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  1. Thought I would have a go at experimenting posting some photos.

    Here's some piccys of the chunk of body work missing from the elise and subsequent repair, It looks alright in the photo. but I still have to shape/blend it in better and spray it the correct colour when stuff turns up.  One of it out in the sunshine and one of Archie who's been keeping guard!!!






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  2. On the subject of the 7, my Neighbours dad has one and a mate used to have a really tatty westfield back in the day.  All I can remember is it was rather lively at the back end (ham fisted driving) and you feel rather vulnerable having no real sides on the car.  That being said it was easier to get in than my elise!!! and being use to the elan the vulnerability doesn't bother me (its probably safer than a bike anyway).  I do love them though.

    Probably a silly question, Dean have you been in an S1 elise ?  Apparently it was designed to be a Se7en for modern times.

    I think I would agree with Paul that the lower power ones are probably more fun IMO.  Controversial probably (maybe not with Lotus folks) but I think a car with the exceptional suspension design/dynamics like the lotus can have softer suspension and handle well.  Max. power figures alone are fairly meaningless outside of top trumps. Having said that maybe I'm compensating for only having 118bhp rather than the impressive 350 or so that is in the current exiges.

    If anyone (paul obviously) is doing any work in the garage, I am sure a few of us would be interested in hearing, seeing what folks are upto.


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  3. Hi all and welcome to the club mike,

    Were a pretty friendly bunch, I've not been a member long myself but already find that I'm really missing the monthly get together at a Pub (cant see that happening anytime soon).

    Finally started work on the elise, currently repairing the hole underneath/front wheel arch from its coming together with a rock. Luckily still have GRP repair paste and filler left over from the elan.  Next I will be having a go at fixing the damage from the hare.  Hopefully I've found a matching paint (have to wait until it arrives).  I'll also have to screw the rear number plate back on as the DS sticky tape has let go and its fallen off - I think its unhappy at not being used.

    see you all before not to long hopefully,     Tony

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  4. Sorry to hear you've been unwell Kevin and glad you're on the mend.  I cant speak highly enough of the Basingstoke NHS staff that looked after me, they do an amazing job. 

    I've been mostly outside attacking the garden, now doing the communal driveway.  Hoping to get into the garage and get a few things done now that its warming up, It may be a bit tricky for parts & materials but I can probably still get stuff online, just have to plan ahead.

    I had an email from the chap that runs a local car show that I've been to a few times and are hoping to run again this year (depending on the situation) If anyone's interested please check out the website for further info (it sounds rather grand but its just a bunch of varied classics and interesting cars parked in a field, its free to attend in your classic and provides an interesting couple of hours wandering around-I usually go cause its local & free, or in other words I am a lazy cheapskate !!!! 😉)


    P.S. forgot to say that's one scary M****r F****ing Owl stare.

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  5. Cheers Kenny,  up and about now and apparently will have cardio rehab available.  Soon be better than ever!? I'll have to stay away from you lot because it hurts so much to laugh 😀. Is it just me or does this emoticon look like the new logo.

    All Have a nice chrimbo piss up/meal and wish you all well, hopefully see you all in the not too distant future.


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  6. I've been a couple of times, ages ago. Organised a works do there, definitely not kiddy carts, real fast great fun and a good track But much better in warm dry weather. Good one for the spring\summer months. I definitely can't do anything like that at the moment (I'm not even going to be allowed to drive at all for at least 3days) but I only live up the road so could easily pop down and have a word if / when. 

  7. Thanks again to Paul for suggesting\arranging. That was some serious fun last night, I think I spent half the time laughing and the other half swearing(@ myself of course) I am just glad that I can keep my own car on the black stuff better.

    That was a great call to go for the 23b. 

    It would be great to have another S1 owner come along. I don't know if you're reading this Adrian but you won't regret it.  I've only recently joined and have had nothing but great night's out with a real nice bunch of fellow enthusiast's.

    Hopefully see u all at the next one.

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  8. Hi all, been really looking forward to this. can't practice the racing so I thought I might practice my excuses in proper racing driver style (can simulators be down on power? ) Probably should also apologise in advance for crashing into everyone!!!  Cheers for the organising of this Paul see u all there.

  9. Sounds ok to me but do you have an idea of cost please ? 

    Been out in Elise briefly today in the sun and saw a lovely drophead elan in blue, twice. I wonder if anyone in Stockbridge noticed 2 Lotus passing.

  10. It's all apart and cleaned just need to wait for the postman . It's just a shame it happened as the weather has turned so nice and over the bh. as well. While it's in bits I can't have any runins with the local wildlife at least.  I hope you're all out keeping the Lotus end up😀

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  11. Eithers fine, would offer to do a recce but Elise has just pissed coolant on the floor😂. Panicked a bit as I traced the leak up to the head but it looks like its the IMG that's gone, New Viton one ordered.

  12. On 27/07/2015 at 21:50, eeyoreish said:

    koorby, pitstoppete, Nelly9000, choppa, 111r_250s, the pits, gghc87, pbharcourt, M D E, peteyg, ajay, Delbert, TheDeadPrussian, Royal, shaman, DaveC72, kevin wheeler, eeyoreish, ADF

    Tony, White S1 Elise, Nr Andover

  13. Hi all,

    First let me thank you all for welcoming me to my first meet really enjoyed chatting Lotus.  Seem like a bunch of really nice chaps and hope to see you at the next one.

    Secondly, gutted to hear of your misfortune Simon.  Glad to hear you're unscathed and the gorgeous bodywork remains undamaged, hopefully a new wheel & tyre will see you right. 

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  14. Hi all,

    Long time lotus fan but newbie to this forum. 

    Just having a surf and came across this meet on Monday 15th July in Stockbridge.  This is just down the road from me, If it is still on would it be ok to come along and meet some fellow lotus fans?  If so what time do you meet.

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