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  1. Hi Frank,

    Glad i wasn't imagining it.  I am no heel and toe whizz and i couldnt understand why some people can do it so easily (in other cars) and others cannot.  It was like, for the first time, it just worked; easily.

    In other news i did have a scary straight line tail slide the other week when accelerating hard on a slightly damp road, changing up from second to third gear with ESP Off.  Thankfully it was all very smooth and a reduction in throttle combined with corrective steer sorted it out.

    Wise to moderate throttle inputs when its damp and ESP is off.

  2. Hi Guys,

    Quite by chance last week I discovered a thing that surprised me.  While driving with ESP OFF (Thats press and hold RACE and then press and hold again to turn ESP OFF entirely) i found it far easier to heel & toe.  The accelerator revved more freely with minimal foot roll which it never does (for me at least) when in the usual TC settings of Drive, Sport, or RACE.

    Anyone else noticed this?


  3. Brilliant thanks again Simon.  My G&C pills have landed so i am trialling them.  Hoping for some change in the next month.  I will also move my seat back to where it was originally when i had no issues.  too close caused issues and too far back at the weekend was no better.  I will report back on this thread to help everyone who has an interest.

    Cheers Joe

  4. Hi Si,

    Thank you so much for taking the time to share your experience.  So very much appreciated.

    I am 52.  My knees never enjoyed the road impact after leaving my motorbike to steer itself on the A40 elevated section 20-years ago but it was years of Karate in my 40s which took its toll with all the twisting and stresses.  I stopped when it became all too painful, and when my sparring opponents became too young and far too intent on winning unless "disuaded".  Hurting big kids/young adults wasnt my idea of fun. 

    I will fiddle with my seat position and will make sure i keep my 'resting' time on the left leg in various positions to limit any intestity.

    I currently take "Seven Seas Omega-3 Fish Oil Plus COD LIVER OIL Plus Multi-Vitamins" on a daily basis.  Interestingly the label says "Cod Liver Oil (fish) (28%)... Fish Oil (22%)..."

    Should I be looking for a supplement that has 0% Omega-3 or 100% (or close to) COL that is not augmented with "(fish)" in the description?

    I have also ordered "Glucosamine Chondroitin MSM & Boswellia" and a knee strap The latter arrived yesterday and is quite nice to wear a bit like wrapping fingers around the lower knee.

    I have no known lipid issues.

    Thanks again, no rush to respond.  Better do some real work first.


  5. Hey Folks, I am looking for some help. I have recently started suffering with left knee pain after drives. As a UK driver my left knee is kept busy with clutch activation during gear changes. 

    Does anyone else suffer with clutch knee issues in their Lotus? 

    I suspect it is because my left leg is twisted somehow due to seating position and this is pulling my knee out of alignment — although the cause may be something else. 

    I have read a few differing opinions online in other forums but all seem to agree that ‘Clutch Knee’ is a thing. 

    The clutch in my exige 410 is not overly heavy. I am no spring chicken but there are many gear changes in the old dog yet.

    Does anyone else suffer similarly? If yes, how did you resolve the issue? — please don’t say ‘sold the Lotus and bought an auto’ as that’s not a preferred route.  Did you change your seating position? Change your pedals? Amputate your leg? Strap the knee or do specific exercises? 


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