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  1. What tyres are owners recommending for V6S Cup, currently Trofeo R fitted but Pirelli have informed me that they are no longer manufacturing the fronts, Cup2 seem to be practically impossible to get hold off at the moment, recommendations? Mainly road use with the odd track day
  2. Did the TD with my old Trofeo and just had the new ones fitted to the rear. Regarding heat cycle, any advice of a way of doing this on normal roads, ie country roads / mway? How long for etc
  3. That's what i was thinking, hopefully it will be dry
  4. Taking the Cup on track for the my first time. I'm after some advice re tyres, Trofeo R's fitted, the rears are down to 2mm, I have available a new pair of rears that I can have fitted if needed, would I be better fitting the new rears or using the existing rear for the trackday? Note, the trackday is a track evening so runs will be a lot less than if it were all day Also what pressures should I be looking at on track?
  5. I thought that the pewter Cup (No.13) was a standard car from an engine perspective? no Komotec upgrade etc The white Cup up for sale with WillB has a Komotec upgrade
  6. Currently have Trofeo R fitted, I’m after tyres for predominantly road use, I may do 1 or 2 track days a year. Can any Cup owners provide a recommendation?? Obviously nitron suspension was ‘tuned’ by Lotus for the Trofeo tyre. Cant fault the Trofeo R, found then good in dry and damp, wear rate not great, but price is silly money for a car that will spend most of its life on the road, so Cup2? AD08? PS4?
  7. Xav, I’ve taken another look, removed the battery and undid the relay/fuse panel to see behind it. I thought that the connector may have gone into the back of the relay/fuse panel but from what I can see there are no connectors on the back of the relay/fuse panel. I’ve had a look all around that area and can’t find any other connectors that this connector would plug into. The attached pic shows the cable above my finger, it’s going into a loom that is running towards the engine bay / rear bulkhead. The loose connector is out of shot but it’s at the bottom of the pic.
  8. I will take a look at the weekend and see if I can trace where it’s from, I suspect that the connector goes into the back of the panel with the relays
  9. I’ve posted in the interior/exterior/lights a question regarding a wiring connector that may/may not be specific to V6 S Cup owners, appreciate any help if someone could take a look at their battery area
  10. Had an issue with my CTEK charger which meant I removed the battery for testing, charger is to be replaced under warranty. My question is when I removed the battery I found an unattached wire with a connector fitted and I don’t know where/if this should be connected. The connector is black with two black wires, one wire has a purple sleeve on it, everything appears to work on the car, any ideas????
  11. I will ask the question again as it was hijacked 😀 Out of curiosity does anyone know how many V6 Cups & Cup R were put together by the Motorsport division?
  12. Out of curiosity does anyone know how many V6 Cups & Cup R were put together by the Motorsport division?
  13. The cup could do with a couple of rear tyres, where is the best place for buying Trofeo R?
  14. I have noticed that the 350’s have front mudguards on the wheel arches, does anyone know if these offer any protection to the paint on the sills??
  15. That’s been for sale for a good few months, the V6S production did stop around 15/16, also note the it has club racer seats
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