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  1. After a spirited drive last week across the North Yorkshire Moors the front end of my Exige 410 was plastered with dead mossies. To my surprise casualties were also stuck to the rear number plate. Is this proof of the speed at which the air moves over (and under) the Exige, and proof of the power of the aero at the rear? Not I was never sideways of backwards at speed!
  2. You did it @duncxKawasaki Green?
  3. Update to this thread: I have found with slim wrists and medium sized hands i can access my REBOUND adjusters on the bottom of the rear shocks by reaching through the wheel spokes. It is awkward but doable. The fronts are reachable by lying down on your back (head to front) and reaching around the front of your wheel with the closest arm (right for offside and left for nearside). No jacking required. Happy days!
  4. Jcx

    Emira testing

    I spent 2+ hours 1-on-1 with the dynamics engineer on Friday. There will be 3-4 more stages of pre-production cars built and each one will be rigorously tested and refined. These guys are phenomenal and their approach is fastidious. btw I went up the Goodwood hill limb at speed and heard zero wind noise fwiw. Just a glorious v6.
  5. OMFG that is glorious!!!! 🥰
  6. 🤗 I think it was I (not Mr Bibs) who first applied the term scalpel above. But I stand by it and it appears a few of you agree. 👍
  7. 🤣 I prefer to drive
  8. What vitriol @Matthew Wright? Why are people annoyed and what are they saying?
  9. @TechydI get you regarding the road manners of the elise and the effort required to drive it. The Evora is so much more composed and way less exhausting. Here's another perspective; i sold a 911 turbo to buy my exige 410. 'wont you miss the power?' people asked. The exige feels faster everywhere - although in a striaght line drag race it isn't faster. 'you will regret the build quality' they said. Yes my exige creaks but i don't care. I have it for the thrill. Porsche don't make anything that competes with the exige in terms of thrill. I suspect the Emira will compete strongly against Cayman and 911. But so far Emira wins the beauty contest.
  10. In the words of Rio Ferdinand, “100-trillion percent!” in my own, the Emira looks like a stylish multi-tool whereas the exige is a scalpel. I think my exige is irreplaceable.
  11. 1405kg is in its lightest form... it gets heavier from there not lighter with trick bits. All as i understand it 😉
  12. Funny. I always LOVED the Evora rear - especially in the GT 430 trim with exposed carbon bumper etc. I very much LIKED the side profile but always felt the front was a work in progress that had been forgotten. Like the designer of the front had been fired, or died, or left and Lotus forgot to replace him/her/them. As for the Emira, well... the Rear has yet to persuade me. Its a bit Taycan (not a huge fan of its looks - the Audi e-tron is better IMO) and a bit too... ugh. I can't put it into words. The side profile especially with painted roof is HELLO!!! and the front, again with painted roof is MARRY ME!!!!! So all in all i think Emira is a great piece of work. If only it had kept the aggression of the Evora rear it would be a delight. As for the price... it is a steal! I'll be all over it at Goodwood if i can even get close to it. Now back to work... must bill more hours 🙂
  13. Jensen is way more than 'a proper car related celeb' - he is an F1 World Champ, he is British (good for a british brand) and he comes across as a top bloke/dad/husband etc. Hoping to meet him at Goodwood if he is there...
  14. Hey @Bibs is it too late to bag a job carrying your lens cap for the evening pls? I can be with you in 120 minutes 🙂
  15. it may crash the website if it is 🙂
  16. That Jenson fella seems like such a nice bloke. 100% star quality with zero 'tude.
  17. Thx @Bibs still quite new here 👍 so much to learn.
  18. @Bibsdo you have any working connection with Lotus? — apologies if I should know.
  19. Just watched it. Big fan of Matt W and his approach/leadership.
  20. Jcx

    Who will buy a 131?

    Glad to have left my 'memory' 🙂
  21. Jcx

    Who will buy a 131?

    Hiya Dunc! We met at the LiTP promo filming. I fell for your stunning Kwacka Green Cup. I was waking the dead in MIG 191 - we chatted for some time 🙂 I think the Elise and the Emira are likely to be very well suite as a 2+ car garage -- more so than an Exige and Emira i imagine. This it seems aligns very well with your own thinking above. BTW what is an ICE car @duncx?
  22. Jcx

    Who will buy a 131?

    OK mister I'll go first. I have an Exige 410 Sport and i never take the roof off. Why? well i far prefer the look of the exige with the roof on. I also prefer the look of the non-430 cup cars with a colour matched roof -- mine is colour matched. Only the 430 cup IMO looks right with a contrasting roof and that is because it has that very clever black trim on the roll hoop and high on the sides to unite its black roof with the carbon rear decklid. IMO the soft top cheapens the look of the exige and the fully open appearance messes with the scale and proportions in a way that somehow spoils the visual balance. Now i accept none of the negative comments above need to apply to a well-designed new car which may look superb with the roof off. But it does apply perfectly to my position as an Exige owner who would not hesitate to swap from my hard top to another hard top without a sense of loss of openness. Full disclosure: my first Exige was a 350 and i had the soft top conversion from new and i only had the hard top on once - when i drove the car to swap it for my 410. I loved the open roof driving experience but i found the visual a bit lacking and only when i put the hard top back on to part with the car did i go 'oh wow! it looks so much better with the hard top on'.
  23. ah Ok gotcha. Yes, Lotus appears to be getting everything right at the moment... i think many in the press are willing them on too!
  24. See the Lotus Insta and Facebook posts today 🙂
  25. Jcx

    Who will buy a 131?

    @scotty435 I will gladly pay you a small consideration to take custody of your soon to be worthless evora. I’ll be that friend you need 🤗😘
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