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  1. That is what I had thought but I have not got 12vdc there??? I have to assume the wire is compromised between this connection and the switch at the pedal. I cannot see where the wire goes into the car from the hood???? Is it at the other end of the shock???
  2. Just finished a car show and found the spoiler mounted brake light was not functional. I have no idea where the wire comes in from to check for voltage. There are two green/red wires coming off the switch on the brake pedal, I assume one goes to the rear mounted lights and the other to the spoiler mounted light??? There is a green/red wire attached to the passenger side gas strut for the engine lid,???? Any thoughts or direction would be helpful!!! It was the only deduction and we received a Platinum as well as Best Lotus in Show for the car!!!
  3. I just replaced the stock wastegates with new units that are a bit better in design...They have been in the car since March of last year and the issue just started this week. I will check them to be certain. It would make sence as the issue only presents itself when I push the pedal to the floor. I generally do not drive the car hard but do like to enjoy the car. Thanks for your thoughts...
  4. I am having an issue with the knock sensor code coming up. It will not happen if I am driving along easily but as soon as I get into it the light comes on. I clear the cose and it will not come back until I get on the rev's again. Seems to happen when the throttle is pressed hard??? Any thoughts...Thanks, Paul
  5. I have the part but not the time to install it. I hope to get it in for this in the next few weeks. I too have been told its a pain to do so I am bringing it to Foreign Toys in Ft. Lauderdale so Paul and his crew can get it right the first time. They did a great job helping me sort a few cosmetic issues prior to a show a few months ago and I came away with Platinum and best in show for Lotus!!!
  6. Is there an aluminum high flow radiator available for the V8 Esprti??? Any direction for source in the USA???
  7. I had a CEL on before I went out for a drive today, an O2 sensor and code 338 knock sensor. I get the O2 sensor all the time with the cats I have but I have never seen the knock sensor code before. Can anyone tell me what it relates to and if it is something that need attention before I drive again???
  8. Anyone have a source for the center A/C vent mounted in the top of the center console on a 2002 V8. Thought I would ask before calling Lotus...........
  9. Found one at Part #1135153, which is a GM part number. $170 plus a small shipping charge. Thanks
  10. Can anyone point me in the right direction for the A/C compressor on my car. It needs replacement and I know it should be available from a local parts supply as it is not a "Lotus" part. I do not know the manufacturer or part number???? Thanks....
  11. I let it stall but it has not learned...Bad car!!!! I have not changed fuel and the car runs fine except when I slow to a stop, then it stalls. If I drive the car gently, which is hard to do, it does not seem as prone to stalling. It does so more coming off a bit of throttle.
  12. Thanks, sounds like I will not be repairing this myself today........
  13. My 2002 has just started to stall when coming to a stop light. Runs fine and it does not do it all the time but more often than not???? Any suggestions as to where to start???
  14. Thats the problem I was having...All the after market parts will not fit! Thanks for the info!!!
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