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  1. The infamous intermittent issues, don’t you just love them! Do you have Points in your dizzy? Mine is fitted with Luminition Magnatronic module. Have you tried swapping dizzy cap, rotor arm... etc (the cheaper options) to rule these out?
  2. Vern, Are you sure its ignition related ?
  3. I also just prefer the Champion brand, have. Never let me down.
  4. Don’t think they are better just had a brand new set of Champion’s at hand. Also the N12YC are a hotter plug and didn’t soot up as much, but this could also have been down to the poor sparking.
  5. Thanks Barry! Makes perfect sense, so I can rest easy as looking at mine I can now see they are indeed fitted the correct way round. Will do more digging and investigation before taking a PO in vain. Trouble is there are so many bodges I have already had to put right It’s hard not to be sceptical. Thanks to all the replies guys, as always valuable support.
  6. Barry, are the dots the only way to identify the sprocket type ?
  7. And you can also see from the pics that the timing belt isn’t running central on the sprockets.
  8. Ok took some pictures and both sprockets have EX & IN on them as in Barry’s picture. I can’t see any colour in the dimples, see pics below ...
  9. I will check tonight when I get home and will also take some pictures.
  10. Thanks for the replies! I'm confused, going by Barry’s picture it looks like it’s the same casting used for both sprockets (makes sense reducing manf. costs) so if the same part why would the workshop manual say not to get these mixed up? Are they referring to which way round they go on the camshaft?
  11. I’m looking at the sprockets from the rear of the engine and can see the ‘IN’ on the LH camshaft (exhaust) and ‘EX’ on the RH camshaft (inlet). wish I took a picture.
  12. Just finished rebuilding my carbs Esprit S2 and back in the car, initially car went ok but after filling up with BP Ultinate it started misfiring and was only running on 3 cylinders. First thoughts were stale fuel, but after a 2nd carb strip and rebuild the problem was still there. worked my way through all the potential culprits. Turned out to be the NGK BPR6ES spark plugs, swapped these out with a brand new set of Champion N12YC and problem solved. Anyway that’s the background to the next issue, as when I was checking all the other stuff when I came to check the engine t
  13. Name: Lotus Esprit Click to view: Lotus Esprit
  14. I’ve just done mine. I ground out the cracks with fine tipped dremmel and filled with gel coat repair. rubbed down applied some fine surface filler and repainted satin black.
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