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  1. I’ve just done mine. I ground out the cracks with fine tipped dremmel and filled with gel coat repair. rubbed down applied some fine surface filler and repainted satin black.
  2. Thanks Pete, Yeah later S2 with inclined rad, maybe the wiring was fitted incorrectly by one of the previous owners. Will look at reversing and see if it all works as it should. Not had the car for a year yet so I’m still feeling my way into Esprit ownership, everyday is a school day. You guys are a great help and top source of info. Trying to right a lot of wrongs before I’m happy to take her out on the road, the car at least deserves that.
  3. Thanks Lads! The car has been laid up for nearly a year while doing some work on her. Once wiped off the emulsification and got the engine up to temp it never reappeared. Hence why I noticed the fans blowing and the reason I started this post. for piece of mind I might just invest in one of these kits anyway. Thanks for sending the link Pete! - So from what I can understand from the previous thread is the fans were originally mounted at the rear and sucking air through the rad but were Actually better at blowing air hence why some were mounting them at the front?
  4. Hi Pete, looking in the grill under the bumper I can only see the tilted rad, so fans are behind.
  5. Cheers BigVern, Will have to get underneath to see if the fans are stock and wiring is correct. Only had her a year and still working my way round all these riddles, everyday throws up a new one. Trying to put right what hasn’t been done right before.
  6. Hi Guys, Hope you are all keeping well and staying safe. I’m doing some work on my S2 hopefully to be ready when some of the restrictions are relaxed. Had her idling today to get engine up to temp as just running in and out of the garage there was some emulsification on the oil filler cap. The rad fans kicked in just after temp gauge read 90 but noticed they are blowing air out the front grill not sucking it in through the radiator. Is that correct for the S2? I thought it should be sucking air in as blowing would have an adverse effect on air flow when the car was in motion.
  7. DavyJ


  8. Thx Ramjet!!! good to know there is a great level of support and knowledge that will be a great help!
  9. Thanks Kimbers, No need to worry I am with you 100% on originality.
  10. Hi Stephen, Thanks for the reply and your kind words. To be fair pictures can hide a lot. But I am a bit of a perfectionist so trying to do some work on her right now to fix some cracking on the ears and lower 1/4 window metal trims. The car is missing a lot of fixings so rattles are not uncommon. Currently trying to address these as well. Would love to try and get along to one or both of the meets, thanks for sending the details. Will struggle for the one in the 18th but maybe the next one? Is Lotus well represented up here?
  11. Thanks guys for the welcome! in response to demand here are some pics, should have known better to include first time
  12. Hello to you all. Thought I would introduce myself, been a Lotus fan since I was a boy but only just recently became the proud owner of an 1979 Esprit S2 40 years later. She is currently on the road and partially restored but not very well put back together with lots of screws / bolts missing or neglected especially the interior. Will be looking for loads of advice and tapping into the wealth of experience and knowledge you guys have, hopefully you can help me out. DavyJ
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