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  1. Hey all, For anyone who has upgraded the factory sound system (all components, incl head unit and sub).... what did you pay in labor for the install? I see posts where Jay got all Hertz speakers and a sub, a JL Amp, dynamat, etc all installed and only paid what would be $1,260 US today. The same parts are that much online now. And installers near me want to charge for 15 hours and $1,500-$2,500 with the tune which seems really high.
  2. Funny, I bought the car in SC and drove it home 500 miles. I’m in Florida so it’s tropical storm like rain this time of year. My pool is 48,000 gallons and it’ll rise 4-6” in one day type rain. Hence the question. I saw others posting about not driving or parking them in the rain or covering the vents when washing and it got me wondering. 😊
  3. Definitely looks like water/moisture damage around the O2 sensor. 🤔
  4. Ok thanks Bruss. I wasn’t worried to much about driving it in the rain but we get major torrential down pours and I was caught in one. Looked in that vent and didn’t see a drain so it got me wondering.
  5. That’s exactly what I thought too. They had to account for rain... but many car makers do stupid things. Doesn’t mean the drains work well and don’t cause any issues.
  6. Have had my Evora less than 2 months. I’ve gotten caught in the rain twice and had it parked in a typical south FL downpour. I’m assuming the car was built with proper drains in each vent? This one looks it bends and runs into the engine? Is this for a cold air return? Does the tube have a drain at the bottom for rain? Or is the cold air return filter oil covered to block water? Haven’t taken her apart yet so I’m not sure.
  7. Lmao, yeah Porsche purists hate the Cayenne. I love it though. The interior is what grabbed us on the Porsche. She has 500hp and 0-60 in 4.2 seconds. Almost as fast as the Evora 400. Not bad for a SUV that’s 2,300lbs heavier. I bet it’d win in a head to head actually. The launch control, sports tach and 4 wheel drive make it pretty easy to straight line race. The Lotus would obviously destroy it on a road track though lol. I’ve had other sports cars but never an exotic. Absolutely in love with the car! It handles so much better than anything I’ve ever driven. I was first looking at an Elise after seeing one. I liked it and it was fun to drive... but I then saw the Evora 400 and tried it out. I felt like it was a better fit. It had room to take a few suitcases for a road trip which was a bonus. The Elise seemed to more of a fun car to track but getting in and out wasn’t fun. And the interior doesn’t seem like a super car. My wife didn’t care for it really. So I started looking at older Evoras in the $35-$45K range. But then I learned of all the charges in 2017 and esp liked the lower door threshold, and the new interior, the safety upgrades, and of course the 400hp lol. Was looking at the same car without the black pack but it had a rebuilt title. It had some vibration issues. Gave him a couple months and went to try it again and the brakes still shook like crazy. So I passed on it. I saw this one on eBay and bid on it. I went from looking to get an Elise at around $25-$30K to jumping up to an Evora with only 2,500 miles on it. It was in pristine condition. The funny part is the guy selling it lived 500 miles away in South Carolina. Bought it on eBay and we flew to get it. Turns out I’m working a deal (I’m in sales) where the seller worked and I knew everyone he works with. Small small world 🌎 😂
  8. Thank you! I’ve been driving a Cayenne Turbo as my daily driver. This is my first exotic sports car actually.
  9. Thank you... They’re all beautiful!
  10. Hey all! I recently got a Lotus Evora. I’ve been looking a while and finally pulled the trigger. Love the Evora!! Looking forward to learning more from you all. Anyone know if there’s an active Lotus Club in Florida?
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