed right the alarm begins to beep which is never the case.. I don't know what else than the control unit. Not sure where the CDL sits and what partnumber to replace...
  13. So I've seen a few issues around a door locking mechanism fault. Mine is persistent, upon locking the doors 50% of the time it does not lock, you hear the click in the control unit but it won't lock. Press lock again and the beep goes telling that the inside alarm is deactivated, as how it should be.. Opening is never an issue. Locking from the inside with the switch gives the same result, although no deactivation of the inside alarm of course. Many times tried all doors and sensors but that doesn't seem to be the issue. I think the control box is defect. Is this easy to replace? Any part numbers known? How to and what would be the cost? Any suggestions are welcome. It's annoying and I want to fix it
  14. Thanks but I'd go for forged I think. Top of the list now is a nice wing. What wing is the best looking/ made currently?
  15. Someone asked for a good shot of the back with Greg his V3 lights, here you go (wasn't able to pm it). These are the red lenses, less red than I anticipated though and to me personally they could have been a bit more brighter red. Any ideas for a new wing anyone??
  16. Hahaha! Show me some pics of them..
  17. Thanks, yes done with the red. Softtop is going on tomorrow! Come on sunshine! I am thinking about replacing the wing to finish the projects this season. Any suggestions?!
  18. Next round of upgrades with the new front access panel, Greg's tail lights and rear canards. Happy with the outcome.. Ah, and new diffusor of course
  19. Closing the topic, I'm happy.. Doable but only with Plastidip. I wouldn't recommend real spray paint!
  20. Already happy with how this came out
  21. There we go! As to two of my punch lines, fuck 'm and just do it :)!
  22. Making the most out of Corona.... Be well to all..
  23. I just did a plastidip red color around the rings of the electric window switches which came out really well.. As this is platsic, it comes off most things quite easily. If I'd tape around the rings in the chairs and secure the remainder area, and paint them, would anyone know if plastidip overspray would come off the seat leather??
  24. So nice, the new 410 diffusor set has arrived @lotusvanderkooi. Rear canards will follow soon and Greg's lights I'll pick up next week in Vegas. Assembly end March. Now, I just took home a beautiful, in my car color C93, front access panel from Dubai! Thanks to Emirates able to check it in for free. Needless to say, makes me happy..
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