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  1. Need a new windshield. 05 elise. Anybody have experience with the Greg Race Parts Poly window?
  2. Update. Pulled the clamshell. 4 pin connector was fine. Power to the plug was fine. Have continuity through the fan,but 2.5 meg ohm of resistance so I think the fan/pack is shot. Did not have the time, parts, or facilities to investigate further. New question. The fuse for the door locks was blown. Replaced it. Doors locked ok, but fuse blew when trying to unlock. Central lock module or should I be looking else where for the problem
  3. O5 Elise in Honolulu. Been going to Velocity Audi for service. Since moving to new building the rates have gone out of the roof. They don't seem to be that good doing electrical, which are my main problems now. Any good independant shops on the island? Thanks
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