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  1. For the next phase I'm going to use our old diving cylinder, and then just need to mount a button on the gear knob.๐Ÿ˜‰
  2. For those that struggle getting in and out of low sports cars, we thought this might make it easier. I am not sure it reduces side crash protection or even if it will make the rain leaks any worse. Maybe reducing weight has gone too far!!!
  3. Sounds good to me, and some decent weather at last.
  4. Good job I checked I thought it was Tuesday, Doh!!! Also hoping to be there 6 ish
  5. Hope to make it (although might have to sell a kidney for the fuel๐Ÿคฌ), spent most of last month isolating due to covid in the household so would be nice to escape. Funnily enough actually did something on the elise today, it has been dribbling a bit on its undertray, one sympathises.
  6. 1. Bibs - Evora 2. DaveC72 - Evora 3. KennyN - Emira (If Lotus manage to stick to their estimated delivery date) 4. Mark (indevon)- Evora 5. Techyd (Dean) - Elise 6. Nigel - Europa SE 7. Kevin - Turbo Esprit 8. Choppa Esprit S3 9. Bazza - Something Lotus 10. Mayevora - Evora Sport Racer 11. Tony F- Elise S1
  7. Hi Mike Did exactly this on my 97 s1 last year. Did myself an injury grovelling upside down under the dash other than that it's pretty easy and straightforward to do with a bit of engineering knowhow. Inner joints wear and eventually clonk. If your rod ends flop about then it's too loose. Helpful hint when removing, mark up central position on uj's and shaft makes easier to put back right (I still was one notch out). Remove the bolt from the lower steering column uj as there's a notch in the shaft and it won't slide off other wise. The inner joints are actually adjustable (bought replacement metal ones but stuck with original plastic ones) you drill the pin out ensuring not to go to far as its just drilled into the thread. The nut then unscrews and it comes apart. When reassembling I set the correct preloaded using weights on the end, you just tighten the nut. Once correctly set you must reinsert a locking pin. I made a couple myself from Stock bar and grinder, bash in and peen the end. The next adjustment is the rack friction itself, just adjusted by tightening and locking off I used a pully, weights and gravity to set the friction within the limits. All of this assumes the rack and pinion are good in the first place which they probably are. When I first removed mine it felt quite notchy but a bit of fresh grease and working back and forth and it was smooth. (If I remember right theres little holes at each end of the rack these must be clear as these need to let the air flow freely between the bellows) Hope this is of help. Tony
  8. Sorry Dave, we completely forgot to give you the bumps last night. It'll have to be next time ๐Ÿ˜‰ Hope everyone managed to avoid any suicidal wildlife on the journey home.
  9. Sorry to hear that Pete, had wondered how others had fared with the storms.
  10. Is the plough closed ? Hi chaps just reminding myself where the pub is and according to the internet its closed on Tuesdays (just answer machine). Kev do you know any different?, suggest perhaps mayfly or one of the pubs in stockbridge as alternate if so.
  11. Happy Birthday dave. I went to the last one, the carpark was very thin on Lotus (lots of Ford). I would definitely be up for it again especially if there's a group of us. My elise looked very small and lonely with all the modern mustangs. The Lotus 72d and chatting with the guys who brought it along made it worth attending alone but also the skid pan is fun to watch if its running and there was a good variety of interesting cars, I even had a little chat with Tiff.
  12. "Proper engineer" That's like saying my Elise is a proper car ๐Ÿ˜‰. I have expertly crafted pigeon poo with weld many times ๐Ÿ˜‰
  13. Hi Pete, Probably can help with welding no problem. I have a little mig welder here, I don't know the state of gas but I have steel and stainless wire ( I am not the best welder as I don't get enough practice but can have a look). Also know a professional welder at our friends engineering company at Thruxton.
  14. ADF

    Lotus Elan

    You could try sue miller ( ) I believe she had some when we were looking at bits for our beloved S4 SE FHC. It was a few years ago though.
  15. Sorry to hear that chaps, hope you all stay well.
  16. Hi chaps, I hope to be there as well. I had to limp 1/2 way home from the last one with the dreaded orange light on (bloody cars). It's no fun in limp mode so I'll have too see how it goes !!!
  17. Seasons greetings to all of the hants gang. Saw Pete's esprit on the telly, it looked stunning. Noticed the exhaust wobble abit I reckon you've got a dodgy engine mount๐Ÿ˜‰ there guv. Program itself was a bit tedious and couldn't decide whether it was a giant piss take or not having a blind guy in an antiques shop man handling knobs (that's the sort of thing that'll get you locked up) Hope all stay safe and a merry Christmas's to you all, Tony.
  18. I remembered on the way home it was Phenolic resin, (nasty stuff). Just had to get that of my chest. Another great evening.
  19. Just seen the post, hopefully make it along too.
  20. @pbharcourt was that triggered by the covid Jab I wonder. Had to Google it (as I was sure it was nothing to do with the seaside) Sounds nasty so best wishes for a speedy recovery, hate to say it but Google also thinks its mostly old people that get it, of course I'm not implieng anything of the sort but a couple of weeks rest with coco and slippers and I am sure you'll be fine bless. ๐Ÿ˜‰
  21. Best of luck with that Dean hope all goes well.
  22. Would any one want to meet up next week 22,23,24 etc, Or is it a bit short notice.? Doh. Forgot to say how's your eye doing kev?
  23. Another great Lotus night on Tuesday, so good to get out and catch up with a few of you and great to see a new face and older car. Hopefully see a few more of you in the near future. Hope all made it safely home with no dramas, I certainly exercised mine keenly on the way back. I think we could still hear dave 5 miles up the road, that V6 sounds glorious.
  24. Thinking of you Kev. Hope it was all successful, you make a swift recovery and can get back behind the wheel soon
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