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  1. I didn't make it either (well I did but couldn't download the app or stay online for more than about 10mins at a time) gave a couple of goes but computer said No. Internet seems to be working again now after it going completely for a few days (funny how it miraculously seems to stabilise after you contact them even though they apparently can't see anything wrong, not the 1st time) On the plus side I got me jeep alternator back together with its new bearings in,doesn't grumble anymore. Amazing it still worked to be honest, half a bucket of mud and rust fell out during stripping.
  2. I've never zoomed before so I'm looking forward to giving it a go. HGF is indeed Head Gasket Failure. No emulsion in the oil but it just kept spitting its coolant out and a fair bit of brown gunge, the teller was the radiator stank of fuel/combustion it was probably lacking power but its a bit hard to tell. Upon removal the hg was definitely FUBAR!!!. Anyway, 40 notes for a gasket kit not bad, the engines back together now but just tidying a few bits/sheared bolts etc while the manifold and tubes are out the way. Poor Lotus has been sat outside for a couple of days in the damp
  3. How was your Zoom? Sorry I missed it Ive been a bit pre occupied dealing with HGF, not on elise I might add but on jeep. Serves me right for servicing it, probably been blowing for months.
  4. Sorry chaps, going to be a lightweight and miss the xmas meal. A table of random women? Buffets have obviously changed. I've heard of a desert trolly, would that be a dolly trolly?
  5. Steve Sounds like you have a good plan. I am really jealous of your roads, were I live is rural and although there are lots of nice drives the condition of our roads is pretty SH1T. Its great to hear that there's enthusiasm for these little cars outside of our small country. Let us know how it goes, if you need any help/info there are some really friendly and knowledgeable guys on this forum who are always happy to help another sufferer of the Lotus syndrome. Tony
  6. Hi Steve, happy I could help. I don't know if you tinker yourself but if you do, get someone to have a listen from outside as you drive past. This is what I did, you may find that it is just one end or a particular wheel. The bits are cheap and its really easy to work on so its worth doing yourself if you can. I do find I have to unbolt the rear calipers (at the sliders) to remove the pads, I think this may be contrary to the manual and is probably due to the extra thickness of the sticky pads. I had also never seen a white S1 until mine (although its a few different shades), I kno
  7. Hello Steve, Welcome to my world. I have a 97 Elise S1, also had horrendous brake squeal when I got it. It gets really annoying but it does warn other road users and can be used to great effect at scaring cyclists. However, I have spent a bit of time working on my car over the few years I have had her, you can check out some pics in my TLF garage. I have tried pretty much everything at some time. And at times have completely eliminated the squeal but it does occasionaly return only as a much quieter sort of scraping noise which is bearable, I do also have 1 disc which has slight gr
  8. Great to see everyone on Tues, loved Paul's "Tank" just the job for this weather.
  9. Hi chaps, love to come if there's space for one more (although technically I should only count as a half). Are we limited to 6 ? by the way there is also the white horse in Stockbridge (by the roundabout)
  10. Feel for you and your family following the loss of pickle, its really tough but it sounds as if you made the right decision. All the best for the future.
  11. Who could not want him?. Fully agree, rescues all the way. Have had some challenges with mistreated dogs but plenty of patience, understanding and biscuits gets through most problems and ultimately very rewarding.
  12. I really feel for you, been through this a few times and it never gets easier. 19 is a great age and she's clearly well loved. I've only had vet intervention but being with them to comfort them at the end was important to me and if the dogs in pain at all you really have no choice. As you can imagine it is extremely unpleasant emotionally but it seemed completely painless (other than the injection), I think they sedated Max first so just fell asleep while I stroked him and he looked quite peacefull (he was a young dog with untreatable cancer and was in a bit of discomfort). Dogs are r
  13. I know photos can flatter but i Love that, I have a real soft spot for Lancia. Only problem is with the salt on the roads it was probably dissolving as you watched.
  14. Now that is what I call a Brave restoration. It would have been handy when this happened to our village. If only it was every year.
  15. Bugger thought it was tomorrow, Just finished for the eve and turned on the tablet. Hope it was a good evening.
  16. Just came across this, thought it may be of interest to some. 16th – 18th October Goodwood SpeedWeek
  17. Kenny, your cars so bloody fast you probably can't help but get there early. If its like school will we have to drink in our vests and pants for turning up without a Lotus? I was wondering if loving Lotus classes as a religion (or maybe just a mental disorder) as I believe there's exemptions. Lot of similarities when you think of it, blind faith that it'll get you there being the obvious one. Hope all are safe and well.
  18. Great to see everyone the other night and the weather was nice, the Lotus gods were truly shining on us. Managed to Off Road successfully out of the car park but could hear the grass brushing the floor pan. Didn't get much of a chance to chat to you Terry but admired your excel as you left, have to take a closer look some time but it looked like a really nice one. I will also have to take a closer look at yours Dean in better light but it looked really good. I tried to tempt Mike into a trade with my 15yr old diesel Leon but he declined, don't no why (didn't realise but rear e
  19. Cheers, ill give it a go (now that's what I call good service)
  20. Sounds like a plan. Having some trouble here with TLF, lost half of website and can't interact. I am now on a different browser which currently seems OK (probably updated something somewhere) Anyone else having issues, or is it just me?
  21. Just a thought, the weather looks good for tomorrow.
  22. Well it couldn't be any worse. Sounds like a good idea to me.
  23. No Problem. I will try to keep it short and sweet, otherwise I may get a bit carried away/in-depth and you will probably lose the will to live. Remember, there is no such thing as a stupid question (I know cause I've tested it many times) I haven't seen your esprit so can't comment on that but Pete's is stunning.
  24. Hopefully I should be there all being well and I am always happy to talk lotus especially technical stuff. Let me know if you'd like me to bring my little meter along and show you the basics (it probably will only take about 2 mins as there's only really a couple of settings you'd ever need) In case there are any specific questions you could bring the wiring diag. along. Hopefully pete will be able to make it, I believe he's a bit of an esprit guru. On a completely separate note I've been driving the elan today for the 1st time since declaring it a death trap (to the old mans annoy
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