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  1. Just came across this, thought it may be of interest to some. 16th – 18th October Goodwood SpeedWeek
  2. Kenny, your cars so bloody fast you probably can't help but get there early. If its like school will we have to drink in our vests and pants for turning up without a Lotus? I was wondering if loving Lotus classes as a religion (or maybe just a mental disorder) as I believe there's exemptions. Lot of similarities when you think of it, blind faith that it'll get you there being the obvious one. Hope all are safe and well.
  3. Great to see everyone the other night and the weather was nice, the Lotus gods were truly shining on us. Managed to Off Road successfully out of the car park but could hear the grass brushing the floor pan. Didn't get much of a chance to chat to you Terry but admired your excel as you left, have to take a closer look some time but it looked like a really nice one. I will also have to take a closer look at yours Dean in better light but it looked really good. I tried to tempt Mike into a trade with my 15yr old diesel Leon but he declined, don't no why (didn't realise but rear e
  4. Cheers, ill give it a go (now that's what I call good service)
  5. Sounds like a plan. Having some trouble here with TLF, lost half of website and can't interact. I am now on a different browser which currently seems OK (probably updated something somewhere) Anyone else having issues, or is it just me?
  6. Just a thought, the weather looks good for tomorrow.
  7. Well it couldn't be any worse. Sounds like a good idea to me.
  8. No Problem. I will try to keep it short and sweet, otherwise I may get a bit carried away/in-depth and you will probably lose the will to live. Remember, there is no such thing as a stupid question (I know cause I've tested it many times) I haven't seen your esprit so can't comment on that but Pete's is stunning.
  9. Hopefully I should be there all being well and I am always happy to talk lotus especially technical stuff. Let me know if you'd like me to bring my little meter along and show you the basics (it probably will only take about 2 mins as there's only really a couple of settings you'd ever need) In case there are any specific questions you could bring the wiring diag. along. Hopefully pete will be able to make it, I believe he's a bit of an esprit guru. On a completely separate note I've been driving the elan today for the 1st time since declaring it a death trap (to the old mans annoy
  10. Hi Neil, Sorry to hear of your grief I am not familiar with the esprit but vehicle electrics although seemingly complicated are in fact really simple, I would agree with paul a cheapo multimeter is invaluable (I think mine was about a tenner) although you do need some basic understanding to use it (If necessary I can bring mine along and show you how to use it at a meet). I also find a bench power supply very useful for component bench testing. The most useful thing however is the wiring diagram, depending how comprehensive /correct it is it should tell you the nature/functioning of t
  11. A heads-up to any unaware souls, there is a new thread "Hants Virtual Meeting" to follow if interested. Its weird, the last virtual meeting seemed very real to me. Tony
  12. I'm good to go, Weather looks fine for tomorrow (light cloud and gentle breeze 18deg).
  13. Sorry to hear that Neil, I didn't notice anything unusual when you started up and left, however wasn't paying particular attention. Hopefully the code will lead to a fix that's simple and cheap. I hope the esprit master cylinder replacements going Ok it would be great to see that out. Having consulted my busy schedule I may just be able to squeeze it in, hopefully the Elise will be in one piece, just changed the lwr engine stay (bit of a fuck up from ordering bits on ebay at 3 in the morning-compounded by my decision to do things the hard/stupid way actually turned out ok as I'd rather b
  14. Gone but not forgotten (what was it again?) Ah well I suppose you'll be making an Uno Turbo fan very happy. Always good to help out fellow car guys. Be good to see the Landy as long as you don't trundle over me in it, hate to think what it could do to the Elise.
  15. I can say they both definitely work but which one and when seemed a mystery. The lights got a bit disco at one point, me Kenny and Neil were playing which light next (we all lost). I don't remember anything being mentioned for the next one but I was chatting with Paul at the cars for a bit.
  16. That was a great spot for a meet, cheers to kevin. Good to see you all and shame to miss others. Paul you're probably aware but we noticed that there was something very strange going on with your rear lights last night as you left the car park.
  17. I'll be up for that. Sorry you can't make it Dean, was looking forward to seeing your new ride.
  18. Hi all, I'll probably have to miss this one. Gutting, do nothing for 3 months and then 2 things at the same time (its been discussed a while and is a bit open ended so may not happen in which case I could be out but with limited numbers its probably better to leave it to the hard core). It would be cool to catch up, has anyone had ideas about were we could meet up if the pubs stay shut? we could easily accommodate a small fleet of Lotuses here, and plenty of outside space for social distancing (even have a hedge to pee behind) but I am right on the edge of Hampshire and may be a bit far
  19. Dean congratulations on the new acquisition, Very nice. looks great in the photos look forward to seeing in the flesh. Curious to know what engine / spec, etc (in true nerd style) I'm getting a bit excited about driving mine for the 1st time in 7mnths or so, just taxed it (got a bit stuck when one of the new indicator units I bought had a crack in it and had to be sent back so decided to wait till end of the month (and easing of rules) rather than use hand signals, I only know the one and that's offensive) Take care all, Tony P.S. if you see a broken down white eliseS1 at th
  20. feel a bit of a theme here. I've gone for the cheap option.
  21. That looks ideal, always good to have some redundancy.
  22. Help, What's wrong with me, I think a pistachio wedge is COOL!!!! and loving the bunting. Paul, that's going to be an interesting conversation with the insurance company:- "has the car been modified sir" . As for the box on the roof it sounds like a swivel mount and .50 Cal are required. Finally got the elise paint repairs all finished (in-between sessions of chain sawing the garden to death). Not impressed with the colour match on the front, the cracks are all gone and its nice and shiny but it looks like I've hit a cream bun. Mind you with it being 50 shades of white al
  23. I luv off roaders, its very "zombie apocalypse". It might come in handy soon if society collapses, or just to get the weekly shop. What's that box on the top? Dean, when this is all over I'll take you for a spin in the Elise if you like.
  24. Hi Pete, is that house for sale I'm a cash buyer and it looks a perfect size for me, but in this economic climate I'm afraid even that might be beyond my budget (you can live in a car but can't drive a house!!!) As for achieving fuck all, I try hard but never manage to fully achieve that goal but I'm willing to try harder. Kevin, just wondering what was worst, having pneumonia or spending a week in Basingstoke? Archie is definitely a bit of a poser. He gets loads of attention especially from the ladies, they all say how handsome he is, I just pretend they're talking about me.
  25. Thought I would have a go at experimenting posting some photos. Here's some piccys of the chunk of body work missing from the elise and subsequent repair, It looks alright in the photo. but I still have to shape/blend it in better and spray it the correct colour when stuff turns up. One of it out in the sunshine and one of Archie who's been keeping guard!!! Enjoy
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