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  1. At points A and B on a stock 2019 350 Sport i get 155mm at both points on a level'ish garage floor (garage floors should have a ~1 in 80 slope). The Lotus Service Notes TDV suggests 130mm front and 135mm rear. Why is mine so much higher? Measuring my front splitter from the floor is 143mm. So with that in mind my car would still be high at 148mm - 150mm. Now the TDV also suggests that a mid-laden weight + full tank is the setting the ride height and geo should be set up for and thats 2 x 75KG. by my reckining 60 litres = 60 kg and so that is 60 + 75 = 135kg = 6mm (ave) drop. That is 22.5KG is worth 1mm drop. So, with 2x75KG + 50 litres we have 200KG of load which should drop the car by 9mm. That would have my car resting, mid-laden, at 146mm - still 11mm and 16mm higher than it should be. Thoughts anyone? Happy to be corrected...
  2. Hey Guys @Ali tuck how did yout tyre change go? All good? Please post some pics when you get chance? TIA and @vd9 if you are able to share a few pics that would be fab. thx both
  3. No worries. As the two tyres are different and as the forged multi spoke wheels that the cups usually sit on are different to the 5 spoke cast wheels the optics are very different indeed. Hence the two threads. Also, the two different titles were intended to capture the attention of two different audiences. Sorry for any confusion. 🙏🏻
  4. Ooh fab thx. 👍 yes can you take some pics pls? Perhaps full side on. Front quarter view. Rear quarter view and close up of wheel. I’ll attach some samples. Cheers.
  5. Hi Guys, Per the title, is anyone running 215 Michelin Cup 2 tyres on the front of their 350 with standard 5 spoke wheels? If yes, can you please share some pics? I'd like to compare the look to the MPS4 in 215 size on the same wheel. thx joe
  6. thank you! Does look better. Still surprisingly looks like the side is not as flat as the rears are and i dont quite understand why. Could be the rim edge is different on the front than the back. BTW i love the orange with the bronze wheels.
  7. Ah fabulous! Can I trouble you to share some pics of the new fronts pls from a few angles? It is primarily a visual thing for me... yes I am shallow 🤣
  8. I can't help but think that the 205 Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tyres on the front of my Exige Sport 350 look a bit stretched on the 7.5J wheels. And i don't think i am alone as others have commented along the same lines. The 380 and the 410 both run 215 Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tyres on the front - also on 7.5J wheels and they look much better. Of course the Cup 2 is a more chunky-looking tyre anyway. Looking up the tyre widths online Tyre Equivalence Advice suggests that 205 is the minimum width a tyre should be for a 7.5J wheel and 215/225 is preferred/optimal, with 235 being at the high end. So, has anyone changed their 205 MPS4 tyres for 215 and what do they look like/feel? TIA Joe
  9. I saw you heading north between Thrapston and Oundle. Your car has a lovely carbon access panel at the front and silver painted transom at the rear. I was in my black Land Rover heading in the other direction - you got a big thumbs up from me out of my window as you passed. Your car sounded super! Stock exhaust or modified?
  10. I hear you, and thanks. I guess we all have our 'gifts' that come naturally. I can also spot if a thing is as little as 1mm out. Is Britain's Got Talent a show for me? 🤩 I am in awe of people who can sing in tune. My family would (I suspect) rather my gift was singing 🤣
  11. I collected my Sport 350 with 28/31 (cold temps) on Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tyres. The TDV Service Manual suggests 29/32 (Cold) but i felt the front was a bit fidgety so i upped my warm pressures (after a few hours sitting post drive) to 30/33 and took the car back out. What a transformation. Far more direct and consistent. Great improvement. WIll be good to see how they read when cold after a night to sit.
  12. Hey @Cooper do you still have the data in the pic above pls? I am keen to see the whole from Lotus re settings for a 350 running MPS4 tyres. I see Toe IN above at +0.14 buyt is that for front or rear? ( I assume rear) so I'd like to understand the front too. Many thanks Joe
  13. VSIC? Aha! this... Cheers Joe
  14. Very cool thank you. Where do you find the service notes?
  15. Hi All, Is it possible to remove the wing mirror caps/covers for painting? If yes, what is the process pls and how easy is it? Thx Joe
  16. fab pics. love the green!
  17. Yikes. How old was the car and how many miles had it done at that point? Did you have it from new? Apologies if you have already explained, i am all shiny and new here so i am very much in catch-up mode.
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