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  1. I use Millers CFS NT+ motorsport oil.  It comes out almost as clean as it went in.  Read around the subject and you'll see it is a very high-performing oil which is unrivalled IMO on the open market.  If you do some research however, I doubt you will find anthing stating that any well-known F1 team uses Miller's Oils -- especially if the team were heavily sponsored by another oil company.  I mean, that could present issues for their sponsorship deal right?!  Why did I bring that up?  I can't think...  Anyway, Miller's Oils CFS NT+.  I like it.

  2. Since I posted above I have changed my settings again. I’d never checked that my settings were correct when I got the car new. As it happens they were not to factory spec. Rebound was out from factory and I’d adjusted the compression settings myself. So I returned all to factory and the car was improved giving far better stability on turn in and retaining a good ride. With advice from a supremely talented Lotus dynamics engineer at Hethel I modified it further to sharpen it for the track and it’s never been better on all roads. Biggest lesson is that all settings need to be set in harmony. Changing one can reduce performance of all. 

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  3. 1 hour ago, Evotion said:

    I love your Exige 410 Sport and might well sell an Emira for one but if a person said to you 'Nah, it's just a badly built kitcar for posers innit?" you would write the person off as an eejit but if you are saying you would not be in any way hurt by their comment then I commend you!

    I might very well write them off for saying ‘innit’ 🤣

    Joking aside, I expect most of us love to hear someone else tell us that we made a good choice. We are fragile souls. 

    That said, I know what pleasure I get from my ‘plastic’ toy car and while it’s lovely to hear others agree, I really don’t need their agreement. I may doubt many decisions in life, but I’ve never doubted this one. It’s sublime. 

    Sincerely hope all Emira buyers feel the same way. It’s a nice feeling. 

    Peace. 🕊 

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