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  1. They are rare in the UK too.. i fell lucky finding mine, wasn’t cheap but they don’t often come up for sale
  2. Wow. Wonder why so expensive out there. Worth every penny in my book though but if someone came along with 60k they could have my pewter grey cup
  3. For a v6 cup or a 360/380 cup?
  4. Hmm.. how much more expensive??
  5. appear to have sorted the issue. I did 3 things : 1. Remove the MAF plug, clean the connections and reconnect and secured tightly with a cable tie. I'm told this was part of a dealer bulletin.. 2. Remove TB harness plug and clean with contact cleaner and reconnect 3. remove intake pipe and noticed a sticky oily film around the throttle butterfly. It was really sticky.. So cleaned the TB with throttle body cleaner and removed the residue. Car immediately feels better and has so far been trouble free. Will keep the thread updated.
  6. Ok thanks, I’ll clean the harness at the TB end. Is there a connection at the pedal end? where is the ECU? I could disconnect the harness at the ECU and spray some contact cleaner in to the joints
  7. Mine is now doing the same, I’m told it can be the connection to the maf but will see...
  8. Thanks very much. I entered with trepidation as I sold my much loved Delta integrale to buy it. But perfect decision, the car is everything I’d hoped for and more.
  9. Hi All, new to the forum but am the current owner of build number 13 v6 Cup Love the car, so far so good!
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