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  1. There is a back story but safe to say they are safe.
  2. Geoffers is totally correct. Got to the bottom of why taper washer etc. Happy with not having one. Will check torque etc regularly. Ordered some.
  3. Sadly not. The Lotus ones fill the hole completely and have the insert for the removal tool on the inside of the bolt head. Would need to be either an internal plug or a new bolt.
  4. My nice new forged lack wheels have silver bolts which looks a bit odd. Like this from the factory. Are there black alternatives available?
  5. Given it’s a £100k car the price seemed in proportion and I could have gone cheaper but I couldn’t face looking at cheap bass boy components and knowing I could have done it properly. I’m very fussy and you should see my car rebuild projects.
  6. You are correct. The install wasnt cheap (£2k), but the quality of the components was the main gift to myself. Cant understand when people take Bilsteins off a car and put a £400 cheap coil over kit on.... why? My garage would throw me out if I didnt either go OEM or Ohlins; and rightly so. I took the same approach to the Evora hi-fi.
  7. Well it gone done after much business travel delayed things. Ended up a mix of Hertz speakers (as they fit well), Audison and Audio Control for sub, controller and 6 way amp. Set up has been done by the supplier on their computer rig (rather than my fitters) as it was the first one done properly by Audio Control/Audison. It sounds amazing and I asked for more 'audiophile' than bass bias. Makes boring journeys that bit more sociable.
  8. Now I know everything is about lightness in a Lotus, but after a reasonably long journey in the Evora the stereo is just simply awful. To sort that its gone away for a rest at the Bide a wee home for Car Hi-Fi. Plan is to have everything sorted (new speakers, sound processor, custom trimmed to match car and amp with a discrete sub). Will take some photos and post up. I'm sure it won't be cheap but the guys I use are geniuses and everything will be trimmed in matching alcantara with the right colour stitching. They like the Alpine HU but having taken out the speakers did say Lot
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