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  1. I'll be taking a rain check I'm afraid but enjoy. Soft top or Hard top? What about a canoe !!!
  2. I hate to think whats happening to Non-Priority customers?
  3. Also done, allowed me to get a few bugbears of my chest. I feel sorry for the poor robot that has to read my rantings on pot holes and lycra clad suicidal cyclists considering they only want to know about speed limits.
  4. Hi Bibs, Yes the white S1 is mine, Thanks for the compliment as its been a lot of work to get it this far and I have a few bits still to do (it was a bit of a state when I got hold of it- there's a few piccs in my gallery of the work) and it's even better under the skin but the best thing is how it drives now, . It's pretty much like new in many areas but not to good to still thrash the pants of it on B-roads (within the Law of course) Sorry Kev, just realised I called you Keith, predictive text and not paying attention is my excuse, at least I didn't end up calling dave, dad๐Ÿ˜ Tony
  5. Wow, I am a bit lost for words. Fantastic day, very well organised from what I could tell, a big thanks to all of the team involved. And of course Henry P & Pat H for allowing this to happen(Owners/Operators of Thruxton) not that there gonna read this. Even the weather played ball. It's grown a lot from its 1st year and will no doubt be even bigger and better next year. The highlights for me : 1st look at the Emira, even more stunning in the flesh and comfy too. (I Think my Elise got Jeleous, Its Stack unit steamed up on the way home!) Cars, Cars and more cars, great to not only see so many lotus from various clubs but also a real variety of other interesting cars. The best of all was meeting some genuinely nice, interesting people and to put some faces to the names on here (sorry didn't get to meet you bibs but, nice car and thanks for all you do for us Lotus fanatics) Sorry I missed you Keith and Dave (+Kenny?) But meeting Deans lovely wife Amy (I believe - terrible with names) more than made up for it.๐Ÿ˜‰ I think this will be a regular for the calendar. Hopefully with even more cars/owners next year.
  6. I think kev did quite a good job by himself. Although nothing a bit of P40 can't fix I'm sure. Fantastic day at bicester heritage today, saw 2 Lotus, excel for restoration and a gorgeous 26R being race prepped. Definitely an interesting place for any petrol head lots going on there but I get the sense it's all well beyond my budget.
  7. Hope all got back OK with the road works. Had to pull in for an ambulance with blue lights, sobering, But had a great cross country drive back just a shame too many people don't seem understand dipping their lights. Just curious, Is Drift in an instruction on how to enter their carpark? ๐Ÿ˜‰ Probably see a few of you at this Thruxton thing in a couple of weeks, in the meantime have fun and try not to get cooked.
  8. Goat ๐Ÿ tonight then, I've even washed the elise.
  9. Hi Paul glad to hear it's probably sorted, just to chuck my tuppence worth in. The chassis has a horizontal ledge running transversely below the expansion tank, it could easily run onto this, across the car and out the otherside.
  10. I'm up for anything, anytime, anywhere๐Ÿ˜œ (so long as it's nearby, has toilet facilities and isn't too loud). just need to get through the MOT first, luckily it's only the car cause there's no way I would pass. In all seriousness mayfly Is a good choice, and 16th is fine. But I'm easy.
  11. I concure, most likely a pipe or clip from position although it's impossible to tell properly from the pic. It sounds very unlikely to be HGF from symptoms. But just for information I have suffered coolant loss from waterpump failure (water pissing out of bottom of timing cover) and Inlet manifold gasket (water on back of undertray after running down back of engine). The jubilee clips do go, I regularly check mine but found some quite loose when I got the car (fully serviced by specialists). I don't fill my header tank to full, it just empties itself as it is designed to have a certain volume. Just about the min mark is were mine seems happiest. Best of luck and keep us posted as to what you find
  12. For the next phase I'm going to use our old diving cylinder, and then just need to mount a button on the gear knob.๐Ÿ˜‰
  13. For those that struggle getting in and out of low sports cars, we thought this might make it easier. I am not sure it reduces side crash protection or even if it will make the rain leaks any worse. Maybe reducing weight has gone too far!!!
  14. Sounds good to me, and some decent weather at last.
  15. Good job I checked I thought it was Tuesday, Doh!!! Also hoping to be there 6 ish
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