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  1. Someone bagged a bargain HERE
  2. It's rare to see one Esprit in an auction, but there are three for sale in this month's CCA Auction A pretty good condition S3 has a guide price of £14 to £18k which sounds like a bargain.
  3. Just to add to what Barry mentioned......ebay is great for low volume and low delivery cost of fixings (particularly stainless steel)
  4. I keep seeing this e.g. 1988 M.Y cars. It's clearly so obvious, that no one seems to feel the need to explain what it is?
  5. It certain was the Rebellion....never new it was so populated by Esprit owners. Tim, I think the difference was the members nights gets about 800 pissed middle aged men talking bollocks and in need of a distraction.
  6. As some of you know, I'm pretty new to the Esprit thing...... so I was unprepared for the reaction its gets. Two weeks ago I was at my local micro brewery members night with a mate. I was driving, so we took the Esprit and parked up. We only had the one pint and we went to leave around 8.30, just as it was getting dark. We turned the corner to walk towards the car only to find about 15 half cut men standing around and near it with pints in their hands. As it became clear that we were the ones getting into the car, there was general hubub and light hearted cheer of ooohhs and weyhays. At which point my mate received further laughter when, in sign language, he pointed out 'that I must have a small tinker'. This all grabbed the attention of a further dozen or so merry people who turned to see what the excitement was about. We got into the car, turned the ignition....and with the help of a performance exhaust, it roared into life. The previous light cheers was turned up in volume quit considerably as more people joined in. Strangely, there was then an eerie silence and everyone stared at me...... I started to sweat a little as I knew every person in the crowd was willing me to stall the car as I moved off. To buy a few seconds and since it was getting dark, I searched for the headlight button and turned on the headlights.....up they popped to the shear delight of the crowd, now numbering about 40 people. In amongst the even louder cheers someone screamed 'its even got pop up lights. Respect' as he and his mates held up there pints in a salute as I drove by with a new found confidence. We laughed so hard all the way home. Completely true story.
  7. Isn't the standard HC N/A car around 175HP, therefore a 15% increase would put it around the 200+HP Andy mentions
  8. Thanks Andy, appreciate that.....perhaps maybe 80/20
  9. Many thanks for the input guys. I think I am currently sitting at 60/40 in favour of doing this.
  10. I'm thinking of getting my engine (1988 2.2 HC N/A 63,000 miles and currently generating 143hp at the flywheel) professionally reconditioned this winter. I've spoken to Mike at Lotusbits and Steve Williams Lotus, but I still have a bit of a dilemma. I'm thinking a standard rebuild will hopefully get the engine nearer 170hp (right?). So the dilemma it also worth getting the cylinder head ported while the engine is out? Its a pricey additional thing to get done and I know it needs a new inlet manifold to go with it. So I wondered if anyone had any opinions or first hand experience of getting this done.....or even what sort of performance gains they experienced? If its 10-15hp improvement, I probably would not bother.....but if it is +20hp, then perhaps its worth it?
  11. Great post James, welcome to the forum. I'm a newbie myself and found it invaluable. In a short space of time I've been truly amazed at members enthusiasm for the Esprit and assisting others in keeping them going.
  12. Just some novice/stupid questions: Question 1: If for example, it is 10° 'static' timing and 16° 'centrifugal advance at 3000rpm....... when looking at the flywheel, are these two numbers added together to give a total advance of 26°? Question 2: How/where is this adjusted if its not correct? Question 3: I keep seeing reference to the T.I.V in the Service Notes......what does this stand for?
  13. Just by way of an update to this story and hopefully a happy conclusion. I found there was no -ve supply coming back from the distributor and went in search of the AB14 Ignition Amplifier. Could not find it anywhere, so contacted the previous owner who is being extremely helpful. Turns out the the AB14 was replaced in favour of an Electronic Distributor which has the electronic ignition incorporated inside it. The lack of a -ve coming back from this suggests it is faulty and the previous owner is sending a replacement. By the way, I purchased one of these Power Circuit Testers....brilliant. Thanks for everyone for all your help.
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