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  1. Thanks Peter and Clive. Sounds a like a sticky needle valve is a good starting point. I doubt the twin Dellortos have ever been serviced and as the car has not been driven since 2009, some of the old fuel may still be in the system to the detriment of the fuel system. Will let you know what we find when it goes up on the hoist (hopefully in the next four weeks).
  2. Thanks Pete. Is there a modification to prevent that from happening or do most owners just take great care not to flood the carburettors? I am considering buying a larger fire extinguisher as an alternative to refilling mine just in case it happens again.
  3. They say Rome wasn't built in a day... it seems getting my Lotus Eclat back on the road is going to take almost as long. I have been distracted by other matters over the past year but have replaced the ignition and steering lock with a second hand unit from Lotus Bits and that seems to have largely resolved the issue I had with a parasitic leak draining the battery. I have had my first experience of a "flaming Lotus" when I tried to fire her up yesterday to take her out of the garage to show a skilled restoration and mechanical specialist. Sadly I flooded her while kicking her over and the next think flames were licking up the windscreen. Fortunately I had the bonnet off at the time so I suspect I saw the fire as soon as it ignited and more fortunately, I had a fire extinguisher to douse the flames. Note to self: ALWAYS carry a fire extinguisher in the car. There doesn't appear to be any significant damage but I won't know until I can get it to the mechanic's workshop and up onto a hoist. The body is okay but I suspect some electrical wiring may be damaged. Hopefully the Flaming Lotus experience won't happen again. The fire started at the firewall end of the motor so I will be keen to find the source of ignition.
  4. Thanks David.. that's very handy to know... I will keep you up date as I slowly work my way through the issues! George
  5. Hi Clive and David, Thanks..The fellow I bought it off purchased it (i think) in 09 then stored it. It's not really running but does start and run lumpily. It's unregistered and needs a bit to recommission - a new steering wheel, ignition barrel, i think a steering rack, shocks, tyres .. tracking down an electrical drain, new timing belt and general service. The front seats are a bit worn and the paint is not the best, (It looks better in the picture because it's wet) particularly around the boot. It doesn't drip any oil or other fluids so that's a good sign. It's a complete car which is great..I am in Wollongong, about 80 kms or so South of Sydney. .
  6. Hi Here is a pic of my 1981 Lotus Eclat 2.2 auto which I recently bought from an owner in Melbourne. It was last registered in 2009 in Victoria and is now at my home in New South Wales. I hope over the next year or three to get it sorted and back on the road. It is a Domestic variant and was originally a private import to Australia. It rained the night it arrived on the truck (and we haven't seen much of that this year) so as you can see, the car got a bit wet being rolled into the garage! It has an electrical problem which flattens the battery quickly but I am working on that...There's more but one step at a time! George
  7. Thanks Rob and Tim ... I will give LotusBits a call and yes I have a multimeter. I was hoping to get an indication which fuse controlled which circuits to narrow down the hunt. I have a wiring diagram..(about six actually) so I will plough through them and try to find one which matches.. Most have seven fuses, not eight as in my box. I also will check near the fuel pump in the rear. I haven't seen one there but I was fishing around for the breather pipes etc at the time... and boy was that plastic piping brittle! Thanks. Am enjoying the Lotus adventure already!George
  8. I have recently bought a 1981 July build Lotus Eclat auto as a project. I believe it is a Domestic car, although has found its way to Australia. It has (among other things) a fairly severe current drain which flattens the battery in a week or so. While trying to determine location of the current drain, I have noticed the fuse box in the engine bay has eight fuses, four in a top row, four in a bottom row and there are two spares. However nowhere in the fuse box or on the lid does it say which fuse is which. Can anyone assist me so I can narrow down the possible culprit of my power drain. Also is there a good Lotus parts supplier / wreckers or new to obtain items like steering racks, steering wheel, ignition barrel etc... Thanks George
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