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  1. steveoexige

    Emira GT4 Finally launched, deposits being taken in Oz. Shouldn't be long before Europe follows suit.
  2. I can't say but it's 100% correct. The new colours are nice, a mix of Lotus and Volvo colours.
  3. The red Emira briefly glimpsed in the Harry's garage clip isn't the launch V6 Magma red, it's a flat red they are going to offer along with 6 other new colours in 2022. All 7 new colours will be available for the launch i4 Emira.
  4. Interesting thread reading different concerns about the i4 Emira. As has been stated already the i4 is Lotus' global Emira, meeting emissions regs pretty much everywhere. Its the car they are putting the most development into and will quite literally be the last fossil fuelled engine in a Lotus. Thats only half the story though, what hasn't been mentioned is that this will be the only engine they will offer in the subsequent Emira's due to increased power outputs, the most powerful being the full fat Cup version discussed for end of 2023. Lotus are sticking to their existing strategy of ever faster versions so I'd imagine there will be a stop gap Emira or 2 (ie 410, 430, etc) before the Cup car. The V6 launch car is purely for marketing purposes, to broaden appeal and gain interest. It wont meet forthcoming emissions regs and is extremely expensive to tune beyond 460bhp (engine and transmission). The i4 can be tuned beyond this with a remap and increased cooling and meet emissions. I've asked my Hethel source about the launch edition i4 having 400bhp and so far ... nothing. I've had an answer to pretty much everything else new colours, technical specs, etc but radio silence about this. That could be telling ๐Ÿ˜€
  5. Hhhmmmm really? The Emira i4 engine is the M139 from the A45S (I know this for a fact) so why would they use the A45 gearbox?
  6. Sold and thread closed. My lovely exige is now someone else's super rapid toy.
  7. Good spot. Long story short I've always had my eye on a friends 458 and completely out of the blue on Monday he offered to sell it to me. So 24hrs after preaching on here about how much I love it, its up for sale! Seriously though, I genuinely had absolutely no plans to sell it but this 458 is achingly pretty ๐Ÿ˜ ยฃ59,995 and I've taken a huge hit on the 380 but exige prices seem all over the place.
  8. Quick update as it's been such a long time since I got my 380 back after it's work. I've put a thousand or so miles since the TVS1900 got its EX500 chargecooler upgrade and the Delta ecu and 2 things are obvious: the operating temps of the engine are so much lower, before the work it always ran hot and you could literally feel the timing being pulled along with the reduction in power. Its chilled all the time now, even sitting in standstill traffic on a hot August day. Secondly the torque....the bump in mid range is HUGE, so much so that I've had to recalibrate my steering inputs. Mid-bend it will really punish you if you aren't on your game. It's a very wide eyed, triple shot espresso after affect from a spirited drive on my favourite roads. I'm chuffed it can deliver the performance on repeat, even on hot days and at a super mild 6.5psi boost. As for the Delta ecu....I couldn't tell any difference from the Lotus oem item as it was fitted and mapped at the same time as the EX500 kit (Komotec chargecooler, front heat exchanger, fuel rail, etc). All the factory stuff works including the cruise control, etc. I'm not sure what I was thinking though as the Delta guys are ex-Lotus engineers. Other than the final engine mods it's had some detailing and porsche white gold highlights. Love this car sooo much, in my mind there really is nothing to touch it.
  9. This is the A35 engine which is totally different to the A45 M139 engine
  10. Who did the work? Last year 247 Motorsport upgraded my TVS1900 to chargecooled and noticed that the belt alignment was slightly out. They had to machine the pulley adjuster to fit. Probably worth giving them a call.
  11. Final update, before I collect the car next week. I spoke to 24-7 and SCS again today and the dyno reading of 0.86 wasn't the final tune. After further tweaks it's running lambda 0.8 which I gather is 11.76 AFR. I've known for ages that the god awful Lotus OEM knock control requires a super rich tune, so with the Delta ECU running the show I'm happy with that fuelling. I absolutely trust these guys, they drive a 600bhp Evora road car also running a charge cooled TVS1900 so they know their stuff. To 24-7 and SCS ๐Ÿ‘‹- I know you will see this post update so thanks for your help and patience dealing with me and all my questions. I can't wait to get the car back.
  12. OK, so I had a good chat with the SCS guys and to cut a long story short they said the tune is exactly where they want it to be based on exhaust gas temps, timing, etc. They said they've purposely left the timing on the safe side, just as they won't run any higher boost than the peak 6.5psi I'm currently running. They said that they absolutely wouldn't be running that AFR if it wasn't for the chargecooler and the ECU. They have great faith in their ECU in regards to knock control too, and didn't have much to say about the OEM factory setup and ecu to control knock or fuelling. I haven't collected the car yet but it was interesting to hear them say that they could have tuned it for higher specific power outputs but safety 1st and then the second priority is how it drives, the throttle response, WOT and part throttle, etc. I appreciate your comments about the AFR, but I think those readings in isolation don't tell the whole picture. But "what do they know?" ๐Ÿคจ ๐Ÿ˜ I'm looking forward to driving it bearing in mind its gained 125bhp. ๐Ÿ˜ฌ Will report back soon.
  13. This is my 3rd chargecooled tuned Exige and I've always shared the data where possible. Even then they still sometimes end up going bang!
  14. Glad to hear your thoughts guys. To play safe I've asked SCS and 24-7 for their thoughts and will report back. Whatever their feedback, the previous lambda readings read like the engine was drowning fuel....unreal.
  15. Its well within the safe range bearing in mind the extra ECU control, as well as knock control and detection. The fact it is now charge cooled also helps massively. As far as the mapping goes, the guys at SCS are extremely conservative with their timing, AFR, etc. They won't sanction me running a smaller pulley even though I'm now chargecooled and despite Komotec running higher boost than mine with all their tunes.
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