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  1. I have the paper 'Service Note' manual for this year and it is without doubt the bible for these cars. Unfortunately, I can't part with it, but I got mine from South West Lotus Centre for around £80. Not that I would have bought one, but there seems to be cheaper (probably pirate copies) service note manuals on ebay for all the other Esprits, but not the 1988 x180. If there are a handful of pages/sections you need, I'd be happy to scan and email them to you.
  2. Hello Pete, to be honest, I have not had to get under the car since I took this photo. I had hoped to crack on with refurbishing the rear suspension, but have been pottering with other things and not yet got around to it yet. I was really please with it, only two things to remember: Set the lifter so it lifts on the overlapping join between the sill and the floor pan. This is where the strength is. Get some long axle stands to transfer some of the weight once lifted. I bought Sealey AS3000 Axle Stands
  3. Thanks for the response Atwell, I'm not sure, but have attached a photo of the seal.
  4. I have an 1989 X180 and I get a sort of crackling noise in the cabin whilst driving. It seems to come from the glass roof, but I wondered if anyone had found a solution to it?
  5. If you can't dehumidify or concerned about electricity costs, then the next best thing is good ventilation. I large vent on two opposing walls, allows natural through air ventilation. If you think about it, by and large, that's what a cocoon is doing.
  6. It's rare to see one Esprit in an auction, but there are three for sale in this month's CCA Auction A pretty good condition S3 has a guide price of £14 to £18k which sounds like a bargain.
  7. Just to add to what Barry mentioned......ebay is great for low volume and low delivery cost of fixings (particularly stainless steel)
  8. I keep seeing this e.g. 1988 M.Y cars. It's clearly so obvious, that no one seems to feel the need to explain what it is?
  9. It certain was the Rebellion....never new it was so populated by Esprit owners. Tim, I think the difference was the members nights gets about 800 pissed middle aged men talking bollocks and in need of a distraction.
  10. As some of you know, I'm pretty new to the Esprit thing...... so I was unprepared for the reaction its gets. Two weeks ago I was at my local micro brewery members night with a mate. I was driving, so we took the Esprit and parked up. We only had the one pint and we went to leave around 8.30, just as it was getting dark. We turned the corner to walk towards the car only to find about 15 half cut men standing around and near it with pints in their hands. As it became clear that we were the ones getting into the car, there was general hubub and light hearted cheer of ooohhs and weyhays
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