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  1. ....and the three Space Shuttles also in the background.
  2. Thanks Stuart, its a good exchange of views....definitely not arsey. In fact I need to be careful not come across as a 'know it all'..... I am absolutely not. I'm going to dig around for some better images of the body structure with the sill removed, so I can confirm (or otherwise) what I say next. The lifter actually lifts on the join between the sill and the floor the point where the floor pan angles vertically upwards about 6 inches. Thus providing body rigidity, but also supporting the sill. The photo below is an S1 without the sill, so I need to find a similar photo of an X180. Additionally, the rear part of the lifter is almost on the rear jacking point and front weight is taken on the wheels (although I noted from Andy's photos, he is balancing the whole car on the lifter). Finally, I think you are also right to suggest the weight is being spread across a number of points. Let the story continue.
  3. Hi Chris, would love to meet up in September sometime. How about sometime in the weekend 21st/22nd?

    Out of interest, do you attend any of the Club Lotus meetings (I think they met at Knowl Hill every 2nd Monday)?

    1. Chris Onelevenr

      Chris Onelevenr


      I go on hols 18/9. Was not aware of the Club Lotus meeting - not a member. Do you go?

    2. Peter H.

      Peter H.

      I am a recent member, but not attended any meeting yet. Plan to go to the next one on the 9th Sept.

      The next weekend I'm free is the 5th/6th Oct, but have plant evenings free before that? 

  4. SCC085912JHD13195 1988 Esprit N/A Monaco White (grey interior). One of two cars with this combination. Peter Hunter, Cookham (near Maidenhead)
  5. Between me and Andy (see earlier post), I'm sure we will report back if there are any catastrophes. Andy may pitch in on how long he has been using his lifter. I am still planning to transfer some of the weight to axle stands before working on the car. I'm certainly not making any form of recommendation to use a tilting lifter as it does not use the official jacking points, but for a home garage, there were number of reasons I went for this option: It can slide under an Esprit without the need to drive onto ramps/planks (every scissor lifter except this one and the QuickJack needed these) At 80kg, its properly portable, all the other options (other than Quickjack) were around 400kg and in my mind, permanent fixtures on the garage floor. A lifting height of 585mm and when tilted, the rear of the chassis is at 800mm. (the Quickjack can only lift level at around 430mm. That said, some of the more permanent lifters like THIS can lift up to 1.2m) It leaves clear access to the under engine panel. Looking at the jacking point positions, I don't think any of the other scissor lift options allowed this. Its easy to store away or hang on the side of the garage. Cost ....£400 verses £1000+ for any other option.
  6. It works..... I bit the bullet and followed Andy's lead and bought a Automotech Tilting Lift AS-0901/1 (£406 inc. VAT & delivery). Really impressed so far, the car seems rock solid and no sign of any stress. The lifter slid under the car with about 20mm to spare. I used some rubber matting (from Halfords) as further cushion. Its lifts the car under a minute and to a height where the rear chassis jacking points (just below the gearbox) are 800mm from the ground. My SDS drill was not strong enough, so I had to wind the first bit by hand and once its past the first few inches the drill managed it fine. I'm going to buy two long axle stands to transfer some of the weight onto (as recommended in the instructions). The engine shield (not sure of the correct term!) is fully accessible and can be removed.
  7. Many thanks Atwell, everything I need. Really appreciate it.
  8. Hi folks, just wondered if anyone has found a good solution to the blistering of the black film on the inside of the rear quarter windows:
  9. Also, thanks Gavin. My thinking exactly......I'd have loved an S1,2,3....but for the condition I wanted, I gave up trying to find one within my budget. I'm really please with my purchase, I can't believe the how it turns heads!
  10. Thanks Chris, I had the car dyno tested last week and it record 144hp. The quoted hp of an x180 NA is 172hp I believe, so its a fair bit short of that even without modification. The next check is a compression test, but I am in no rush to improve performance. I priced in an engine recondition at some point in the next few years. I'd be interested in reading more about the pros/cons of switching an NA to an ECU.....and perhaps what is involve. If you know of any posts, please let me know.
  11. Just bumping this thread ....... specifically Andy's post regarding his 'tilting lift'. He does not seem to have any problem lifting his Esprit by the sills.....does anyone have any other thoughts on this.
  12. I wondered if there are any views on taking the weight of the car on the sills and not the jacking points?
  13. Thanks Andy, I looked at these previously, but ruled it out as it seemed you would have to jack an Esprit up a little just to slide the lifter into position?
  14. Refrigerant gases are much more regulated in the EU and to purchase nearly all gases you need an FGAS certificate. You can't even get r134a without one, hence my curiosity around these refill kits that appear to not to required a certificate. The gas you mention contains propane and therefore there is a fire/explosion risk. I'd be really surprised, despite it's environmental credentials,if it was readily available here. Happy to stand corrected. ......just reading further on the gas you mention, it does sound like a drop in replacement for R12
  15. I understand that the refills I mentioned are a compatible gas, not actually r134a itself. According to the manufacturer the gas is a natural Hydrocarbon non HCFC/HFC......and not harmful to the environment. It sounds to good to be true, so I'm guessing there might be some small print I've missed.
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