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  1. Is that supposed to be subliminal messaging, or may be the words I CAN'T fell off. 😄
  2. The new forest meets we did before were good, could meet at same place. Could be wrong but I believe that 30 people can meet outside at the moment, so there would be no limit. Only problem is the weather, I don't fancy sitting out in the rain much. If there is going to be a nice spell again does any else fancy it?
  3. Just seen the post, Paul please tell me this is NOT giving you ideas !!!
  4. Hi chaps, Finally got the Elise of the blocks and back on its wheels and then MOT'd today. Just looking at the rain wondering if its worth taxing it for whats left of the month. Bloody great driving it again, been far too long (although I may of accidently test driven it a couple of times) the mystery noise seems to have disappeared it seems i probably guessed right with the wheel bearing. Might have to chuck some pics up when I'm on my other machine so you guys can behold the shinyness of the front hub refurb. Its a shame no one will ever see it and its probably already coated in all kinds of farm animal products. Missed a couple of get togethers and lost the plot a bit regarding where / when next etc. Can Someone fill me in please ?
  5. I would 2nd Sue Miller she is very nice and helpful, I would also add tony thompson racing. Kelvedon and Paul Matty are also good.
  6. Highly recomend Bagshot radiator services, old boy working in a shed, seemed to me that what he doesn't know about radiators probably isn't worth knowing. Recond an old elan S4 rad and added a thicker core, completely cured overheating issues.
  7. Unfortunately I cant make this one, having jab #2, so gonna take it easy. Have a great night chaps hopefully see U at next one. Been spending some hands on time with a gorgeous 24yr old. BEWARE DIRTY PICTURE BELOW, for those that like that sort of thing. Need less to say the bearings didn't make it out alive !!!!!!! (front hubs and dead bearings, I had been wondering what that noise was)
  8. Kenny, glad to hear your through it. My old man had similar side effects to you from the first jab but nothing at all from the second.
  9. Could well be, especially with various capital owners. Nothing to do with us guv, they were like that when we found it.
  10. Just to throw in a bit of extra confusion. Rover K series is supposedly non E10 compatible, (Lotus state they haven't tested it) but on gov website all Landrovers are compliant, surely this includes the freelander with k-series???
  11. Just found this online thought it may interest a few its at Thruxton, its free and don't need to be a member but you have to book tickets due to covid. Already booked mine.
  12. Great night last night!!! Good to see those that could and missed those that couldn't. And cheers dave👍 Hope all is well with you Kenny. I've known a few to feel quite grim so right decision to take it easy and let the body do its stuff, everyone's felt right as rain in a day or so. Cheers for the nice remarks on the elan but its amazing how things can look great after a pint at night in a pub carpark! Its only when you wake up the next day that the real horror of the night before is realised, Luckily it still looks just as gorgeous 😍 Great following the snatch back to Stockbridge, felt as if I had my own personal battering ram. Already looking forward to getting out again.
  13. If only they had realised they could increase efficiencies by sacking themselves. Ive also noticed HR never downsize their own departments.
  14. Anything will taste sweeeeeet! I shall be looking forward to that, looks like the weathers warming as well so you may not need your skiing gear after all Kev. Looks like I shall be Lotus tinkering this afternoon, slight issue with the elan exhaust and a sleeping policemen in the new forest last week! and I thought my elise was Low. (Any excuse to get the grinder and welder out)
  15. This rule of six thing really sucks. Would love to come along but I reckon some of the longer standing members should get first dibs. Please add me to the list if others can't make it. Cheers Tony
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