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  1. Jcx

    New 430 cup

    There’s a Facebook group?! Following
  2. Jcx

    New 430 cup

    Thx Bibs
  3. Jcx

    New 430 cup

    There is an FB page?
  4. That would be my concern! I drive my car as it was intended to be driven but never until the engine and the tyres are fully warm and i see no point in standing stars...
  5. Well I wish you luck with the search and the move etc.
  6. Jcx

    New 430 cup

    Ah yes he’s been with jct a while... Aston before I think. They must like him too.
  7. Jcx

    New 430 cup

    Shame to hear Ben moved on. Must have been there less than a year. Do you have an orange exige too @Screem?
  8. Jcx

    New 430 cup

    Thanks! Did you get on well with Ben and Tom @ JCT? I have spoken with both and met Ben and really liked him. Very straightforwards. Highly recommend from my experience. Also, did you manage any discount or not as it was built from your spec? Thats a lot of money but boy what a lot of car Really hoping to meet you in the flesh some time. I'd love to get a close inspection. Enjoy your weekend! Perhaps not so much while waiting for PPF...
  9. i dont recall... maybe Thruston.
  10. Jcx

    New 430 cup

    was the gloss black transome an option or is that standard now?
  11. Jcx

    New 430 cup

    So much better in clear and not black imo. Thx.
  12. Jcx

    New 430 cup

    What is the shark fin?
  13. Jcx

    New 430 cup

    That is stunning. LOVE Kawasaki Green!!
  14. I know that car and its owner. That was on track in the UK last september. The car was months old... the driver broke his wrist when he spun and hit the barrier at 90-100mph. he's a tough lad
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