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  1. Cheers plenty, that’s very useful👍🏼 Interestingly the pic at the bottom shows that owners cable a long way out like mine! Wonder if I should just give it a harder tug?...ooh err
  2. That sounds like a good idea👍🏼
  3. Hi Jonny, I used to live in Hythe, know the forest well. Cya around...
  4. Yep Evoras definitely aren’t anonymous...likewise, cya around! Getting my babycham and my Snowballs mixed up!
  5. Hi Dave, I think I spotted you going up Haven Road past the Harbour Heights Hotel last Saturday. Car looked great, everyone in the car with me said at the same time “Ooh look an Evora!”..I was heading for the ferry in my Smax (so you probably wouldn’t have noticed that lol, hangs head in shame) My Evora is Solar Yellow, it’s a bit hard to miss... Cheers Justin, You’ve just reminded me of the old Fosters Nope won’t put me off, loving the car, as a hardened Lotus owner you learn to deal with these problems and then marvel at how awesome the car is WHEN it
  6. Hi Justin, thx for your link on my other post. Are you a southern shandy drinker too? You sound like you know Bournemouth....
  7. Thanks Jep, think I’ll try Bruss’ suggestion from that post tomorrow, just going to have to clamber over into the passenger side from the one door I can open....what a palaver!
  8. So my Evora has a flat battery. My fault (not driven it enough). It’s parked in a garage with no mains supply, (I am looking into a solar panel for the roof but haven’t got one yet... ). No problem, I’ll just get the boot open and put my boost pack on it. It is parked in my garage nose first, tight up against the left wall so I can swing the drivers door open. So I sent my skinny son down the left hand side of the car to the only keyhole on the car...he could get the door open 3”, so we fashioned a hook on the end of an extendable ruler and he reached inside the car to pull the drivers
  9. Hi all, I’ve been a an S1 Elise owner for 7 years and was fairly active on SELOC. But then as I did research on buying an Evora, I found TLF and discovered it had soooo much more Evora content. I found out a lot from here in the last year and finally bought an Evora S Sports Racer. Thanks for all the info on here...I have been lurking and reading a lot. It has been very much appreciated. I was watching SOUP classic motoring on YouTube where he is restoring an S1 Esprit. Met Bibs on there in an interview and that’s how I discovered TLF. Anyways, I have a flat battery and nee
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