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  1. I saw a handful of exiges in Milton Keynes today - yellow exige reg ‘RW Lotus’ and a I think a Red Exige 350 plus maybe a navy Blue one...! Not sure if there was a meet but I live in MK so if it’s a local meet of owners, drop me a line - would like to get to know local Lotus nutters! I was on the A5 I. My Blue 35O coupe (softop converted). Andrew
  2. I would like a pair when you are taking orders
  3. Thanks all... it’s great.. I have already ordered some side canards from alias 123 and next thing is to sort a soft top conversion... Lotus Silverstone were amazing.... go see Aimee if you could be tempted to change your car...
  4. Hi - after a few years of other brands I’m back in a Lotus and really pleased about it... Looking forward to some summer driving! Andrew
  5. Of course I’ve seen that vid - It’s a great car (410) but at that price point you are up against so many other cars.... (used R8, 911, F-Type, GTR, Merc AMG then cheaper stuff like new Celica, Cayman T, BMW 840.... situations where you will literally have £30k leftover.....) and then when you see the same exiges for sale for becomes a brave decision. I’m sorry to labour the point, but they are too expensive and not enough people are buying... I am certain there will an adjustment on exige used values because dealers won’t want to buy used stock at the higher prices because they won’t want to take the risk of holding the stock for a prolonged period. Bell and Coalville have 2 x 430s @ £93k each - that’s at least £170k of stocking finance at probably £1000 per month for both... they also have 2x 380’s owing them £120k... and, and, and. If the price points were lower, the PCP pricing would work.... and the cars would move. To reduce my risk I’ve bought a 350 (picking up Thurs) - bell and Coalville have the exact same spec (Elise blue new shape front bumper - ex demo) for sale at £55,995 - it has been for sale since Feb so far and remains unsold even with the sun shining... that car should be £49k and then it would sell.... because the PCP would be £10k down and £499per month and not £10k down and £650 per month... I should say again, I love Lotus and I want the situation to be fixed!
  6. To the point about lots of deals on new.... I spoke to 5 dealers from Scotland to the South East and most were willing to do a massive deal off list...BUT that was effectively giving ALL of their margin... the saving was not coming from Lotus. This will not work in the long term as the dealers don’t do the volumes... and they need to make money on an £70k+ asset...You will see that they do 50:50 on 0% apr - this significantly reduces their margin (as they have to subidise it) and so if you want that deal, they can’t do as good a deal on the OTR price. It was better for me to take 4.9% apr than the 0%. On new cars, there is an £1800 first yr tax charge - in essence a massive waste of money and its due on every exige inc 350 (due to emissions value) ...hence why I went for a pre-reg. My overarching point is that the cars are not selling unless the dealers take a massive hair cut on the selling price... which tells me they are too expensive for the uk market. In my opinion, the 350 is a £55k car, the 410 is a £65k car and the 430 is a £75k car - Finally, you should NOT have to spend £10k on options... paint, a/c, radio, cruise, sound proofing, mats, alcantara/leather seats should all be standard - very few manufacturers get away with optioning such essentials these days. I really hope Lotus are listening to these threads....
  7. Just to add my view as I was in exactly the same place - I sold my 911 cab to Silverstone Porsche last week and was really open minded (and part ex free) about which Exige to buy... I Really wanted a 410 or 430 but I couldn’t justify the price and was really worried about taking a massive hit on depreciation - I’ve been watching exiges for 6-months - we are talking daily autotrader scans.... nothing is really selling and my view is that ALL Exiges are over priced. The dealers have overpaid for their used stock and they are all holding for prices to recover their positions, not allowing the market to price the cars. The reality is that most people buy on finance and so I think test drives are being done, but the figures are too high (due to residuals).... or people just can’t justify the prices. A 16-plate 350 is worth £44k tips with low mileage, yet dealers are holding out for £47-49k for months... Also, I don’t get why new 350’s are £65k+ - the price point is too high. I could have bought any of the exiges but I went for a pre-reg 350 from silverstone - it was £21k lower than the next best priced 410 I found and £37k less than the best priced used 430(Bell and Coalville). I just couldn’t justify the extra cost between these models - it is way too much .... and I should say that I love lotus and this will be my 5th. In summary, I think the market must be heading for an adjustment because I can’t believe that Lotus dealers are making enough money - they are not moving their stock quickly enough and new registrations are low. This is a problem because none of us want the dealers to go bust or worse, lotus to go...
  8. Milton Keynes based lotus fan
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