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  1. Hi All, My usually reliable S1 Esprit has developed a leak from the water pump which now needs replacing, I can source a pump fairly easily but I've recently moved to Newark, Nottinghamshire and I'm looking for a reliable, knowedgable garage to fit it for me. ANyone have any recommendations? Cheers, SF
  2. Hi Chaps, Thanks for the views, I guess it's a case of horses for courses, my car although not completely original inside has the original chassis, engine & gearbox, I take the point re. the non-original parts but then again you can jump in my car, turn they key and it starts flawlessly, all the electrics work and it drives strong without hesitation with a decent gear change too! It sounds like it depends on what buyer will want from a car. I guess my S3 split rim compomotives are worth something and while not original you can buy a set of imitation Slot Mags from Image machined out of solid billet alloy for a bit over £1k in a width and offset to suit the S1, I'm not convinced that a set of rims from a Cortina would be the right width or offset for an S1?? From memory Ian's S1 had been re-trimmed in a biscuit coloured hide? Cheers, SF
  3. Hi Bibs, Thanks for the info., there's just such a lot of conflicting opinion around, I will of course put it up for sale here as I'd like it to go to a good home. I'm torn about selling it but I really want to restore my 1970 Europa and I can justify re-investing the proceeds of selling the S1 into restoring another Lotus, having said that I've been inspired by the Audi V8 engined Esprit so have sourced a nice low mileage 30v Audi V6 and 2wd transmission which is destined for the Europa so while I'll be sad at the departure of the S1 I've certainly got something interested to look forward to! On a related sales point is there much demand for S1's or is it a waiting game? Hi Simon, I was lost by your comment "would a dozen RHD be off the mark?" and was wondering what you meant? Cheers, SF
  4. Hi All, It may be the case that I need to sell my S1 Esprit as I have a S2 Europa that I want to restore, the problem is I have seen so much conflicting information about values that I'm really confused as to what I should reasonably ask for it! Hopefully this is where you guys come in as I'd like some views on what justifies a fair and reasonable price for sale (not insurance valuation). I like to think it's a decent car, always garaged only taxed and used 6 months of the year so currently has MOT but tucked away for the winter. about 55k miles, factory says black but looks midnight blue to me and no evidence of re-paint, 1978 S reg. but with what looks like a S2 front spoiler, on S3 split rim compomotive wheels with 60 profile tyres, bodywork is pretty good, some crazing in a few places but no chunks missing! Everything works, engine is good and strong as is gearbox, engine & gearbox are original, only upgrade is MSD ignition to help starting and smooth running (works excellently), plumbed in electrical fire extinguisher (just in case) but it doesn't overheat. Front brakes converted to vented discs & 4 pot calipers. Interior completely professionally re-trimmed in black leather and alcantara, inc. seats, dash, dash pod, tunnel, carpets, door cards etc, also re-trimmed around engine bay and had a vinyl rear compartment cover made as original. Modern head unit with iPod/USB connection (speakers in doors), Parrot Bluetooth car phone kit. New dashboard panel made (moulded carbon) and complete set of Smiths Telemetrix gauges fitted (6). LIke I said I like to think it's a decent car with a few minor concessions to the modern world! Always passed MOT's in my ownership with no problem. So my question is, if I were to sell what is a fair and reasonable asking price and apart from this forum where are good outlets to sell? Thanks for any help SF
  5. Hi Paul, I saw that one but it seemed to suggest it was only suitable for cars newer than 1978 so I thought it means S2 on, or was I mistaken? ANy other suggestions or offers greatly appreciated. Cheers, SF
  6. Hi All, My fuel gauge sender is apparently shot and I need a replacement, I'm told they are specific to the S1 model (S2 & S3 not the same) so I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction to find one or a compatable replacement? Cheers, SF
  7. Well thanks to Paul at least I know it's the original chassis and the original engine although it's defintiely a midnight blue! I guess I'll find it's worth what someone's willing to pay, nice car though, works really well but I have the Europa bug now! I'll let you all know how it goes. Cheers, SF
  8. Hi Guys, Thanks for all the advice, mine doesn't have an original interior although it didn't have one when I bought it, looked like the previous owner had re-trimmed it with the cheapest house carpet available! The re-trim I had done is of very high quality though and is a mix of Alcantara and Leather (black) which included carpets and dash etc. I do have the original gauges but pretty much all of them had failed so a new fascia was made and Smiths Telemetrix ones have been fitted which look really quite good. As far as I know it is the original engine/chassis combination and mechanically it's always been well looked after, the MSD ignition system transformed the engines smoothness and reliability, also fitted a plumbed in extinguisher (just in case), the only major modification was a vented disc/4 pot caliper uprade to the front and I replaced the glass fuse box for a modern blade version. The body is pretty decent and looks like it has never been painted, there are a few gel coat "crazes" but nothing major and everything electrical seems to work fine (even if the windows are a little slow). It's a late S1 (1978) and looks like it may have had the S2 front spoiler fitted. Certainly sounds like it's a case of pick a number and see if anyone is interested, I'll probably put it on PistonHeads and LEW to start and may give it a run on ebay just to gauge a response, watch this space .............. p.s. Only selling because I picked up a 1970 S2 Europa that I want to restore and I have a Lotus Sunbeam that needs it's restoration completing so I'm certainly not getting out of the Lotus scene Many thanks and any more comments / suggestions are certainly welcome! SF
  9. Hi All, Unfortunately it looks like I will be selling my S1 Esprit but I'm at a loss as to what value to put on it, It's in decent condition, midnight blue, good chassis, nicely re-trimmed, strong engine, MSD ignition, uprated front brakes, 3 piece compomotive wheels, clocks replaced with Smith's Telemetrix range in new dash fascia & well maintained. I've had a look through the for sale section but couldn't see anything that would give me a steer on value, does anyone know of any that have been sold recently or have any knowledge of current prices. Many thanks for ny help. SF
  10. Hi all, I was wondering if anyone knew if the S1 Esprit has some sort of microswitch which contacts when the pop up headlight is fully up? I ask as my S1 has developed an odd fault where when I put the lights on both headlights pop up as they should but the driver side one reaches full travel then closes right down before popping up again and staying up! It's almost like it's winking! Any advice much appreciated as always. Cheers, SF
  11. Hi All, The transcript of the inquest into Hammonds crash names Ben Collins as a contracted high performance driver/consultant to the show. I would guess that currently he is the main Stig but they occasionally have ringers for special events. Cheers, SF
  12. Maybe Max isn't anti McLaren per se but he is certainly anti Ron, they don't seem to get on at all, couple this with Bernie being pro Ferrari and McLaren have the odds stacked against them, hopefully when Ron retires he'll see fit to write his memoirs ..... it may not be a riveting read but it may be interesting! Cheers, Steven.
  13. Hi all, I guess the natural next question is will the good old Citroen gearbox cope with the extra few horses and extra torque from the 2.2L engine?? Cheers, Steven.
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