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  1. Sounds ok to me but do you have an idea of cost please ? Been out in Elise briefly today in the sun and saw a lovely drophead elan in blue, twice. I wonder if anyone in Stockbridge noticed 2 Lotus passing.
  2. Any of those are good for me
  3. Have we got a consensus for the 17th at the Goat then? P.s Elise is back on road, been out testing came back with huge grin!
  4. It's all apart and cleaned just need to wait for the postman . It's just a shame it happened as the weather has turned so nice and over the bh. as well. While it's in bits I can't have any runins with the local wildlife at least. I hope you're all out keeping the Lotus end up
  5. Eithers fine, would offer to do a recce but Elise has just pissed coolant on the floor. Panicked a bit as I traced the leak up to the head but it looks like its the IMG that's gone, New Viton one ordered.
  6. Name: Lotus Elise S1 Click to view: Lotus Elise S1
  7. Tony, White S1 Elise, Nr Andover
  8. ADF


  9. Hi all, First let me thank you all for welcoming me to my first meet really enjoyed chatting Lotus. Seem like a bunch of really nice chaps and hope to see you at the next one. Secondly, gutted to hear of your misfortune Simon. Glad to hear you're unscathed and the gorgeous bodywork remains undamaged, hopefully a new wheel & tyre will see you right.
  10. Hi all, Long time lotus fan but newbie to this forum. Just having a surf and came across this meet on Monday 15th July in Stockbridge. This is just down the road from me, If it is still on would it be ok to come along and meet some fellow lotus fans? If so what time do you meet.
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