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  1. Interesting comments and viewpoints..- All valid depending on your perspective and skill / bravery levels of course - and let's not forget the passage of time on the body (Thank goodness for a floor creeper!) I appreciate that some would run away from an owner-maintained car just as much as some would embrace it. I'd be quite happy buying from an owner-maintainer.. I would be delighted to hear about and see all the things that the owner knows has been done - and has the info to prove it.. I suspect it would be a drawn out process though as we'd probably be chatting for hours... What I do find, particularly with enthusiast O-M cars is the attention to detail is better - you're not adhering to the clock or any sort of schedule to make money pushing cars through on some sort of weird conveyor - so the little things get noticed and replaced instead of reused. Corroded parts are repaired sooner or replaced with higher quality items, just because, well - "because... OK?...!" If something looks like it's better routed a different way - even though it's invariably longer and more £, then so be it.. Manufacturing my own "pattern" brackets and suchlike from superior materials instead of those used in a baked bean tin.. When the clam comes off - oooh, - now that's a opportunity not to be missed... (yeah - sad, I know - I know) When I do eventually sell (many moons from now) it'll likely be one of the longest and most tedious adverts ever, and from experience buyers seem to love that sort of thing.. (I recall my Elise "Auction" ran to something like 6 pages - but it was worth it, just under 300 watchers and 3 buyers queuing up 1/2 a day later..)
  2. It was a "demonstration of his car's performance for your benefit".. That's what me and my mate always say when someone roars past at 70 in a 30 limit when they eventually clock the Evora parked up ... and us two just chatting over a fence.. You just gotta breathe in and let it pass (I was going to say "Let It Go" - but can't bring myself to say it without breaking into song...)
  3. Posted here in case other don't do too much social meedya..! Sitting in the car in a supermarket car park, waiting for my better half to get some flowers for a friend (in Norwich, UK) Little red car pulls alongside and I can hear the chap flipping out.. "Look at that...It's a lotus... Yeah, they're made just up the road, I've never been this close to one before.. Shit that's nice... (Walks round the back) Bloody lovely eh?", (His wife nods) (Walks away and turns back to look at the front) "Faaaark me that's lovely"... ...Wife: "are you going to fiddle with yourself now!!!" Dunno if he could hear me laughing inside... On the way home - stopped off for a takeaway and a group of kids were yelling - "Nice Lambo mate"... Er, thanks.. - I think... (Well, it begins with "L" - close enough for some)
  4. I do pretty much everything on my Evora from servicing to maintenance and repairs, with just the odd job here and there, that i'm not equipped or have the space to tackle (yet). I'm also in the "photograph and log everything for prosperity" camp too - and have a nice chubby file of paperwork and a memory stick full of images etc.. Just curious if anyone else is handy with the spanners and does the same to their car... I appreciate that I might be in a minority, but I really do enjoy it - very therapeutic, and I find it a great way to distance myself from programming..
  5. AFAIK, there are no fault codes for the Air-con... or a least there were none showing on mine. Mine stopped working when the condenser sprang a slow leak - instead the pressure just dropped over winter and, come spring, the safety switch prevented the compressor from running dry. Easy enough to fix albeit time consuming while you look for reasons to do other stuff with the clam off!
  6. Hey - if you need any extra advice, then let me know - happy to help if i can..
  7. I showed my Evora headlight to an electronics expert buddy, who's very good at bespoke electronic solutions.. Aside from the brutal method of getting access to the ring, he reckons that replacing the led's is a very simple process (obviously this is in relation to his skill set and not mine!) To eliminate the risk of a replacement led not matching the existing ones (on lumens or colour saturation), he suggested replacing all led's in a ring. He reckoned it would cost between 50p - £2 per led to buy (depending on the type and fixing - since neither of us have a headlight in bits he can only guess)..- and a few minutes per led to replace. None of mine are faulty (famous last words) but I'll be badgering him in an instant when they start to fail..
  8. Hi all. Spent the weekend replacing my condenser and while refitting the front bumper i decided to fix that annoying droop/sag/gap between it and the front clam. It's never been right so i pondered a practical solution that would support the entire length of the bumper and pickup on the existing top mounts. The end result is not that pretty, but since no-one will see it and as long as it works, it suits me fine.. Two sheets of alume, alim, ..metal - one 2mm for the base and one 1.5mm for the front. (750mm x 250mm) Slot the base so it can slide in under the bumper, the nuts can then help keep the base plate rigid. Draw a line along the leading edge of the clam onto some masking tape, keeping the pencil perpendicular to the plate. Cut out the curve. Knock up some brackets with some of the 1.5mm alumu., - metal plate.. Attach to the curved edge of the base plate. Clamp on the 1.5mm front plate and slide into position under the clam. Square up the front plate so it sits just below the front clam leading edge in the middle with an equal gap each end (roughly 12-15mm) Make or locate some sort of tiny angled bracket (i used a scotchlock clip which just happened to be perfect for the job) to follow the underside of the clam and transfer/pencil the profile onto the front plate. Remove assembly and cut out the front plate curve. Clean up the sheets and attach some edge protector. Temporarily reclamp the front to the base and trial fit the assembly to the underside of the bumper so it tracks the seam. Mark out the mounting holes. Remove and drill the holes 5-10mm lower than your marked points (don't ask how i know).. The final product.. Place under bumper, lift the whole caboodle, and trial fit a few times making small adjustments / slots to the front plate till everything is hunky. Hunky demonstrated here.. Time for a cuppa...!
  9. Hi All. I have some replacement aftermarket carpets that have the fixing holes pre-drilled, and I'm about to source some aluminium fixing clips.. Are there dimensions or co-ordinates that specify exactly where to place the bonded in fixing clips or should i just use the holes in the car mats as a guide? (assuming they're in the right location). If anyone can confirm the measurements (if there are any) then that would be great. Thanks.
  10. Managed to buy a used BOE on FB last year, had to be quick though as there were several replies commenting on missing out.. It would appear that selling it won't be a problem in the future! Fitting was easy, as others mentioned it frees up a shed load of space in the engine bay. Sounds great, a bit hissy at low revs but the howl builds nicely. If you're servicing the foam filter then make sure you don't over oil it, a little goes a long way..
  11. I was curious as to what colour combo you would be looking for.. I'm not sure if i'm relieved or gutted that you don't like my Ardent Red LE with oyster interior..! Good luck with the search mate - I admire your patience, when I sold my Elise i was determined to wait 6 months and have a rational approach - I crumbled in 12 days.. Got a PM from a member selling through a forum - Took one look and that was that.. I have the self control of a puppy...
  12. My LE is reserved for road trips and the odd leisure drive, nothing more. Panda power for runarounds etc - but been working full time from home for almost 6 years now so can afford to leave the Evora in the garage. Stepping from the Panda to the Evora is always a treat - talk about brain recalibration..! Some would argue if it's worth keeping such a nice car for so little driving, but i get just as much enjoyment from tinkering/working on it.. ..and dare I say it - just looking at it..
  13. Hi All. I'm keen to change the antifreeze on my Evora but i'm having a spot of bother obtaining sufficient quantities of the recommended coolant. Can anyone recommend any alternatives / quantities that you have used with satisfactory results please? Thanks a bunch everyone.
  14. Carried out my own Evora service recently. (using the official job sheet) Decided to replace all the plugs and plug caps (one cap was suspect), also did the gearbox oil, along with the regular oil + filter. All it cost was the parts.. I understand why some want the service stamp etc, but in all in all it's one of the easiest car's i have worked on. Aside from the savings, I actually enjoy the tinkering just as much as the driving so double the fun (well, for me anyway!). Everything I do is photographed (for proof), receipts catalogged and filed in date order (for prosperity). The labour I haved saved over the last 3 years has gone towards a new bumper (I just fancy a fresher look) and will be pulling the trigger on the purchase at the end of the month - so excited..! The only things I can't do (so far) are the geo setups and ABS brake bleeding (it's a small garage!!) (I did fix the A/C though..)
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