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  1. I realized after buying my 88 Esprit Turbo that I was missing keys. I was given two sets, each with a key with the black plastic and a small key (which I presumed was the glovebox). I realized a week after getting it home that the large key only worked for the ignition, not the door locks, and that the glovebox key fit bit didn’t work. So, originally the car came with an ignition key, a door lock key and a glovebox key. Has flaps are opened from inside as is the boot/engine compartment hatch. i contacted lotus corporate and they were able to give me two codes based on my VIN. I’m not sure if they found one for the glovebox key. Anyway, I was told I could give this info to a local (stateside) dealership and get duplicates. We’ll see if it works. There’s always the chance the barrels were replaced by a previous owner. It is a bit worrisome. I find it hard to believe someone who wasn’t able to keep track of a set a keys (wait, two sets) had the wherewithal to adequately maintain and care for a car like this!
  2. SCCFC20A0JHF62314 1988 esprit turbo 40th anniversary commemorative edition (54 of 84) Eric / Madison, Wisconsin USA
  3. Looking for an owners manual--NOT the service manual. I can't find anything online, not even a mention of one. There must be something to which I can refer and quickly find general information on general operating procedure, location of controls, etc., and general maintenance. I have a 1000+ page service manual but it takes considerably longer to wade through. I'd be happy to trade a PDF or original CD containing the service manual for a PDF of your owners manual. Or I'd be happy to pay for shipping if you'd be willing to send me your manual so that I could scan it and return it. Or maybe even buy it from you. Whatever works best for you. Thanks!
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