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  1. The new toy! Really fancy the Alias side sills for it.
  2. Thank you! I've just popped a post on the introductions page showing it off. The VX was a fantastic car, I swear mine had a heater upgrade that wasn't recorded as it could blow quite hot, but never cold and never quietly! Okay, I understand, that still sounds essential though in any sort of heat or humidity. You don't always want to be having a window open as that creates even more noise. That's ideal if it's so good that you had to turn it off, who knew! It confirms there is something wrong at least. I'm glad you got it sorted, did it take long to diagnose and fix?
  3. Evening all, just had this Exige V6 delivered and I have to say I'm in love with it. Had the wheels refurbed from the original diamond cut into the LF1 gold colour, it really sets it off imo. Love the look of these in roadster guise, makes them have a whiff of something even more exotic with that glass hatch! Having come from a 460bhp m140i I can honestly say that an incredibly responsive, howling v6 is such a nice change, instead of just relying on all that torque. How good is the air con in these? Worthwile having on or not? Having come from a VX220 SC, it settings were either
  4. I've just bought a second hand exige v6 and the air con appears to have failed, so its refreshing that they've managed to fix yours so quickly for what it is. Is the air con in these noticeable or any good? I'm coming from a VX220 which blew hot or hotter, so I don't know what to expect!
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