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  1. Looks cool. Where did your source it and what did it cost?
  2. Agreed. I asked to keep the rubber baffles and they are like new. They definitely didn’t need to be changed this time. But I only know that because I did change them. Catch 22.
  3. Not surprising @Seriouslylotusas my pal Gavin with the Toxic Green Elise Cup speaks very highly of you. Mine was done without issue so am all set.
  4. Morning Mitch. You may want to modify that image above... unless you are happy to share your postcode 😉
  5. I saw you last week and this, both on Friday (I think) and both around 4.45pm. Your car is blue and by all appearances a cup?! — whatever it is is absolutely stunning! Great road presence and on both occasions I looked and thought ‘Holy mother of … what is that?!’ I dont get to see many exiges in the wild. Soon enough though I knew! Because when you know, you know. Now I understand even better the ‘Lotus face’ worn by so many onlookers 😳😮🥰 are you ‘local’?
  6. I find Stratton good. They have always looked after MIG as the supplying dealer. they are not convenient for me too but as they are adjacent to the factory i take some comfort from the fact that parts a a short drive away from them if required 'in the moment'. I'd do cadwell again with you if you come up! Check out Lotus on Track as their track days are great and well organised Lotus-only sessions. if you join pls mention me. I dont think i get any benefits but its alwways nice to know where new business comes from. as for noisy all the time... pah. your neighbours should be paying you for the sonorous entertainment.
  7. Hiya Mitch. Small and friendly world this 🙂 You can also buy a switch to enable opening of the exhaust. Its a cheap thing and easy to do on most if not all cars if you know what you are doing. You can also do a trick where you unplug the exhaust vacuum thingy and bung it. More info here.
  8. Interloper alert with a 'shy and retiring' 410 (in the face of you 'brash attention-grabbing' 430 owners 🤣) Mitch, welcome! Lovely pics and cracking car. Glad to be a sounding board for you during your search. On exhausts, my loud 410 with stock exhaust is accepted at noisy track days -- cadwell being one. I would not want to live with mine without the noisy exhaust as it is part of the fun and swapping it for track days is beyond my easy grasp. I am impressed by those who do swap. The Cartainer looks ace. Good value too. nice find. BTW folks. Mitch is quite talented at measuring and cutting and joining bits of wood 🥰 -- I wish you were closer to Northants Mitch!!
  9. super job! The silver and the red look stunning!
  10. Do remember that you may have import duties too in the EU.
  11. Aha! I was surprised to see no new or used Lotus in their show room last week.
  12. The only road test that matters to me is the one where i am driving...
  13. of 11 used Cayman GTS on autotrader, only 3 are less than £75k. Porsche options are expensive. A base price for a porsche is somewhat irrelevant .
  14. Why no roadshow at Stratton? 6-miles from Hethel?! Strange...
  15. Riviera is one of Porsche’s best blues. Looks ace on your 410. Great deal for someone as price is also great for low mile usage. GLWTS
  16. All colours look fab imo. Yellow is a cracker!
  17. Which model and colour did you choose @Inversed?
  18. CHanged the whole car and got free Cup 2 tyres 🤣
  19. Hiya. My 350 was exactly the same. I bought it new and really hated, yes hated the way the front tyres were stretched over the rims on the front. It looks so wrong. my 410 with wider 215 Cup 2s look so very much better.
  20. Hiya Tex! nitrons are as new. I have been advised to adjust them regularly. Ie every few months as it is a lack of adjustment that gives rise to issues. who is your dealer? Interesting that the they suggested you leave the sump at year 2. I am on 8.25k miles.
  21. Hi Folks, So my Exige is approaching 2-years old and is nearing its 2-year service which requires that the plastic baffles in the sump be replaced. This is a 'sump off' procedure which i am advised can be tricky as the sealant/glue used to bond the sump in place can be an absulute **** to remove. I also recall hearing, but dont recall where, that some seals leak thereafter. Can anyone share their experiences pls? good and bad? Alternatively feel free to suggest i worry less for a happier life 🙂 TIA
  22. Do it! You already know my thoughts... i have never driven a car as good as my 410. It is perfect in almost every way as a 'toy' car. See more pics at
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