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  1. That has a very different stance bibs! much lower than the reality. looks all the better for it.
  2. holy moly they look stunning above! Love both colours. Each makes the car look so different.
  3. I am a big fan of Tudor. That looks great on you.
  4. Great Driving @Paul_D shame about the sunlight. Not often said words 🙂 Loving the Tudor on your wrist! Is it a BB or a Pelagos?
  5. Spot on Paul as always. I consider my exige a relative bargain. Yes it was expensive with its substantial purchase price, but the enjoyment I get from it is far greater - hence I think it’s value for money is astonishingly good.
  6. I use the same oil for track and road -- CFS NT+ 5W 40. This oil is designed to operate at much higher temps without breaking down so there is no need in our engines to use a higher weight. You may want to change oil more often if really thrashing it but thats just a good thing anyway.
  7. you kept that driving mishap quiet George! or was i sleeping when you posted about it?! 🤣
  8. Spotted you today in Oundle - Exige 430 Cup in Blue EX16 ELM - Car looked absolutely stunning! I was sitting in my daily, waiting for Mrs MIG to return. So easy to see how these stunning cars turn heads on the road! Yours was just stunning. Only grumble? Suspect exhaust was in quiet mode... how civilised of you 😞
  9. I use Millers CFS NT+ motorsport oil. It comes out almost as clean as it went in. Read around the subject and you'll see it is a very high-performing oil which is unrivalled IMO on the open market. If you do some research however, I doubt you will find anthing stating that any well-known F1 team uses Miller's Oils -- especially if the team were heavily sponsored by another oil company. I mean, that could present issues for their sponsorship deal right?! Why did I bring that up? I can't think... Anyway, Miller's Oils CFS NT+. I like it.
  10. My story/experience is very different. Have I been lucky? Every interaction I have had with Lotus has been good. When issues have arisen they have been attended to by Lotus with haste. When i have asked questions they have been answered - either by phone or email in short order. Both dealers I bought from have been good. And others I have communicated with have also been very friendly. Reading your stories of disappoitment, is like reading about a different company. I hope moving forwards far fewer people have sorry tales to tell and many more experience Lotus as I have. My experience should be the norm. Fingers crossed eh?
  11. Very wise on the colour/second wheel options.
  12. super choice. how about wing uprights to match along with swapping the yellow cat stripes for bronze?
  13. How is the crystal serum ultra holding up?
  14. You passed me (I was walking) on New St. by Coleman’s around 4pm on NYE. Sounded EPIC!! You blipped once or twice at the war memorial T junction. The reverb… 🤗😘 Are you local?
  15. Off the top of my head I dont recall my settings. I do recall that it is only a bit more track focused than the stock settings. I will take a look over Christmas and report back.
  16. My run-in service changed the oil and filter - i supplied the oil as i am a big fan of Millers Motorsport Oils specifically the CFS NT+ 5W 40.
  17. Since I posted above I have changed my settings again. I’d never checked that my settings were correct when I got the car new. As it happens they were not to factory spec. Rebound was out from factory and I’d adjusted the compression settings myself. So I returned all to factory and the car was improved giving far better stability on turn in and retaining a good ride. With advice from a supremely talented Lotus dynamics engineer at Hethel I modified it further to sharpen it for the track and it’s never been better on all roads. Biggest lesson is that all settings need to be set in harmony. Changing one can reduce performance of all.
  18. I might very well write them off for saying ‘innit’ 🤣 Joking aside, I expect most of us love to hear someone else tell us that we made a good choice. We are fragile souls. That said, I know what pleasure I get from my ‘plastic’ toy car and while it’s lovely to hear others agree, I really don’t need their agreement. I may doubt many decisions in life, but I’ve never doubted this one. It’s sublime. Sincerely hope all Emira buyers feel the same way. It’s a nice feeling. Peace. 🕊
  19. Contentious point (and possibly self-contradictory too after my previous 'pleasure' above): Can you not form your own opinion and be happy with it?
  20. They already do mate, everywhere I go in fact! People LOVE the Exige 410 Sport 🙂 and they are never shy to show it.
  21. that is stunning! absolutely lovely. health to enjoy!
  22. Oh totally 100%!!! QUite mode is like a hairdryer by comparison.
  23. 🤣 Oh yeah! 🤦‍♂️
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