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  1. Late to the party I know , just found this thread... I’m Basingstoke based and up for a Social distance meet-up.. my neighbours just bought a caterham 620R (GIT!) can be come too? We could sit him in the corner 😜


    look forward to meeting up. 

  2. I don’t run my HT with the front panel, it serveS no purpose but to obstruct the view for us taller folk 😂 the main side bolts secure the roof. 

    to be fair I’ve taken my ht off again as I’ve been enjoying the odd day roofless when it’s not raining 👍

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  3. id really like to make one of these meet ups but timing is never great, I missed last nights due to being in Switzerland and next month (15th oct) is my wife's birthday.. im not sure id get away with missing that :)


    ill make it next time :)

  4. Thanks for the quick responses guys, 


    It’s a sport (red) version of the std one (part 3) it’s not the sports filter for trd box .. they came back and said lotus have recommended against fitting the TRD on my car (2019 cup 250) as they have seen a few engine management issues after fitting them. 

    They have offered a sports red one for 15% off so £144 fitted . I assume it’s a pig to fit anyways due to wheel liner out and the air box clips ? 


    Attached is what he sent to indicate part





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