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  1. Good move i say. Get life right before adding toys.
  2. That's funny @390ja - i see your old car is still hanging around and i think it appears the price dropped £1k. Did you sell it to the dealer or are they selling it for you? Maybe you should talk the market up 😉
  3. makes perfect sense re APR. On recession, hmmm, i have no magic ball. maybe values will drop... but IME PCP deals always offer a very conservative GFV so you should still see some cash back.
  4. I heard somewhere that getting Euro Conformity before getting UK Conformity was a must. So... yes, getting the EU Conformity may have been the reason for delay of cars in UK.
  5. @CitizenI'd say you are in for a treat if you do buy an Exige. Values are likely to stay strong although Exige has always appeared slow to sell so that should be priced-into any expectations for a sale price. I know your question was about PCP and % rate for finance but future value has a bearing on that i guess. Like @390jaI have never been persuaded by the total interest payable on a PCP deal - you finance a large number and only pay down a portion so the cost to borrow is indeed high. Perhaps look at it differently; ask yourself what you are happy to pay monthly to effectively borrow the car. if the numbers match, get stuck in and ignore the price of borrowing. And if the future value turns out to be greater than predicted, the total cost reduces and so in turn does the effective interest rate. @HXTi am not familiar with bank loans that will lend £50K+ so unless @Citizenhas a huge deposit the PCP may be the only route. Have you tried some of the independent finance brokers such as Magnitude? I suspect 9% (if APR) is quite competitive right now. thats about 4.5% base rate. If it is 9% base rate i would think again for sure.
  6. Brilliant! Many congrats. Looks fab.
  7. Just seen this in the FB group… suggest you speak with the owner as his supercharger rattle may be the same as yours and he got one in warranty.
  8. Mine does not sound like this. But then my exhaust valve is always open so everything sounds deeper. It sounds like something is loose.
  9. I thought you may already be on it @bibs :-)
  10. Am I the only one who is suffering from broken links in emails for new content added to a thread? When i click on the link it takes me to the Forums Home Page rather than the new content in a given thread. This has been happening for a few weeks i think... @Bibs - help pls?! Thx Joe
  11. So, one month on and a 2200mile euro roadtrip completed in the past 8 days, i think it's time for an update... My knee is 'almost' trouble free. It is night and day better. So what changed? Well, HUGE thanks to you all for your many suggestions. I took onboard most of them and despite @slewthytaking a very scientific approach by suggesting i change one thing at once to understand the benefit of each change, i just went for a 'try everything' approach to make my roadtrip comfortable and enjoyable. I have been feeding my cartilage with "Glucosamine Chondroitin MSM & Boswellia" twice a day for a month, along with Pure Cod Liver Oil. I have been doing some simple knee extension exercises throughout the day and while driving to keep the joint 'oiled'. And i changed my seat position to allow a little more left leg extension. While i still get the odd twinge, it has been remarkable. Thank you all for your suggestions. I plan to carry on with the new regime as its cost is a small price to pay for comfort. 👍
  12. Yup! Scotland is heaven on earth.
  13. I found it very balanced when i lost traction at the rear in the wet. Still, always a shock when you are not intending for it to step out.
  14. Looking lovely @nichopGreat weather too!
  15. What did it take to reset the sensor? Push in and pull out?
  16. Hi Frank, Glad i wasn't imagining it. I am no heel and toe whizz and i couldnt understand why some people can do it so easily (in other cars) and others cannot. It was like, for the first time, it just worked; easily. In other news i did have a scary straight line tail slide the other week when accelerating hard on a slightly damp road, changing up from second to third gear with ESP Off. Thankfully it was all very smooth and a reduction in throttle combined with corrective steer sorted it out. Wise to moderate throttle inputs when its damp and ESP is off.
  17. Looks like Porsche Signal Yellow.
  18. Beautiful. Many congrats.
  19. Troubled by his downshifting to neutral a lot. Is that a known technique? And WTF is the sales guy doing when he doesn’t know which tyres are on the car?!
  20. Hi Guys, Quite by chance last week I discovered a thing that surprised me. While driving with ESP OFF (Thats press and hold RACE and then press and hold again to turn ESP OFF entirely) i found it far easier to heel & toe. The accelerator revved more freely with minimal foot roll which it never does (for me at least) when in the usual TC settings of Drive, Sport, or RACE. Anyone else noticed this? JC
  21. Yes mine just arrived from EP and it too has the various numbers scratched off. I dont understand why that would be done.
  22. I do not know anything about the generic switches, but Elise Parts sell the Vauxhall switch which I believe is/was the same as fitted at Lotus. Elise parts charge approximately £25 plus shipping. It is from them that I ordered my spare switch.
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