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  1. I just taxed mine for the remainder of summer and was desperate to have my first run this year! In the end it was a mundane trip to a local DIY shop to buy... 4 jam jars (for my wife) Never mind... a detour coming home made up for it - there are advantages to living in the really quiet parts of lincolnshire wolds.. About 20 minutes after getting home, having cooked myself on neat adrenaline, a neighbour up the road (who's a proper petrolhead) calls me and asks... "have you just been out in your car?" "yep - first time since moving here - just got back" "How fast
  2. Hi there - congrats on the purchase.. Regarding the head unit. I'm not sure if all evoras are the same size (mine is a launch edition), but when i went for my first android unit, the screen was too big to fit in the aluminium surround/bezel - so had to be positioned carefully underneath, which was hard with just a 2mm overlap! If your's is the same, then ideally you need something that has a screen that's 174mm wide and not 178mm. In the end i went for an ATOTO unit as they cater for several sizes with different bezel arrangements - it's 174mm as standard and fits perfectl
  3. Hi everyone.. I'm looking forward to driving the car again (once i have somwhere to go) - if not this year then next. ..and if I can't get out this year, then I figured I can do a few jobs during the downtime, just a few mini projects to pass the time.. One of these projects, and the first to be completed, was to fit a GT4 wing. I originally had started planning a purchase, and researched paintshops etc, then out of the blue, one appeared on an auction site for reasonable money, so I decided to give it a go. A few days later it arrived, but needed some work to put righ
  4. Just to confirm that you have mine on the list already (NK 59 GPZ) ..and it ain't going anywhere..! (it's not broken.. - just, - well, you know what i mean...) Ian
  5. Thanks everyone for the warm welcome.. OK, a few images of the Evora.. This was when i'd just finished applying the stone chip protection film to the sills and was standing back to admire the handiwork! This was at the Lotus 70 bash last year This was taken when we were dropping off or third family member to our friends for dog sitting (whoever says that you pet can't share the experience hasn't tried a pooch protector thingy) He actually fell asleep 10 minutes later... Despite my best efforts... (yes, those are window suction cups)!!
  6. Thanks electro_boy - I certainly agree with the sentiment that we Loti are an approachable bunch.. After all, what's the point in having something nice, if you can't share the experience once in a while?!! The strangers that drift into my circle for a brief moment will never see me again, but they'll never forget (neither will I) that moment when they were in the seat, their faces said it all.. It didn't cost me anything apart from a few minutes - and no harm was done.., but the experience was, frankly, excellent.. I had a similar experience in Poitier, France when visiting Fu
  7. Hi all. Just joined today - and another member suggested that i head over here and introduce myself.. Been a Lotus enthusiast since a child and an owner for 15 years now - had an Elise for 13 years and now upgraded to a fabulous Evora Launch Edition in red. I'll probably be posting and documenting on stuff relating to tinkering and road trips as the Loti in my life get rather spoiled! I do all my own servicing, maintenance and repairs where possible - even down to fabricating replacement parts, including designing and manufacturing my own replacement free-flow silencer abou
  8. Hi All. First post on TLF and wanted to share a very positive week that I had during a road trip to Ireland last week in my Launch Edition Evora. Firstly, on the way to the port we stopped off at a motorway service station and received a wolf whistle when passing a chap on the way out (my wife still maintains it was for her!) Upon arriving at the port, we had several port staff exclaiming positive unpronounceable comments about how great the car looked in red with the usual Ferrari mistaken identity. On board when manoeuvring – we got the usual thumbs up from ship staff as
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