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  1. PJ's post in Grub screw wasted in Gear Lever Cofle was marked as the answer   
    In an effort to chase perfection I've made an error and broke the top screw in the Gear Lever that shifts into reverse. Drilled it out but need to alter as a screw doesn't hold anymore. Is this pin removable and to be replaced? Can I take it out to the top? I've seen both top and bottom of the pin is steel but in the middle it's like threaded steal. Any ideas? I've seen the following on  DeRoure but not 100% sure if it is the same and how to replace, part 39

    Update: My Lotus dealer is kind enough to have me drop in last minute tomorrow morning and see if they can fix this. I'm sure Jan has a way and I'll update on a fix (hopefully 🤔)... 
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