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  1. Thanks for that. I can't find anyone in Australia that wants to rebuild this diff, hence the need for a replacement. Even with the cost of freight the Lotusbits route is the way to go. Be assured that everything in the drivetrain, and the brakes will be thoroughly overhauled before the car is put back on the road.
  2. Thanks Gentlemen. The cost of the diff from LotusBits seems to be very reasonable, and even if it costs as much again to freight it's a lot easier than trying to find one in Aus. With that information to hand I'm now off to "Haggle" for an Eclat. Shouky
  3. Hi There, I'm new to the forum, and need some information before I make a purchase. Firstly I'm in Australia, so I guess that most Éclat parts will be like Rocking Horse Droppings, or will have to be adapted from some other vehicle. I am looking at a 1976 Éclat 521(no aircon or power steer; so hopefully less to go wrong) with the 2 litre 907 engine. It has had a replacement Galvanised chasis at some stage of its life, and the bodywork is sound if a little rough. The main problem is that the present owner managed to destroy the differential whilst "Playing" on a race track, and I am told that they are a rather unusual Salisbury type. Now for the question. Can I replace this differential with a Toyota Supra dif, as was fitted to the later Excel, or can I replace the gearbox drive shaft and dif with Supra items. I have a ramp and above workshop skills. Thanks in anticipation Shouky
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