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  1. Final update, before I collect the car next week. I spoke to 24-7 and SCS again today and the dyno reading of 0.86 wasn't the final tune. After further tweaks it's running lambda 0.8 which I gather is 11.76 AFR. I've known for ages that the god awful Lotus OEM knock control requires a super rich tune, so with the Delta ECU running the show I'm happy with that fuelling. I absolutely trust these guys, they drive a 600bhp Evora road car also running a charge cooled TVS1900 so they know their stuff. To 24-7 and SCS ๐Ÿ‘‹- I know you will see this post update so thanks for your help and patience dealing with me and all my questions. I can't wait to get the car back.
  2. OK, so I had a good chat with the SCS guys and to cut a long story short they said the tune is exactly where they want it to be based on exhaust gas temps, timing, etc. They said they've purposely left the timing on the safe side, just as they won't run any higher boost than the peak 6.5psi I'm currently running. They said that they absolutely wouldn't be running that AFR if it wasn't for the chargecooler and the ECU. They have great faith in their ECU in regards to knock control too, and didn't have much to say about the OEM factory setup and ecu to control knock or fuelling. I haven't collected the car yet but it was interesting to hear them say that they could have tuned it for higher specific power outputs but safety 1st and then the second priority is how it drives, the throttle response, WOT and part throttle, etc. I appreciate your comments about the AFR, but I think those readings in isolation don't tell the whole picture. But "what do they know?" ๐Ÿคจ ๐Ÿ˜ I'm looking forward to driving it bearing in mind its gained 125bhp. ๐Ÿ˜ฌ Will report back soon.
  3. This is my 3rd chargecooled tuned Exige and I've always shared the data where possible. Even then they still sometimes end up going bang!
  4. Glad to hear your thoughts guys. To play safe I've asked SCS and 24-7 for their thoughts and will report back. Whatever their feedback, the previous lambda readings read like the engine was drowning fuel....unreal.
  5. Its well within the safe range bearing in mind the extra ECU control, as well as knock control and detection. The fact it is now charge cooled also helps massively. As far as the mapping goes, the guys at SCS are extremely conservative with their timing, AFR, etc. They won't sanction me running a smaller pulley even though I'm now chargecooled and despite Komotec running higher boost than mine with all their tunes.
  6. Ggggrrrr! OK, I'm ordering an 80mm pulley 1st thing Monday....๐Ÿ˜‰
  7. Yeah well pleased with the end result. You made more horses, but my 525 nm nipped you by 2 Nm ๐Ÿ˜‰
  8. 453bhp and 387 ft lbs at 6.5's increased since the exhaust fettling, new belt and running it to a 7k rpm instead of the daft 6.8k rpm the OEM 380 is blessed with. I'm over the moon with that bearing in mind that's on the ultra conservative SCS dyno.
  9. Good to know, so basically with the valve open the OEM backbox is a straight thru exhaust! To give credit I was also reading Jim's exhaust blog yesterday talking about this too.
  10. Yes Tim he was a total masochist ! Yes variable traction control ๐Ÿ‘
  11. 24-7 figured out why it was so dam loud....the rear silencer has absolutely no sound proofing material in it. They opened it up and its basically a straight through pipe. The theory is that due to the lamda wiring being fried, the fuelling was so rich that its burnt all the silencer material away. Rather than a new backbox, (which will take a while to arrange) the existing valved 380 box is being repacked at 24-7 to stop me from going deaf. All thats left now is to source and fit a new supercharger belt, oil change, geo and carbon side scoops fitted, MOT and one last run on the dyno and then its mine again. Cannot wait, 24-7 have been brilliant, Phil has spotted stuff that would have caused me issues later on, and from looking at the dyno SCS have done a good job on the tune.
  12. No trimming of the bodywork needed. Glad yours fits better, mine is definitely out of alignment - see the pic. The chargecooler can only bolt to one place so its definitely not a mistake with the fitting. Once the spacer is made up it will all line up. Just glad 24-7 noticed it, they could have easily let me drive away, just for it to snap 100 miles down the road.
  13. oh and the komotec chargecooler threw the pulley alignment out by a couple of mm. Not ideal for belt longevity so Phil is having a spacer made up to get it properly aligned.
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