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  1. LOVE your red mats and red piping to the seats. Cracking job! Really lifts it. 👍
  2. that looks lovely well done. get some miles on it - even if at lower revs - to learn about its handing characteristics. they are truly epic when you get it dialled in and you are dialled into it.
  3. Lovely car. How are you enjoying it?
  4. Thats great to know about your rebound settings changes. If i dont cure my issue with the changes to the front i may try the rebound too.
  5. @nordschleife666I so wish i was more knowledgeable about this. I *think* that firming up the front HS Compression has reduced the car's want to rotate (rear over front) in much the same way that a child might do a forward roll (bum over head). So, if the front can't dip or tuck in like it did, the rear can't rise or hop like it did. That is my theory. Likewise if a child can't tuck his head in low, he can't rotate his bum off the ground to do his roll. I have lost count what my absolute settings are. there are two bits of road that are the worst for the hop. i drove one on saturday and it was better than it was. i need to drive both again now with the revised settings. I have not changed the ReB settings from default.
  6. Yes, you do understand correctly. I tweaked the front high-speed compression settings by first one + click on Saturday and then another + click on Sunday. I subsequently tested the results on a couple of client visits. I *think* it was improved after the first but not fixed hence the second click. I think the latter did cure/all but cure the problem. It was certainly more glued at the front over very uneven surfaces with some subsidence. and I suspect by keeping better balance at the front, the rear is less able to rotate (up and down rather than side to side) about the front axle. Net-net the car felt more planted. I had previously softened my front and rear high-speed compression to make the car softer over bad roads. it was a success but I suspect I may have induced this rear hop. having stiffened the front, while leaving the rears in their softer setting, it still rides nicely but feels more glued down. it also turns in better where on occasion before I felt a little understeer on corner entry when really pressing on into a tight right-hander. If there are experts out there who have a more educated view to share, I’d love to hear it as I am just feeling my way through trial and error. I am just a bloke having a go and sharing the reasons trying and the results.
  7. Sounds like rotten luck. Hope your exchange is trouble free. Your diary of mods is inspiring and your approach always seems to be thorough. Perhaps just rotten luck this time. have you settled on headlight bulbs you are sticking with?
  8. I was hoping that the ‘rebound’ (the awkward one!) setting was probably the answer too! 🙂 I suspect the phenomena is also somewhat consistent in cars with engines towards the back as this layout necessitates a firmer spring at the back.
  9. Hoping I have phrased the title correctly. On occasion, when pressing-on a little the rear end will 'hop' when the road surface has a small 'crest' before a 'dip' in the road. I notice it locally in a couple of places. My Golf GTI glides over the same sections. My 911 Turbo used to hop (to a lesser degree) over the same crests/dips. What needs to be adjusted to compensate for this? Is it the rebound settings on the Nitron 3-ways? Or should the springs have more travel to be able to be able to ‘fill the void’ between u/s tyre and road surface in dip? *Note this is not a bump stop feel where the suspension bottoms out. It feels more like the springs don’t push the wheel down fast enough into the dip that surprised the car immediately after the crest. Thoughts? Opinions?
  10. That silver-grey colour is lovely!! @petewhat is it called? 👌
  11. Indeed. Also making adjustments in a warm engine bay was a cause for minor discomfort.
  12. Hold one to stop it moving while adjusting the other.
  13. wow that 600LT bonnet and wings have a very similar profile to the Evora. Never spotted that before.
  14. Those pictures should be outlawed in all good countries and children under the age of 18... no scrub that 50 should not be allowed to see them. Totally gorgeous! 😍
  15. More pics please @stephenwhyte🙂 Looks lovely in Fire Red. @TonyKLwe really do have similar taste... Elise? Evora?
  16. Yes. Its nice to get a change. I get that. Fire Red would be on my shortlist. Motorsport Green too. But then Sky Blue and Riviera might also tempt...
  17. @TonyKLwill you have Military Grey again?
  18. Military Grey. Same as mine.
  19. above all else you got the best colour :-)
  20. Well Colin i think you did very well indeed. Great result for you.
  21. Actually with £4k extra for PX you did well. Did i understand that right? Was it £83,900 - £4k or effectively £79,900 - £4k? All accepting that your PX was book price before the £4K addition.
  22. nice did that include any discount?
  23. Hey-up Lotus pals. Hope everyone is doing OK. After reading a few comments about Final Editions and 20th anniversary models and 430 Cup prices and discounts i thought i would ask a question and posit a theory for us to chew over. Question: Why are we (royal we folks, no finger pointing here), generally so hesitant to disclose the price we pay for our cars including discounts negotiated? Theory: I suspect it is because we don't want to be seen as having failed to get as good a deal as someone else and so we keep our proverbial powder dry, and we keep the discount achieved/price paid mysterious. Alternative: I know some folks think its a private transaction and others suggest they are harming the dealer's business by revealing their disount. And then there is the 'cost to change' paradigm which obscures the true price paid with inflated or undervalued PX prices set against a list price or heavily discounted new car. What say you all?
  24. i am watching this closely... i favour simple bulb swap for moderate gains. any gain is better than none. But i could be persuaded by LED. Can you change a bulb withthe front wheel on? Seems mad to be forced to jack the car.
  25. Congrats! Soon after getting my 410 I did a 2k mile trip through france to spain and andorra and was pleasantly surprised by economy. I planned the trip to stop every 100 miles or so to fill-up so that i would rarely be below a 100-mile range such was my concern about running out. By the second half of the trip we relaxed a bit. With a few 10-hour driving days the car was also very comfy. 18mpg on the mountain roads and 30mpg+ on the dual carriageways.
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