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  1. Thought it was I do like that but of road. I’m only a couple miles from there and normally part of an evening drive.
  2. Congratulations. Is that last photo looking out from Edge Hill?
  3. To follow up last night didn't exactly go to plan. The new gear cables weren't lying as flat to the floor as the old ones which stopped the mid tray from fitting correctly so I disconnected the handbrake to allow me to reorientate them. From that point onwards everything took longer or wasn't straight forward. To be honest I should have given up earlier and called it a night. This evening I've managed to get the car back together, adjust the handbrake back to where it was and drive the car. First drive was about 400m as I couldn't get into 1st or 2nd without using the lift collar for reverse. In fairness from my numerous chats with Manuel we thought this may be the case. So to resolve that I sanded a bit of the reverse block reassembled and then drove it again. This time everything worked as it should, with the unexpected bonus of finding out just how good the gearshift can actually be. Every shift has a nice weight to it, every movement is doing exactly what it should be, I'm no longer rummaging around for a cog. Worth saying my car isn't a leggy car its only done just over 34k, the amount of play that I had in the shifter was awful. So this really has transformed the car for me. The biggest shame about this shifter is it does seem a shame to cover up the engineering with the centre console. That said if I were to leave it exposed I'd be constantly fiddling with the adjustments. Images and videos to follow
  4. Short answer for what it costs yes it is. And if you got someone willing to fit it then even better. It’s not a technically taxing job it’s just a PITA to do.
  5. Ok so my install hasn't gone particularly as smoothly as I'd like (certainly taken longer) however none of that so far has been the fault of the actual shifter. When I've stripped out the car I've discovered that my OE shifter cables are decidedly second hand with the outer plastic having cracked. I've subsequently spent a number of days researching cable thinking that there must be a cheaper solution to the After market versions. However whilst I could get a set of cables made up for c£100+vat it would be on me to make sure they are right. So I caved in and went the tried and tested route. Cables arrived today and after an hour or so they are now in the car. Just need to fit the R clips. Worth saying that I'm glad I'd brought a tiny spanner set for adjusting the soft top cables as the 5.5mm spanner was needed for the handbrake switch. I can select Reverse, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and probably 5th and 6th (but harder to test those inside the garage). I need now to fine tune the throw, and cross gate (decide how much shorter I want them to be) and set the lever neutral position so it slips into 3rd/4th naturally. First impressions are that everything is nice and smooth, however because of the tighter tolerances the shifter is made to and the fact it doesn't flex adjustment is probably more critical vs the OEM shifter. I've no doubt that once adjusted to my preferences it will be great. Will be having a fettle over the next few nights but I think I'll put the seats back in first to make it more comfortable.
  6. Mine arrived today. I’ve seen loads of photos of this as I’ve been talking with Manuel. However it’s had to appreciate all the details that go into this from photos. Hoping to to start the install this evening Once the kids are in bed Lee I’m based in Warwickshire if you want to see it in the flesh.
  7. Got to say I’m very much looking forward to UPS delivering this in a couple of days time (hopefully but frankly who knows with brexit how long it will actually take). It’s been great talking with Manuel over the last couple of months on the RHD version. He’s genuinely one of the nicest blokes I’ve dealt with.
  8. ok good to know. I assumed rightly or wrongly that they would snap shut.
  9. I hadn't found that guide (found similar). So the issue I have is, if you look at 5.3 it shows correct incorrect in the two images mine is lined up correctly but there is a gap between the metal clip and it isn't firmly closed so its not really doing much.
  10. That was going to be the next step. Every airbox I’ve opened before is pretty tight.
  11. FItted the TRD airbox last weekend. Happy with the results. However the clips all seem to be on the looser side. Filter seems clamped well enough. However the large engine side clip doesn't seem to be tight almost working loose. Is this normal? Feels like there should be an additional gasket to make the clips have a firmer feel when locked.
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