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  1. I've driven 3x 4C's as I was seriously thinking of buying one a couple of years ago, even one that had been owned by Gordon Murray, I haven't driven a spider. The 4C is a modern version of an Elise but dynamically not as good, the 4C is a bit easier to enter/exit but refinement is p*** poor, the carbon does nothing for the NVH. I have an Exige V6 Cup, and the noise in a 4C I would say is louder and not as pleasant sounding as the V6. If you buy one you must get the Alfaworks suspension kit developed by Jamie Porter, without that the car will try and throw you off the road and kill you as they react to every road imperfection, camber, road surface etc they are seriously bad in standard form, require full concentration at all times and both hands on the wheel, I would not be comfortable driving at high speed, they really are that bad. I'm an Alfa nut, had 3 but I decided against the 4C due to the above as I didn't find them an enjoyable drive, I love the look of the 4C, the idea of carbon, the rareness but there are very few positives, there's a big difference between a 4C and Evora.
  2. Hi all, I will be the new owner of Cup 078, deposit paid just waiting on registration paperwork, phenomenal drive
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