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  1. Possibly , I don’t have any history . It will look fine once I’ve glued the trim in place .
  2. there is no black at that point as I was just testing the fit. Yes the element looks fine, very good condition....just odd all the others I have seen have that main section visible after fitting.
  3. Yes strange, the car sat for 27 years so if it was changed it must have been before 94. Odd that the heater element edging is hidden on mine.
  4. Yeah they hide those in boxes on the jags as well πŸ‘πŸ»
  5. Is it built into the distributor or mounted in a box externally on the S3? like this
  6. No I'm waiting for a load of those suction clamps to arrive, I'll stick a cloth under each one and go easy with the pressure. I'll take a look at the glass and see if it's branded.
  7. Did you swap out the ignition amplifier ? does you car have a ballast resistor ? sure you've got the correct coil ? If the Tacho is moving around in an odd manner when its running rough then it will be an ignition problem.......wiring, coil or ignition amplifier......or a combination.
  8. This website must compress them as well, the top rear trim still looks a bit wonky πŸ™‚ I think its the angle of the photo and the way the sun catches it.
  9. Hard to say as the resolution is so low but the top trim looks a bity wavy where it should sit flush with the glass......that's the issue I'm dealing with .
  10. Ooooooo looks pretty damn good, thanks. I'll take a look at your IG photos. You have a different rear glass than mine. Mine has the vertical section of the heater element right on the edge of the glass and you have to run adhesive over it.
  11. Have you checked the connections/wiring to the distributor ? have you swapped out the ignition amplifier module? What does the Tacho do when it runs rough?
  12. Care to share any close up photos of your rear hatch trim Fridge ? So I can compare to my attempt 😊
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