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  1. It is indeed a beautiful thing. You are a lucky man to enjoy a 380. #whataweapon.
  2. The 410 has a stay and no rams too and it does feel heavy compared to the ram-assisted 350 plastic deck.
  3. So Dave @Seriouslylotuswhat is your opinion on my original question? Should i drain the oil from the cooler too so that the full fill is >95% fresh fully synthetic oil or is the 60% fully-synthetic and 40% sem-synthetic mix nothing to worry about in your opinion? One alternative option is to drain the engine and then refill with good stuff - run the engine for 10 minutes to mix it all up and then drain the engine again to refill with fresh. That would give me approx 84% fresh fully-synthetic oil across the 10 litres or so held in the engine and the cooler. TIA
  4. Hmmm good plan. I didn't think of that. That may be a good compromise.
  5. As my first service approaches I note that routinely the engine oil is drained but the oil in the oil cooler is not drained. As the first service replaces the Semi-synthetic ‘running-in’ oil with ‘Fully-Synthetic’ oil we will end up with a blend of the two oils and it is possible that any particles picked up by the running-in oil as the engine beds in may remain in the oil located in the oil cooler when the engine is drained. When the engine restarts and the oil recirculates those particles will also circulate. Am I therefore wise to consider draining both oil cooler and engine for a wholesale change to fully synthetic oil. The cost of the oil is not material in the decision; doing the very best thing for my car’s health and performance is my priority. TIA
  6. i always take my car for a short drive after cleaning just to dry the discs and pads before parking in the garage. this almost always prevents the rusty disc / brake sticking issue.
  7. Hey @Stubox can you share the 410 settings please? TIA tx
  8. Actually that’s not what the manual says... it’s very nuanced and also a little self contradictory. Have another look
  9. Really? I have heard/read otherwise and done otherwise. Happy to be corrected.
  10. There is no doubt a ceramic coat does good things for the car if applied well. But, the 'top ups' that are recommended by the mfrs. sort of weaken the '5-year guarantee' etc. IMO of course. That said, even when ceramic coated a car looks better when cleaned and waxed. And it is all part of the ownership fun for many.
  11. Gotcha. Open until the vacuum closes it makes sense. Hence the nice start up sound. That will be an easy mid for always open. Will it cause any issues?
  12. Do you have any pics of that please?
  13. That’s a very good price. Are you close to Peterborough? Me too...
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