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  1. Cheers Gavin, no shots fired! Yeah Halfords can sometimes be useful😂🤷‍♂️
  2. I had this problem and described how to fix it in depth here: Most likely need your boot latch position adjusted with washers to make sure the arm on the end of the cable hits the latch accurately. You do NOT need to yank hard on the emergency release cable. (I keep seeing this being repeated on forums🙄). When you look at how it works you will see that it’s actually quite a delicate mechanism that just needs lining up correctly. Yanking or tugging on the cable will likely damage some part of the system and then you’ll be paying lots to fix it. Gavin’s advice is excellen
  3. Yep this was picked up on mine at last mot. Ive also fixed it by protecting with braided fuel line cable tied in just a case of monitoring and replacing fuel line as required...
  4. Cheers Paul, will check that might be my best option👍🏼
  5. Thanks Cocopops, That explains the C prefix then.👍 I found a post of yours on SELOC on the same subject from 2016, but couldn’t reply to it as it was archived. Did you ever find a touch up paint in C114? It sounds like a 3 stage/layer process, so how is that achieved in a little bottle of touch up paint?!🙄
  6. Hi everyone, I’m trying to buy some touch up paint for my car, to use before it has a polish and ceramic coat. It’s a 2014 Evora. According to the VIN plate AND confirmed by Andy Graham from the Lotus Archives, it is Solar Yellow C114. It’s a metallic colour. I did some digging and found that Solar Yellow is often given 2 different codes, B114 & C114. Some websites seem to think this is the same colour. So unable to find any C114, I bought some touch up paint in B114 from Hangar 111. However it is a solid colour and my car is definitely a metallic. Marianne at Hangar 1
  7. I can’t advise personally as I’m no expert, but give the chaps at Photonic Universe a bell...they were friendly and knowledgeable, so should be able to help. Happy customer here 👍
  8. So I’ve finally got the solar panel setup on the roof of the garage and all hooked up through a breaker and solar charge controller. I got all this stuff from Photonics Universe, they have a great range of stuff and a very helpful chap called Tom gave me advice on what to go for: As my garage roof is in dappled shade most of the time, I went for a German made 40w panel, which is probably oversized for the task, but will make sure I get a decent amount of current when the sun is on the panel. If your situation was in full sun, you could probably make
  9. So this how it looks with the diffuser back in place: And here it is with the cable from my solar charger connected: The great thing about this connector is the simplicity of it. It only lines up in one place so you can’t do it wrong, which is great as you can pop it on without having to get down on your hands and knees...AND the magnet actually switches it on inside the plug so it’s essentially dead when disconnected.👍🏼 Next post will be some solar panel fun, which hopefully will be useful for anyone away from the mains like me...
  10. I installed the Magcode with about a foot of spare cable. This allows the diffuser to be dropped and the connectors easily removed (just got to remember to tell that to any mechanics working on the car in future). It’s then routed up through a hole in the chassis structure, where the slack foot of cable neatly stows, then up into the left rear wheel arch. I protected the cables with the braiding and put some heat shrink sleeves on the ends to neaten it up. Then in through the grommet to the battery compartment where I connected my fuse carrier and hooked it all up to the bat
  11. Okay, time for an update. I now need to rig up a method of trickle charging the new battery. The car is in a garage with NO mains power, so I am going to use a solar panel setup on the roof...more on that later. First step is installing a Magcode connector on the outside of the car. I want to use this method as I don’t like the idea of having a cable being kinked in the boot lid (even though other people say there’s enough clearance in the rubber seal), I also have a car cover on most of the time, so don’t want that trapping the cable against the bodywork. So I read Chad’s (2011
  12. Watched it last night, very nice to see how well it performed at high speed on the autobahn👍🏼 I thought it was an interesting comment he made about how the Esprit was designed to be a GT car, whereas most Lotus cars now have become very track focused, or at least have a very hardcore variant of them. I’m looking forward to taking the Evora on some long road trips and seeing how it performs the role of GT car...surely that’s what it was designed for right?
  13. Glad people are finding this handy👍🏼 Mik, I can see the wear mark on your hammer just on the corner, where it is just catching your latch pin. Does your manual cable work okay? My whole issue was that that the manual cable tilted the mechanism (because it is attached to a higher point of the hammer lever) and the hammer slipped behind the latch pin. Out of interest, how many washers do you currently have per mounting bolt? And remember, if you do adjust it, make sure everything is aligned correctly and bolts tightened before you shut your boot (and the key is in your hand😳). Otherw
  14. Hmmm yes well I guess a 911 is the lazy, safe choice if you’re in the market for a sportscar...and you’re content to go with the crowd. Bet that salesman has never driven a Lotus! He really probably doesn’t care that you can tell the difference, there will be another customer through the door in 5 minutes anyway, so why bother debating the issue with you?!
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