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  1. right time right place. result!
  2. Front carbon access panel? Good lad. I think that’s the single biggest transformational upgrade for the Exige
  3. Well that’s nice and easy then.
  4. Is the plinth just stuck on or screwed on?
  5. Congrats terry. Looks ace.
  6. Good stuff. In my experience Lotus warranty team are very good indeed.
  7. What is the issue with your paint and diffuser parts?
  8. What is your spec Dan and from where are you buying?
  9. Fab enjoy. Black is epic.
  10. Blimey you took your time George! I was expecting you so much sooner my " So who has managed to run it lower and squeeze more into a standard production tank? " was aimed squarely at you. Now that you are here... how many miles on a run do you get from 56l?
  11. I am very similar. Generally refill at 2 bars and put in 35 litres give or take. One thing is sure, the first 4 bars last much longer than the last 2 and the first 2 bars are usually worth 100 miles on a run with the next 2 being worth 80 and the last two 40 miles.
  12. Hey Guys, Just how much fuel does the tank in the Exige take? I’ve always filled my 410 when it’s dropped to the last 1 or 2 bars but yesterday ran it longer so that there was just 1/2 of one bar left and the yellow fuel light was on. The tank took 40.79 litres before the pump clicked off. So who has managed to run it lower and squeeze more into a standard production tank? And what is your record fill amount? Thx JC
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