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  1. Hello All, Thank you for taking the time to read this, so.... My lotus elise s2 is having a problem starting. It will not start up in the correct Manor with regards to the dash lights coming on and pressing immobiliser fob. Do start the car I have to either do the correct starting procedure or false start and keep my foot on the accelerator to get the car going, as soon as I let go of the accelerator the car will die. The car is definitely getting enough fuel but I haven't been able to get the car started for 2 months and can't get it out of my garage as it won't start.. Any ideas or any
  2. Hello Si, That would be greatly appreciated, I am from Isle of Sheppey in Kent. Thank you.
  3. Hello All, I have a lotus elise s2 which was purchased recently. The body work has some issues, which I have noticed. I have posted some pictures and were wondering if someone can advise me on what I can do to repair and prevent further damage? Thank you.
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