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  1. Anything will taste sweeeeeet!

    I shall be looking forward to that, looks like the weathers warming as well so you may not need your skiing gear after all Kev.  

    Looks like I shall be Lotus tinkering this afternoon, slight issue with the elan exhaust and a sleeping policemen in the new forest last week! and I thought my elise was Low.  (Any excuse to get the grinder and welder out)

  2. I thought beauty was in the eye of the beholder.

    Yours looked great to me but it was dark and I didn't have my glasses on.🤪

    Interesting theory, didn't see a dog amongst them but I am not convinced the muira should be lower than the elite.

  3. Hi Dean, 

    Whats the race car? & why haven't we seen any pics (or did I just miss it)

    Looks as though I have Indeed fixed the Leon, although only time will tell, so will probably avoid Anna valley for now.  I know loads of people in and around that area, mostly of the more aged persuasion, I can see how it could happen.😉

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  4. 10 hours ago, KennyN said:

    @ADF I can confirm that NDA's and Safe Harbour statements are still high on the agenda, which is kinda understandable, I suppose.  They're a nice bunch though.

    Hadn't heard of SHS, had to look that one up but I fully agree they were a nice bunch of really knowledgeable engineers.  Mind you most boffin types I meet usually are nice, even the Americans.

    Sounds like I am not the only one keen to get out, but I am not as proactive.  It would be great to get out to a few car meets this year but I've no idea what will be.  Man plans, God decides!

    Been out in the cold fiddling with a suddenly temperamental Leon.  Hard to fix a car with nothing actually wrong, computer hasn't liked something I think and cuts power or boost can be reset by switching off & on.  It may be alright now after fiddling, as I have been out thrashing it and can't get it to play up again, just have to see.  Might need some parking tips from Kenny, was it abbots ann?

    Take care all.

  5. Hi Dudes, glad all is well (apart from your leaking snatch Paul, I think there's an ointment for it but it must be applied externally, with a caulking gun!!!)

    I am feeling a lot Pfizier since my jab,  it'll be 3 weeks next Wednesday,already feeling invincible.  I had no side effects of note, just a sore arm for a bit. It was the biggest day out for ages, I never thought I'd get excited about a trip to the holiday Inn, Winchester.

    I did a spot of work with Ricardo once up in Warwick I think, they were really twitchy about security (I think they were doing F1 gearboxes at the time) had loads of screens and chaperone to the loos, all I remember from the meeting now was it was a death by NDAs, to be fair I think we were worse than them.  Funnily enough that had something to do with Landrovers, if I say anymore I will have to kill you!!! 😉

    Gave the garage a bit of spring clean, so drove the elise but only to the other side of the garage, amazed it started to be honest, but everything seemed to work. Actually thinking about it I have driven 2 Lotus. I'd like to spend a bit of time on the elise, hopefully the garage will warm up a bit soon its a bit f**ing cold in there.

    Hopefully its not going to be too long before we can all meet up again in person and get out in the Lotus in some nice weather, but it does feel a bit like a distant dream at the moment.  In the meantime stay safe and as sane as one can manage, you know what they say "Be good, and if you can't be good, then don't get caught"

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  6. Belated happy birthday chaps, 

    Sorry I've been a bit lax on the forum front, and everything else to be honest.  Had a bit of a covid drama here (just turned out to be a reaction to the jab, good excuse for the old man to quarantine himself in his campervan though, I think it was just an excuse to use it even if it was just in the driveway) and a sick dog all absolutely fine now. 

    Its snowing here, not enough to worry the jeep. No Lotus action here but good to see others working on theirs.

  7. On 17/12/2020 at 15:35, Techyd said:

    Lens is separate - so I can just swap the bulbs out.  There are some HID conversion kits out there as well, which again don't impact the lens covers.

    That sounds like a good bit design/thinking. Let us know how you get on.

  8. Had a look at the nanchang site,they do look like proper tyres to me, apparently been going 60yrs. Looks like a Taiwanese, Yokohama.  I like the info on pressure and camber settings. 

    On the subject of lights, probably worth checking condition of reflectors and alignment against a wall or similar. Mine were a nightmare when I got the car (one wobbled). New 2nd hand units and proper alignment and I find them fine now, biggest issue I find is that you're usually below the headlight height of other cars.  

    You could always just shut your eyes 👀  I think most drivers seem to drive without looking these days (better make it clear thats a joke, don't want to get sued again)

    Just curious to know, on the S2 elise you have plastic on the headlights is this a unit/assembly or do the lens covers come off? 

  9. The Elise is on SORN for the winter, not to mention the mud. Also, I am currently having to supposedly self isolate due to family member going into hospital(not covid related)

    Never heard of Nanchang, they sound cheap. Learned my lesson with cheap tyres on the back of my 205gti, kept spinning the thing.

    Maybe A summertime Christmas BBQ.??? (post vaccine of course). Sounds like a typically British thing todo, especially if its raining. 

    Have a nice christmass all, Tony.

  10. Hi all, 

    Just thought I'd say how is everyone doing? Seems to have been very quiet on here is everyone well?

    Finally got Internet sorted, turned out to be the router dying. Long live the new router. Amazing how reliant we become on this tech.

    Not done anything Lotus related other than look at it and dream of the finer weather. Jeeps running great though (even passed MOT and Emmisions OK), just need to figure out why it wants to keep turning left, its almost as if its desperate to go off roading. Anyway its something to do and its so nice grovelling around on wet gravel in the cold and damp, I wouldn't want to deprive myself of that fun!!!

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  11. I didn't make it either (well I did but couldn't download the app or stay online for more than about 10mins at a time) gave a couple of goes but computer said No.

    Internet seems to be working again now after it going completely for a few days (funny how it miraculously seems to stabilise after you contact them even though they apparently can't see anything wrong, not the 1st time)

    On the plus side I got me jeep alternator back together with its new bearings in,doesn't grumble anymore. Amazing it still worked to be honest, half a bucket of mud and rust fell out during stripping.

  12. I've never zoomed before so I'm looking forward to giving it a go.

    HGF is indeed Head Gasket Failure. No emulsion in the oil but it just kept spitting its coolant out and a fair bit of brown gunge, the teller was the radiator stank of fuel/combustion it was probably lacking power but its a bit hard to tell. Upon removal the hg was definitely FUBAR!!!.  

    Anyway, 40 notes for a gasket kit not bad, the engines back together now but just tidying a few bits/sheared bolts etc while the manifold and tubes are out the way.

    Poor Lotus has been sat outside for a couple of days in the damp. 

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  13. Steve

    Sounds like you have a good plan. I am really jealous of your roads, were I live is rural and although there are lots of nice drives the condition of our roads is pretty SH1T.

    Its great to hear that there's enthusiasm for these little cars outside of our small country.  Let us know how it goes, if you need any help/info there are some really friendly and knowledgeable guys on this forum who are always happy to help another sufferer of the Lotus syndrome.


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  14. Hi Steve, happy I could help.

    I don't know if you tinker yourself but if you do, get someone to have a listen from outside as you drive past. This is what I did, you may find that it is just one end or a particular wheel.  The bits are cheap and its really easy to work on so its worth doing yourself if you can. I do find I have to unbolt the rear calipers (at the sliders) to remove the pads, I think this may be contrary to the manual and is probably due to the extra thickness of the sticky pads. 

    I had also never seen a white S1 until mine (although its a few different shades), I know I'm biased but its my favourite.

    Just had a look at Schwäbisch Hall on Google it looks absolutely stunning and reminds me a bit of heidlberg, I originated from a small town called Ulm, not a million miles from you.

    Best of luck getting it sorted, I'd be interested to see what you find.


  15. Hello Steve, 

    Welcome to my world. I have a 97 Elise S1, also had horrendous brake squeal when I got it. It gets really annoying but it does warn other road users and can be used to great effect at scaring cyclists.

    However, I have spent a bit of time working on my car over the few years I have had her, you can check out some pics in my TLF garage.  I have tried pretty much everything at some time. And at times have completely eliminated the squeal but it does occasionaly return only as a much quieter sort of scraping noise which is bearable, I do also have 1 disc which has slight groove in it.

    The bits you have listed can be of use, but there may be other issues at play. I believe the anti rattle pads on the front don't effect squeal they just stop a clock from the pads.

    Mine were in a sorry state and the rear pad springs had been incorrectly installed. I replaced all the pins, springs, etc,rebuilt the rear calipers with new sliders, sanded the pads flat. As well as bleeding etc during the rebuild. After this they still squealed.

    Eventually I bought some of the anti squeal stick on pads and ceramatec grease used sparingly. The squeal had now completely gone. 

    Since then stick on pads came unstuck, so I restuck them with an aerospace high temp contact adhesive.

    Now the squeal is massively reduced/eliminated but occasionally reoccurs, usually I just clean and regrease the back of the pad and it goes. (In fact I just redid the rears recentlly)

    Something I believe may occur is a slight inconsistency in the surface caused by having the parking brake on especially after washing the car.  When I have had a light squeal I have found that it has gone away simply from driving the car in a spirited fashion, really working the brakes and then leaving the handbrake off when parked ( Either with chocks or in gear). 

    I never really determined exactly what issue caused the squeal and it may have been a combination of things. (Something else I did was to file a small chamfer on the leading and trailing edge of the pad)

    I hope my verbal ramblings may be of use to you if not only too assure you that it can be eliminated.  


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