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  1. You only need to do it again and she's been to the moon !!! Curiously, October 1997 is about a month before my elise was born (probably being built when you bought yours)
  2. I am sure it's of very little interest to others but my misfire seems all fixed. I ordered a new set of leads after the pub. Turned up yesterday, all fitted and she purrs like a kitten once more (no idea where the bits of plastic off the cracked old ones have gone). Just some buggered rivnuts and clips to deal with and she'll be back on the road again after more than a month, hopefully. I ordered some nice weather, should be arriving soon. Enjoy it while you can. 😎
  3. Good to see a few of you last night, good little pub. Hope all got home safely. Google Satisfied my curiosity about the sticker on the side of Jim Clarks car Border Reivers Racing team
  4. Hi all, Cautionary tale Thought it might be @Kevin Wheeler when I saw the headline. Hopefully see a few of you on the tuesday.
  5. How did you know what I had planned?
  6. Just heard, Nitron have finally completed my shock rebuild. Great Birthday present. Excited to get the elise off the wooden blocks and back on the road after a long wait, and with a load of stuff fixed can't wait to see what she's like.
  7. The whole thing, lifting body design. I think might have been used for development of space shuttle aero.
  8. Anyone doing the Thruxton hendy thing tomorrow?
  9. Hi Pete, what a bugger. Impossible to diagnose online but a few questions I might ask are:- have you checked air flow / carb balance hot and cold to see if you can see a change (I assume you have a carb balancing thingy - airflow meter). Drivability issue does sound like maybe 1 cylinder could be raising the revs, air leak could be the cause but I won't get into the whole o‐ring thing. I suppose worth checking cables, levers, springs if its all been apart. Surely you have a return spring which closes the butterflies. Does idle speed adjustment alter the butterfly stop or bypass?. Is the butterfly positioned exactly on the spindle? Can catch if not just right (but can't see that changing with temp. Did rebuild a pair with the old man, can't remember anything about it other than they looked very sexy when finished never got to find out if they worked. Mentioned your issue to him he said he'll rebuild em for you, seriously though if we can offer any help just let me know and best of luck, I'm just off out to enjoy my efi car.
  10. Have you tried moto-lita near Thruxton they did an excellent job on the elan wheel a very long time ago.
  11. Not necessarily suggesting it but you can get leather dye on ebay and a spray sealer. Used it to great effect on a few seats now. I have sanded leather seats it feels very weird setting about leather with the wet and dry.
  12. So gutted to miss it but as suspected leon wasn't ready. Turned out VW sent the wrong oil feed pipe so they had all the bits in ready to do the job, just the wrong bits. If any one fancies another pint this month I'd be up for it (unless something else turns up/goes wrong, almost at the point of expecting it). I assume being upside down was during racing and not in the pub afterwards.
  13. @KennyN I am a bit lost for words and must be careful not to vent my splene too much but F*****ING hell is this what progress looks like. I know its all corporations and big money these days with grand global ideas about brands but surely they can't be dumb enough to dish out crap and expect you to swallow it just because of some glossy marketing and bland statements on quality. Perhaps its too easy nowadays to loose sight of what's really important and that is people and their own lived experiences. I get the issues, it's a brand new production line with new techniques, facilities, equipment and most importantly staff. It takes a lot of time, effort and attention to get it "perfect" but that is what they need to do If they wish to achieve their own goals. Because this is all totally foreseeable, maybe those at the top of the tree have let the whole side down by not having risk mitigation plans in place for this eventuality. None of which is any help now It sounds like what should have been a fantastic experience has left a distinctly bad taste. Rant over, hopefully there aren't too many in your situation but I do wonder? I feel I should write, commiserations, or sorry for your loss, or something similar as it just sounds like a tragic tale of woe. I must admit it does make me feel abit better about my old bangers (leon's got new whizzy turbo today much better than screechy old one - only cost the value of the car!!!) and Elise brake lights found not working night before MOT but passed with flying colours. Beer and sympathetic ear on standby.
  14. How was the V racing ?
  15. Well, don't know if it will prove to be the right decision but the Leon's booked in for a new turbo (assuming that's what it is) It's gonna cost what the cars worth but other than the turbo issues and Airton it's essentially still a good car still after 18 yrs (although I maybe proved wrong come next MOT). May be I should do what the environmentalists think, scrap the car then buy a shiny 2.5ton milk float from an enormous factory half way round the world. To my mind just changing a 3kg lump of metal to keep a 50mpg+ car going seems far greener, but what do I know. It may be ready by Tuesday but I'm not counting on it, So enjoy the Vracing. Hopefully catch up with you lot soon as it's been far too long. @Techyd and @Kevin Wheeler hope you got back from castlecombe OK, nice to get the car on the track parade it's astonishing how good it felt on smooth tarmac. Hit a few pot holes, by the time I got home the front had developed a clonk turned out to be nothing major at all just the steering yoke clamp had come a bit loose. Easy fix, once found, I just had to do the upside down under the dash thing again.
  16. I would have loved that paul but unfortunately this morning my leon decided that after having an intermittent turbo problem it got fed up and decided to completely fail (it creates an awesome screeching metallic squeal). Every dog within a mile can hear it. I am only guessing it's the turbo at this point but I'm being quoted a grand, which is probably about what the cars worth. The elise is running well but wouldn't fancy leaving that parked there. Unlikely the leon will be sorted by then, unless Kenny can suggest a good place to park it in Clatford. Old cars eh, who'd have them ?
  17. @TechydAll being well I shall be there most, likely with the old man in tow. Not sure when I'll be leaving (dog to walk probably) so I'll see you there. Looking forward to seeing what you've been up to with the elise.
  18. Anyone doing castle combe this Saturday ?
  19. I assume the height you give is the free length of the unfitted shocks. I have nitrons (Street series) on mine they have adjustable spring platforms to alter the height but unfortunately I haven't measured the free length (only the platform heights). The height it sits at will depend on the spring rates and the platform height. Sorry can't be of more help. I found the springs with mine to stiff, they are a std diameter race spring and I changed mine for faulkner.
  20. @Kevin Wheeler Is it your emira experience Tomorrow?
  21. Cheers @Kevin Wheeler good to see everyone, couldn't inflict PTSD on you all plus I expect you had recently had dinner. As its just up the road I might pop over to Thruxton when you have the Emira experience (although I might be worried, that means you just sit for six months waiting only to then get to sit in a broken car for a bit then go home thoroughly dissapointed- sorry if that's in bad taste) I am defiantly pissed about Ks situation, if it is possible I think I am as annoyed/angered by the situation as he is. I hope they don't blow this, potentially one off, opportunity. Must give a big thanks to @pbharcourt for his sage advice, knowledge and experience. To be honest I can't see it happening anyway so that helps a lot with any feelings of disappointment. TBH I have never dealt with anyone who wants to sell but won't give a price or even engage with the process. (I've heard sellers often overvalue what they have but I think it's all a bit in the realms of dreamland) I may be a bit daft for the brand but I am not a nieve moron, but there are plenty out there. You never know though. Mixed feelings on you selling your snatch but financially it's a no brainer and I dont think I've known a better cause to support, It's probably doing to the russians what I suspect I did to the large rat I encountered on the way home last night (please don't get me wrong I am generally an animal / nature lover but being a country lad rats are fair game).
  22. Do I have to wear a suit, I'm probably too fat for mine now. Tuxedo might fit still. Sorry couldn't help myself. Hope to make this one.
  23. ADF


    Wordle 626 3/6 ⬜⬜⬜🟨⬜ ⬜🟨🟩⬜🟨 🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩
  24. ADF


    Wordle 625 3/6 ⬜⬜🟨⬜⬜ ⬜🟩⬜🟩⬜ 🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩
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