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  1. I'll be up for that. Sorry you can't make it Dean, was looking forward to seeing your new ride.
  2. Hi all, I'll probably have to miss this one. Gutting, do nothing for 3 months and then 2 things at the same time (its been discussed a while and is a bit open ended so may not happen in which case I could be out but with limited numbers its probably better to leave it to the hard core). It would be cool to catch up, has anyone had ideas about were we could meet up if the pubs stay shut? we could easily accommodate a small fleet of Lotuses here, and plenty of outside space for social distancing (even have a hedge to pee behind) but I am right on the edge of Hampshire and may be a bit far
  3. Dean congratulations on the new acquisition, Very nice. looks great in the photos look forward to seeing in the flesh. Curious to know what engine / spec, etc (in true nerd style) I'm getting a bit excited about driving mine for the 1st time in 7mnths or so, just taxed it (got a bit stuck when one of the new indicator units I bought had a crack in it and had to be sent back so decided to wait till end of the month (and easing of rules) rather than use hand signals, I only know the one and that's offensive) Take care all, Tony P.S. if you see a broken down white eliseS1 at th
  4. feel a bit of a theme here. I've gone for the cheap option.
  5. That looks ideal, always good to have some redundancy.
  6. Help, What's wrong with me, I think a pistachio wedge is COOL!!!! and loving the bunting. Paul, that's going to be an interesting conversation with the insurance company:- "has the car been modified sir" . As for the box on the roof it sounds like a swivel mount and .50 Cal are required. Finally got the elise paint repairs all finished (in-between sessions of chain sawing the garden to death). Not impressed with the colour match on the front, the cracks are all gone and its nice and shiny but it looks like I've hit a cream bun. Mind you with it being 50 shades of white al
  7. I luv off roaders, its very "zombie apocalypse". It might come in handy soon if society collapses, or just to get the weekly shop. What's that box on the top? Dean, when this is all over I'll take you for a spin in the Elise if you like.
  8. Hi Pete, is that house for sale I'm a cash buyer and it looks a perfect size for me, but in this economic climate I'm afraid even that might be beyond my budget😂 (you can live in a car but can't drive a house!!!) As for achieving fuck all, I try hard but never manage to fully achieve that goal but I'm willing to try harder. Kevin, just wondering what was worst, having pneumonia or spending a week in Basingstoke? Archie is definitely a bit of a poser. He gets loads of attention especially from the ladies, they all say how handsome he is, I just pretend they're talking about me.
  9. Thought I would have a go at experimenting posting some photos. Here's some piccys of the chunk of body work missing from the elise and subsequent repair, It looks alright in the photo. but I still have to shape/blend it in better and spray it the correct colour when stuff turns up. One of it out in the sunshine and one of Archie who's been keeping guard!!! Enjoy
  10. On the subject of the 7, my Neighbours dad has one and a mate used to have a really tatty westfield back in the day. All I can remember is it was rather lively at the back end (ham fisted driving) and you feel rather vulnerable having no real sides on the car. That being said it was easier to get in than my elise!!! and being use to the elan the vulnerability doesn't bother me (its probably safer than a bike anyway). I do love them though. Probably a silly question, Dean have you been in an S1 elise ? Apparently it was designed to be a Se7en for modern times. I think I would agre
  11. Hi all and welcome to the club mike, Were a pretty friendly bunch, I've not been a member long myself but already find that I'm really missing the monthly get together at a Pub (cant see that happening anytime soon). Finally started work on the elise, currently repairing the hole underneath/front wheel arch from its coming together with a rock. Luckily still have GRP repair paste and filler left over from the elan. Next I will be having a go at fixing the damage from the hare. Hopefully I've found a matching paint (have to wait until it arrives). I'll also have to screw the rear n
  12. Sorry to hear you've been unwell Kevin and glad you're on the mend. I cant speak highly enough of the Basingstoke NHS staff that looked after me, they do an amazing job. I've been mostly outside attacking the garden, now doing the communal driveway. Hoping to get into the garage and get a few things done now that its warming up, It may be a bit tricky for parts & materials but I can probably still get stuff online, just have to plan ahead. I had an email from the chap that runs a local car show that I've been to a few times and are hoping to run again this year (depending on t
  13. I Don't know about Yoga, I think I would end up stuck in one of those weird positions. (although I wouldn't mind if it was with her) Every cloud an all that: Just heard all MOTs extended 6 mnths. realised that means I wont need one on the elise at all this year - it will be back on SORN come Dec. Really itching to get out in her (the elise-not the yoga lady) would have been tempted to be a bit naughty today but I was having way to much fun driving a mini digger - driveway done. Project almost ended in disaster when after having 8 tonnes of gravel dumped yesterday the digger company
  14. Hi all, Firstly cheers for the message dean, greatly appreciated. Not meet related but thought best way to reach all. I am sorry for being incommunicado, unfortunately my android tablet died (I have the laptop but I tend to be doing stuff when using it) I had intended to replace it quickly but hasn't worked out that way, being a bit of a techy/nerd type I had to check all of the specs and pick the right one. I like the Samsung 8 inch, went to get one from currys but there don't seem to be any about, which got me thinking new financial year new models possibly so decided to wait and
  15. Glad to see you all had a good time, sorry to have missed it. That desert looks like something I saw on a medical poster in the hospital!!! Have a great Xmas. Tony.
  16. I've now signed up for the PH Sunday service so hopefully see some of you there (I'll probably be in the Jeep). Is anyone taking their Lotus on the skid pan? Tony
  17. Cheers Kenny, up and about now and apparently will have cardio rehab available. Soon be better than ever!? I'll have to stay away from you lot because it hurts so much to laugh 😀. Is it just me or does this emoticon look like the new logo. All Have a nice chrimbo piss up/meal and wish you all well, hopefully see you all in the not too distant future. Tony
  18. That would have been good but just out of the hospital, will be legal to drive by then but probably ain't gonna be right yet. Op went well, great before/after piccs.
  19. I've been a couple of times, ages ago. Organised a works do there, definitely not kiddy carts, real fast great fun and a good track But much better in warm dry weather. Good one for the spring\summer months. I definitely can't do anything like that at the moment (I'm not even going to be allowed to drive at all for at least 3days) but I only live up the road so could easily pop down and have a word if / when.
  20. Thanks again to Paul for suggesting\arranging. That was some serious fun last night, I think I spent half the time laughing and the other half swearing(@ myself of course) I am just glad that I can keep my own car on the black stuff better. That was a great call to go for the 23b. It would be great to have another S1 owner come along. I don't know if you're reading this Adrian but you won't regret it. I've only recently joined and have had nothing but great night's out with a real nice bunch of fellow enthusiast's. Hopefully see u all at the next one.
  21. According to their website they have 10 Sims.
  22. Hi all, been really looking forward to this. can't practice the racing so I thought I might practice my excuses in proper racing driver style (can simulators be down on power? ) Probably should also apologise in advance for crashing into everyone!!! Cheers for the organising of this Paul see u all there.
  23. Sounds ok to me but do you have an idea of cost please ? Been out in Elise briefly today in the sun and saw a lovely drophead elan in blue, twice. I wonder if anyone in Stockbridge noticed 2 Lotus passing.
  24. Have we got a consensus for the 17th at the Goat then? P.s Elise is back on road, been out testing came back with huge grin!
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