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  1. Hehe guys, I'm getting my 8 inch widen Esprit next week. U guys will be surprised by the outlook of it. Will post my pictures soon. Regards Nick
  2. Goodday Bros, I'm organising a Lotus F1 drive/gathering down to Sepang F1 track Malaysia on the 19th March (Race Day). Well, I already have a group of Lotus enthusis together with me driving from Singapore (3 hours to reach at 160km/h). Any Lotus brothers driving from Malaysia or Thailand to attend the F1? or if u're there mainly as a tourist to watch the F1? We can meet up to show our presence. Here's my email for future discussion. [email protected] Regards Nick
  3. Hi Chalermsak, Good to know that there is a Lotus following in Thailand, I may be going to Korat next week with the Republic Of Singapore Air Force for the annual EX COPETIGER consisting of Americian's F-18, Thailand's F-5/F-16. Well, my entourage consists of the F-5 built by USA. Too bad,how i wish could drive up there in my Lotus Esprit instead of taking the C-130 hercules. Nevertheless, let me know when u guys are coming to Singapore. Come on, Singapore is well-known for being a food paradise with a huge vareity of choices due to our multi-racial society. Cheers Regards Nick
  4. Hi, Mine reads 90 max during the traffic jams, but my friend's Esprit is always hovering around 95-98 irregardless. Somehow I test driven it & it seems that the lotus 4 cylinder tends to perform better at higher temp in terms of the pickup & instant power. Both our cars are on standard boost settings.
  5. Hi Bros, Me too had a hard time tracing the aliens out in Singapore. Majority of the esprit owners don't go to the official Lotus agent "Europesports" as they felt neglected by the aggressive selling/promotion of the Elise. U can't blame them as the Esprit is discontinued with the elise the only selling means. A new V8 Esprit was selling at S$400000 (about 125000 pounds) couple of years back with the pound exchange rate of S$1 to 3.3 pence. All this is excluding the Famous Singapore "Certificate Of Entitlement" (COE). This piece of paper is the entitlement to own a car for 10 years which ranges from the current S$10000 to S$100000 in 1995 which was the peak. (heard that London copied the Singapore system of collecting additional road taxes for going into the london business district amounting to 5 pounds per entry). Sorry guys, my country is just too efficient & money minded, that's why they have one of the top 10 global biggest foriegn reserves for the past years. Now u know where all that money came from...(my pocket) I bought my 88 Esprit Turbo 2 years back at S$80000 (about $25000 pounds), damn that could buy me almost a Sports 350 in UK & couppled with the fact that the car is left with 5 years of COE entitlement i.e I need buy another COE in 2008 to enable me to drive it for another 10 years. Well, having said all these negative comments, I still will shoulder on the responsibility of taking care my Esprit till I handed it over to my kids to continue my passion. So any takers coming to Singapore. U are most welcome to let me host u together with my lotus mates. Cheers Regards Nick
  6. Hi Lotus Bros out there, Somehow I feel that we are just like the Americian drama serie "4400" aliens abductees just that we are 10000k+ population strong based on Esprit owners. No offences i.e we behaved weird like aliens but because we are the "few who know the difference" Here in Singapore, I belong to an exclusive group of "Only" lotus owners despite the rarity image projected. There are only about at most 10 Esprit owners I have befriended here & mostly are the GG owners. Nevertheless, we had a common bonding or vision, once u own an Esprit, the mass produced Ferraris, Poshs & Lambos that u ahave always seen in discos are just like a point to point car u used for transport. There is no soul in driving those mass-produced cars unless u owned an Esprit cos she always never failed to inspire my desire to drive her everyday. If u bros happen to kind of visit this tiny country named Singapore in the near future for vacations or business, pls drop me a mail so maybe I can gather my mates for an gathering to host u my Lotus brothers out there. Cheers & looking forward to hearing from u guys soon. Regards Nick [email protected]
  7. Hi guys, I'm currently using SJsports' aluminium "Protech" dampers since installed a year ago. They 're height & dampering adjustable. To my surprise this morning as i looked under my car and realise that the lower eye of the damper had splitted, causing my car to collapse on 1 side. Question to the experts out here: 1) Anyone using this brand of damper had the same problem? I'm tried it due to lightness being aluminuim to lighten the car. Regards Nick
  8. Simon, Your statement sounds weird cos thicker oil is supposed to be better for turbo engine on prolong runs. Low oil pressure is due to oil getting hot & thinning in the process, thus recording low pressure. Both mobil & Castrol are syn oil, thus should preform all the more the same. Furthermore castrol is one of the recommended oil for oem. Thanks for any advice Regards Nick
  9. Good day guys, My personal experience, using 10/40 is too thin & will cause overheating for prolong period of driving. I drove from Singapore to Malaysia capital KL on an average of 200km/h for 370 km, guess what, i had to constantly reduce my speed to allow it to cool before picking up speed again. Had the car checked before i embarked on the journey and it was certified good to go. Few months later, this time i changed to Castrol RS 10/60. boy i can speed up to a constant of 240-250km/h. Regards nick
  10. Hi guys, Mine is a 88 carb turbo Esprit. I'm comtemplating on an engine conversion. My lotus main agent in Singapore quoted me S$20K (usd 12k) for a V8 conversion inclusive of labour but not certification cos its illigal to do so in Singapore. Think they quoted this price is becos they have spare v8 engine laying around. my afterthoughts, is it better to upgrade my current engine to a fuel injected S4s engine or swap for the V8? Can anyone kindly advice thanks.
  11. Hi guys, I did the ram air conversion & at the same time remove the filter as well. Now the car totally sounds different when u 're ramping up the revs. my friend said he can hear the whoosh turbo sucking in air as i went past him & the pissing off sound when i changed gears. Esprits rules.....
  12. Hi guys, Have noted the replacement for the struts in the website provided by chris. well, mine is the 88 turbo model & i'm currently using the 2002 V8 wing. Is there any recommendation on stronger struts that i can use. as the oem fibreglass wing is too heavy. (comtemplating switching over to a carbon fibre GT wing)
  13. Thanks mate for the advice. Btw I'm currently embarking on an wide body (4inch per side with Opel OPC extreme lookalike) project with lambo diablo lights (aka fairlady lights), BTCC style side skirts. Mine is already fitted with 2004 rear lights conversion & spoiler. All these modification would make it a supercar superior than the mass-produced poshs, ferrari & lambos Except for the morris handle...sigh........ I'll be getting my car in 2 weeks time & will definately post my pictures for all to see.
  14. Hi guys, Just like to gather some knowledge on which model (Opel i gather) esprit door handle being used on the current version. mine is the 88 turbo model with the morris handle & i'm contemplating to change to the current model. Pls advice me on this issue. Thanks
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