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  1. I was curious as to what colour combo you would be looking for.. I'm not sure if i'm relieved or gutted that you don't like my Ardent Red LE with oyster interior..! Good luck with the search mate - I admire your patience, when I sold my Elise i was determined to wait 6 months and have a rational approach - I crumbled in 12 days.. Got a PM from a member selling through a forum - Took one look and that was that.. I have the self control of a puppy...
  2. My LE is reserved for road trips and the odd leisure drive, nothing more. Panda power for runarounds etc - but been working full time from home for almost 6 years now so can afford to leave the Evora in the garage. Stepping from the Panda to the Evora is always a treat - talk about brain recalibration..! Some would argue if it's worth keeping such a nice car for so little driving, but i get just as much enjoyment from tinkering/working on it.. ..and dare I say it - just looking at it..
  3. Hi All. I'm keen to change the antifreeze on my Evora but i'm having a spot of bother obtaining sufficient quantities of the recommended coolant. Can anyone recommend any alternatives / quantities that you have used with satisfactory results please? Thanks a bunch everyone.
  4. Carried out my own Evora service recently. (using the official job sheet) Decided to replace all the plugs and plug caps (one cap was suspect), also did the gearbox oil, along with the regular oil + filter. All it cost was the parts.. I understand why some want the service stamp etc, but in all in all it's one of the easiest car's i have worked on. Aside from the savings, I actually enjoy the tinkering just as much as the driving so double the fun (well, for me anyway!). Everything I do is photographed (for proof), receipts catalogged and filed in date order (for prosperity). The labour I haved saved over the last 3 years has gone towards a new bumper (I just fancy a fresher look) and will be pulling the trigger on the purchase at the end of the month - so excited..! The only things I can't do (so far) are the geo setups and ABS brake bleeding (it's a small garage!!) (I did fix the A/C though..)
  5. I just taxed mine for the remainder of summer and was desperate to have my first run this year! In the end it was a mundane trip to a local DIY shop to buy... 4 jam jars (for my wife) Never mind... a detour coming home made up for it - there are advantages to living in the really quiet parts of lincolnshire wolds.. About 20 minutes after getting home, having cooked myself on neat adrenaline, a neighbour up the road (who's a proper petrolhead) calls me and asks... "have you just been out in your car?" "yep - first time since moving here - just got back" "How fast were you going?" "erm, 59.9?" "lol...Well, i don't know what gear you were in, but it sounded effin glorious coming up the road..!" "you should hear it from inside mate" ".. next year.." "let's hope so buddy" Epic...
  6. Hi there - congrats on the purchase.. Regarding the head unit. I'm not sure if all evoras are the same size (mine is a launch edition), but when i went for my first android unit, the screen was too big to fit in the aluminium surround/bezel - so had to be positioned carefully underneath, which was hard with just a 2mm overlap! If your's is the same, then ideally you need something that has a screen that's 174mm wide and not 178mm. In the end i went for an ATOTO unit as they cater for several sizes with different bezel arrangements - it's 174mm as standard and fits perfectly. Just my 2p, but might save a bit of frustration.! Enjoy..!
  7. Hi everyone.. I'm looking forward to driving the car again (once i have somwhere to go) - if not this year then next. ..and if I can't get out this year, then I figured I can do a few jobs during the downtime, just a few mini projects to pass the time.. One of these projects, and the first to be completed, was to fit a GT4 wing. I originally had started planning a purchase, and researched paintshops etc, then out of the blue, one appeared on an auction site for reasonable money, so I decided to give it a go. A few days later it arrived, but needed some work to put right (it was scruffy), but, it turns out to be 100% carbon fibre, which was a plesant suprise (the vendor didn't know!). Some enquiries with a local paint shop were very positive so it was dropped off last monday(1st June).. 5 days later it was all done, and fitted to the car that afternoon, the paint shop did a fabulous job, the colour match is perfect - and the finish looks like glass.. They took the existing primer off the wing to inspect the whole thing in order to check for cracks and imperfections, then making any necessary repairs and smoothing out any dimples etc prior to painting. (That was how they discovered it was carbon..) I'm delighted.(..excuse shoddy garage door - not long moved in) - the rear brake light also fitted perfectly - the only real problem was having to enlarge the clamping plate fixing holes to accept the m8 bolts instead of m6 - apart from that it was a straight swap - no extending of wires or anything, though I definitely could not have fitted it without my wife holding one end (of the wing - ....stop it..!) - it was nerve wrecking! Next job.. Lightweight battery (- it's just arrived - and feels like it's full of helium - I can't believe something so light and tiny can start that car)..
  8. Just to confirm that you have mine on the list already (NK 59 GPZ) ..and it ain't going anywhere..! (it's not broken.. - just, - well, you know what i mean...) Ian 👍
  9. Thanks everyone for the warm welcome.. OK, a few images of the Evora.. This was when i'd just finished applying the stone chip protection film to the sills and was standing back to admire the handiwork! This was at the Lotus 70 bash last year This was taken when we were dropping off or third family member to our friends for dog sitting (whoever says that you pet can't share the experience hasn't tried a pooch protector thingy) He actually fell asleep 10 minutes later... Despite my best efforts... (yes, those are window suction cups)!!
  10. Thanks electro_boy - I certainly agree with the sentiment that we Loti are an approachable bunch.. After all, what's the point in having something nice, if you can't share the experience once in a while?!! The strangers that drift into my circle for a brief moment will never see me again, but they'll never forget (neither will I) that moment when they were in the seat, their faces said it all.. It didn't cost me anything apart from a few minutes - and no harm was done.., but the experience was, frankly, excellent.. I had a similar experience in Poitier, France when visiting Futuroscope in the Elise a few years back - a mini bus pulled up alongside me in the car park and 14 teenagers started taking pictures.. I just open the driver's door and said "bon".. (all i could think of) - and then each took turns to have selfies behind the wheel.. One youngster came over afterwards and said in broken English that Lotus was his favourite - i had a spare "Classic Team Lotus" cap in the boot, so took it out and placed it on his head.. It wasn't the smartest of moves - as they then all wanted one!
  11. Hi all. Just joined today - and another member suggested that i head over here and introduce myself.. Been a Lotus enthusiast since a child and an owner for 15 years now - had an Elise for 13 years and now upgraded to a fabulous Evora Launch Edition in red. I'll probably be posting and documenting on stuff relating to tinkering and road trips as the Loti in my life get rather spoiled! I do all my own servicing, maintenance and repairs where possible - even down to fabricating replacement parts, including designing and manufacturing my own replacement free-flow silencer about a year ago.. The main thing that prompted the joining of TLF was the dedicated section to Evora ownership / chats etc, which makes it a whole lot easier to find relevant stuff! Looking forward to anything/everything Lotus related (and Evora related in particular)! Next year i'm planning a road trip to Italy.. - those Italian lakes and roads look rather lovely and i need to wear out these Pirellis somehow..😀 Pip, pip..
  12. Hi All. First post on TLF and wanted to share a very positive week that I had during a road trip to Ireland last week in my Launch Edition Evora. Firstly, on the way to the port we stopped off at a motorway service station and received a wolf whistle when passing a chap on the way out (my wife still maintains it was for her!) Upon arriving at the port, we had several port staff exclaiming positive unpronounceable comments about how great the car looked in red with the usual Ferrari mistaken identity. On board when manoeuvring – we got the usual thumbs up from ship staff as we parked up.! Arriving at Dublin we were photographed twice driving through the city and had two horn pips along with thumbs up from the young drivers in their hot hatches.. First service station on the way to the south west, we were in the café and didn’t know that the car was being mobbed by a coach of tourists – we came out and had 20 questions to answer before continuing..! We got to Kenmare and our host totally flipped when she saw the car – her hubby is a total car nut and he turned into a dribbling kid when he got home from work! I would like to mention that Irish roads are not brilliant – we did the trip 2 years ago in the Elise and needed a chiropractor afterwards, but the Evora was super capable and very comfy – we did brace ourselves on the odd dip in the road, but nothing happened! Anyway… A couple of days later we parked up in a nearby town and a chap in a C class shouts across the road at me “is that your car?” – to which I replied “no, I stole it”.. ..”Pardon?” “Yes, yes it’s mine”.. “Can I take a look?” 20 minutes later, having sat in and examined the car and obtained all the stats, I think I might have got Lotus a sale! I turned around to lock the car and take a walk around the town when another chap appears from a shop and the whole thing repeats – photos in and around the car, selfies.. It was great, but now we’ve been there 40 minutes and not actually done anything yet..! My wife sitting on a wall was very bemused by the whole thing – “it’s just a car, I can’t see what the faff is all about”. “It’s a car, yes, but look around – it’s so incredibly rare to see that badge on such a lovely car that people take notice..” The last evening at the B+B we were downstairs swapping outdoor shoes for something more practical and I had to pop to the car to get the other pair – I opened the boot and dropped the keys inside while I laced up and then clunk… The wind had blown the boot shut with the keys inside.. I don’t know why but I checked my pockets in a vain attempt to magically extract the keys like some magician, but no – they were still inside the locked car.. I approached Liam, our host and asked for a wire coat hanger. He understood what I was trying to do almost immediately and together we managed to unlock the car – the alarm works very well! I then did a quick look online to see how to release the boot (under the back seat there is the emergency release) and phew! – got the keys back and turned off the alarm. As a token of my gratitude I offered Liam a ride in the Evora – his face was something else.. During the ride he simply couldn’t stop talking - I didn’t think anyone could talk that fast - even the Irish!. I gave the car a squirt in 2nd and 3rd and then hit the brakes, he was gobsmacked (he owns a Skoda estate), we then rounded a few bends, the car demonstrating why a Lotus is so good at that sort of thing and then I took him back home. He said that he watches these sorts of cars on TV and never in a million years thought he’d get a ride in one – again pictures and cockpit selfies were taken.. He said “I need to take a picture as no-one at work will believe me, when I tell them what I did last night” We didn’t see another Lotus during the entire trip but saw 5 Porsches and 2 modern Rolls Royces..! Again, on the trip back to Dublin – two more horn pips from the young GTI brigade.. More “Nice car mate” comments at the port and then a quick stop off at Cranwell to see a mate – whose wife then also wanted a ride… It might “only” be an N/A Evora but the car is incredible – it’s pretty, reliable, fast, comfortable and practical (ish). A keeper? You bet, for as long as I can walk!
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