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  1. Got to say I’m very much looking forward to UPS delivering this in a couple of days time (hopefully but frankly who knows with brexit how long it will actually take). It’s been great talking with Manuel over the last couple of months on the RHD version. He’s genuinely one of the nicest blokes I’ve dealt with.
  2. ok good to know. I assumed rightly or wrongly that they would snap shut.
  3. I hadn't found that guide (found similar). So the issue I have is, if you look at 5.3 it shows correct incorrect in the two images mine is lined up correctly but there is a gap between the metal clip and it isn't firmly closed so its not really doing much.
  4. That was going to be the next step. Every airbox I’ve opened before is pretty tight.
  5. FItted the TRD airbox last weekend. Happy with the results. However the clips all seem to be on the looser side. Filter seems clamped well enough. However the large engine side clip doesn't seem to be tight almost working loose. Is this normal? Feels like there should be an additional gasket to make the clips have a firmer feel when locked.
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