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  1. No, not required at this point but thanks! Didn't mean to confuse the issue by mentioning the ECT sensor, just pointing out they seem to have similar resistance values. Definitely two different sensors. Although I have seen where some owners replaced the Esprit oil temp sensor with a commonly available and much cheaper coolant temp sensor, which looks physically identical. The question had come up whether the low cost alternatives are electrically compatible. So I think that's still a bit of an open question. Which might be useful to answer from the standpoint of parts cross-referencing.
  2. Awesome, thank you! Interestingly, and assuming the 95deg is F, those resistance values seem to track fairly close with the coolant temp sensor, as per the chart in the Code 15 fault diagnosis section of the service manual.
  3. Have been looking into the MY 98+ oil temp sensor, which is located in the oil sump drain plug. Realize this is an aged post but I was wondering if any additional info has turned up in the meantime, and I have a question. Specifically, given the lack of technical documentation, I am theorizing the oil temp sensor is in fact connected to the ECU and not directly to the dash tell tale lamp. Following is the thought process. That tell tale lamp serves 3 functions, it indicates: 1) low coolant level 2) high coolant temp 3) high oil temp If condition (1) occurs the lamp is lit solid ie no flashing. I believe the lamp is connected directly to the coolant level switch in the coolant reservoir, which could enable the steady lit indication by simply providing the path to ground (the lamp itself is supplied with 12v). If conditions (2) or (3) occur the lamp flashes. It seems very unlikely this could be enabled directly by a physical sensor/switch. But it could be enabled by the ECU logic where the ECU provides the ground path. The wring digrams show the coolant temp sensor is connected to the ECU. So it's most likely the oil temp sensor is connected to the ECU as well, and not directly to the tell tale lamp. The oil temp sensor could be a simple on/off switch or a variable resistance (thermistor) device. My question is does anyone know which it is? And if it's a thermistor what is the range of resistance values?
  4. I don't think the missing pins 6 and 14 are a drafting issue. They are a scanning issue...either the paper page was wrinkled when it was scanned or maybe a scanner glitch. There are many examples of this in the online manuals. Unfortunately, of course, the effect is the same 😖. I see that coolant temp is reported in the OBDII parameters and there are associated error codes. The MY 98+ Esprit's have an oil temp sensor located in the sump drain plug. Haven't seen that sensor shown on any wiring diagrams but I believe it is monitored by the ECU. Couple questions: 1) Has anyone seen a wiring diagram that includes this sensor? 2) Does anyone know if the oil temp reading is reported on any OBDII parameter, or if there are any associated failure codes?
  5. Wishing you all the best with your search. I haven't driven an Evora although I'd like to, I'm sure they are fantastic cars. But just to throw out a possible alternative have you considered a late model (relative term, production ended in 2004) Esprit? They are fairly roomy considering the design and particularly the V8 might help ease the transition from that Maserati. And the trunk space is surprisingly generous (again, relative term). The Esprit I can vouch for the driving experience, breathtaking is really no exaggeration, especially at the higher speeds. Just a thought. Again good luck and enjoy the search.
  6. Very happy to welcome aboard another Esprit owner. BTW do you have any pics?? 😁 (...hey, is there an endless loop EchoPlex playing in the background somewhere around here?)
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