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  1. 5 minutes ago, 62dave said:

    Ah yes that was me! I feel your pain driving around in the S max. I often drive my wife’s Vw Troc.. takes me a while to acclimatise to driving something anonymous!

    I love Solar Yellow - especially with the sports racer black pack. Will keep an eye out!

    Yep Evoras definitely aren’t anonymous...likewise, cya around!

    7 minutes ago, jep said:

    This thread is quickly going off-topic.


    Getting my babycham and my Snowballs mixed up!


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  2. 23 minutes ago, 62dave said:

    I’m in Poole and have an Evora too (white 400 16 plate). What colour is your sport racer? Will keep an eye out for you!

    (side note - I locked my keys in the boot of my old sports racer when I was 150 miles away from home and the spare key.. boot release cable didn’t work for me either so had to do the 300 miles round trip to get the spare!..)

    Hi Dave,

    I think I spotted you going up Haven Road past the Harbour Heights Hotel last Saturday. Car looked great, everyone in the car with me said at the same time “Ooh look an Evora!”..I was heading for the ferry in my Smax (so you probably wouldn’t have noticed that lol, hangs head in shame)

    My Evora is Solar Yellow, it’s a bit hard to miss...

    13 minutes ago, jep said:


    I grew up in Poole but now in Surrey. Southern all the way, Babycham more like.

    Good luck with your battery issue. Don't let it put you off, I am sure it won't. 


    Cheers Justin,

    You’ve just reminded me of the old Fosters

    Nope won’t put me off, loving the car, as a hardened Lotus owner you learn to deal with these problems and then marvel at how awesome the car is WHEN it actually runs! Lol

  3. So my Evora has a flat battery.
    My fault (not driven it enough). It’s parked in a garage with no mains supply, (I am looking into a solar panel for the roof but haven’t got one yet...tsk.gif ).
    No problem, I’ll just get the boot open and put my boost pack on it.up.gif 

    It is parked in my garage nose first, tight up against the left wall so I can swing the drivers door open.
    So I sent my skinny son down the left hand side of the car to the only keyhole on the car...he could get the door open 3”, so we fashioned a hook on the end of an extendable ruler and he reached inside the car to pull the drivers door handle. Great! We’re in!

    Took the back seat cushion up and pulled the emergency boot release cable. It came out of it’s sheath about 4” and then no further movement. I read online that you have to pull hard at 90 deg to the car i.e. across the car, but this was absolutely solid at it’s full extension and felt like I was going to break something. I could push the cable back in it’s sheath and back out and hear something moving in the latch of the boot. But this cable is clearly not connected to anything in the boot, so I’m glad I didn’t force it 

    Right, I’ll have to charge it through a cigarette lighter socket. Handbook says that the cabin ones are active with the ignition in position 1 & 2, great!
    Got on amazon and ordered a cigarette lighter adaptor for my Ctek battery charger.
    Two days later, fired up my petrol generator at the garage, plugged the Ctek in with ignition at 1....nothing, no charge being delivered, nothing with ignition at 2.
    Tried plugging the Ctek into my son’s Fiesta cigarette socket and it works fine. So there is nothing wrong with the generator, Ctek or adaptor cables etc.
    My guess is the battery is soooo flat that the Ctek can’t even “see” it so won’t start charging.wall.gif 

    This story took a week to unfold...blink.gif 

    So watt now TLF? I am currently sat at ohm grumpy and just want to go for a drivebrum.gif I’m resisting the urge to smash something into the ground. I need a boost to my morale to liven things up! 
    How do I get in my boot?!

  4. Hi all,

    I’ve been a an S1 Elise owner for 7 years and was fairly active on SELOC.

    But then as I did research on buying an Evora, I found TLF and discovered it had soooo much more Evora content. I found out a lot from here in the last year and finally bought an Evora S Sports Racer. Thanks for all the info on here...I have been lurking and reading a lot. It has been very much appreciated.

    I was watching SOUP classic motoring on YouTube where he is restoring an S1 Esprit. Met Bibs on there in an interview and that’s how I discovered TLF.

    Anyways, I have a flat battery and need some help, please see my separate post in the Evora section. I know this is a crappy way to introduce myself (when I need help)...sorry about that, but like I said, I’ve always been a bit of a lurker, it took me 9 years on SELOC to rack up 289 posts!

    All the best to everyone for 2020

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