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  1. Really Guys? I know of friends who are waiting 6-12 months longer than originally informed for a new car of fairly routine type and spec from other brands due to COVID/Ukraine etc. Theirs are not new cars that need to be developed and refined. I suspect with all the press reviews and PP DV iterations, Lotus is trying to improve the ride and handling and interior right up until the last minute. All power to Lotus I say. All Emira owners will be crowing from the treetops if/when the Emira beats a Cayman in a group test and crying 'foul' if the Cayman beats Emira. I know waiting sucks but you have already had some practice so you should be getting better at it. 🤣 Peace and goodwill to all - Christmas is just around the corner!
  2. Hiya Dunc. I did come along. Loved it. Did the Matlock drive behind Jon. Rob. and Gav. Saw you but you were super busy so left you to it. 👍 Sunday is no good for me but enjoy anyway.
  3. I’d have your Kawasaki green before I had that one above. And a vivid green one is available for £9k less with similar v low miles. I do love vivid green.
  4. Fabulous video! even though i have already done mine it was great to watch your video.
  5. lovely but don't drive it! ferrari is not for driving 🙂
  6. I can hear the fans spinning freely. The ends with fins are designed as a sink to dissipate heat. With lots of airflow on the move I expect much cooling. Time will tell.
  7. @MrDi too find the bulbs with caps on touch the liner and it gets warm quickly. Time will tell if that becomes a problem. Let’s hope not eh?
  8. yes @Paul_D i am surprised. But when you know that the wheel alignment is done before the car is finished and without wheels on there was little surprise that my alignment needed to be done at PDI. Perhaps the lights are set before being installed which does not allow for any vagries there. 25% drop or 150mm over 8m or 8000mm is a gradient of 1 in 50 or an angle of 1.15degs. That could just be a twitch at fitting. Easily done but huge impact at speed on the road when we want to be looking 100m ahead but our lights stop lighting the road at just 30m ahead! @Brendoniandid you rebuild the lamps yourself? V. keen to get mine adjusted now that i do the maths... sounds even worse on paper than it feels on the road - and that is bad.
  9. ah interesting and good to know. I fitted mine last night and took it for a test drive. huge improvement in dry conditions. although my headlight level test shows they are pointing way down so adjusting that is my next task. As i understand it they lights should drop around 1.5% over 8m. As my headlight dip beam measures 620mm off the floor to the centre of the beam they need to measure around 610mm or 98.5% of 620mm when the car is 8m from the measurement wall. Mine currently measures around 450mm over 8m.
  10. Why are the LED lights weaker when it is raining?
  11. I have just bought some of the Phillips LED lights and some rubber boots to cover the larger projections. Clearly i didnt concentrate and i bought 2 'pairs' of rubber boots rather than 2 'items'. So if anyone wants a pair let me know and i will post to you in the UK. I paid approx £11/pair.
  12. Excellent insight and advice, thanks @jep
  13. No worries thanks all the same. V kind.
  14. Do they peel off ok or have you left them on?
  15. Right. Thats fine for france i believe but not for Spain. Did you visit spain?
  16. Bibs! You are the best thank you! But, in my exige i dont have a rear screen... will it self cling to my rear bumper? Hate the thought of using adhesive.
  17. Hi All, Planning ahead - is there a 'legal minimum size' for a UK sticker to go on the back of a car? If 'UK' appears on a number plate does it have to sit in a blue rectangle or can it just sit on the white plate? Thx Well I may have answerd my own question. go me! 🙂
  18. Hi Guys, Planning ahead for driving in Europe. Which beam deflectors did you buy and from where? Did they come with templates for putting in the right place and did they remove easily? Many thanks
  19. I really dont know how people drive in quiet mode. Sounds so quiet and not the least bit characteristic of the car's visual. Glad you got it sorted.
  20. That looks ace!! Love the colour scheme you picked. Yellow stripes are super. enjoy.
  21. I have identical seats in my exige 410. They are so comfy when in the right position. 10 hours and 450 miles and I was still without aches. Another 👍 here.
  22. I don’t recall but they are the same on both sides and I think the manual does say from memory. Could be wrong.
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