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  1. Thing is the evora is so good. There was nothing really that was in the running for my cash, I wanted something easy on the eye without being flashy, something I could get my young girls in (my kids before you make any funny remarks 😂😂) and something that was interesting and fun without astronomical depreciation, and astronomical running costs. Evora really did punch all the buttons it truly is a great car and they are worth every penny!
  2. The owner of that green one got in touch with me about a year ago when they were thinking of selling and offered it to me for 55. If it’s the same one. But I got my GT instead in the end
  3. So, I have the RHS lotus part but in need of a left. Any ideas where I might find one? it’s the OEM carbon door Mirror shells thanks
  4. Love a good performance Renault! Had countless 172/cup/Williams/megs currently hunting for a Williams myself!
  5. No13 (my old one) was totally standard. There is another pewter that got quite a few mods.
  6. Rather than people selling for what they can get away with, better worded is people sell things for what they can get for it = it’s true value. things will only sell if there is a buyer that is happy to pay that amount for it.
  7. My 2019 GT has 20k on it and drives and looks Like new still!
  8. Oakmere are a decent enough bunch so can’t imagine it would need too much that they wouldn’t fix
  9. Oakmere have just listed a silver 400 2+2 at £44k
  10. I wonder if the 410s hang around just as they are 2 seats? I know for a lot of people the extra bit of room in the back makes the world of difference and seems to be what brings people over from the exige (myself included )
  11. Well if we keep seeing posts from people like Jay Leno, Jenson Button etc all saying how great they are then it can only help
  12. Suppose that’s the same as that blue komotec one, that was 57, 62, 64 and god knows whatever now. I saw the same happen with the delta Integrale, certain cars that didn’t sell just kept on going up and up.
  13. Yep, just like exiges did literally the day after I sold mine.
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