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  1. I can't make this one I'm afraid. Looking forward to the next one though, especially now the weather seems to have taken a turn!
  2. Hey all, Resurrecting a slighly dated thread, but looks to be the most relevant! Would installing a LSD have any impact on the 3 years' manufacturer warranty (either in total or in part)?
  3. Thanks for the welcome - very kind of you all. Awesome, great to see there are local events. I think I bumped I stumbled across one of your meets a few months ago. This Sunday may be a stretch but thank you for adding me to the group, I'll definitely be along in the not to distant future.... Thanks Bibs! Er a fair few I guess, enough to lose count. I love the track, but last time I went I vowed never to go again. Even on a painfully expensive private day, the place was overrun with people driving like idiots. Young guys binning it on sighting laps whilst videoing themselves for Instagram, driving like hooligans, constantly going off and generally ruining the day for everyone else. Over a full day, red flags were probably out 50% of the time. Never again. Spa is the dream, I hear the idiots haven't made it there in force yet...
  4. Hey folks, 4 years and two cars later, I thought it's probably time to introduce myself - Exige owner just south of Cambridge. Firstly thank you for all the great tips and advice obtained through lurking / stalking to date. I orginally had a black Sport 350 which I (very originally) swapped for a black Sport 410 (20th Anniversary) in 2020... Anyway, hello!
  5. Hey folks, at some point I really will get around to posting in the intro section! Quick one for you in the meantime, I'm mostly through my rear Cup 2's but copious amounts of tread remains on the fronts. Given regular Cup 2's don't seem to be easily available, is it ok to mix things up and put Connect's on the rear but leave non-Connect's on the front? As I understand it the Connect's are a different compound and have 20% greater tread depth, hence the question....
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