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  1. I actually have the arm, its the part that bolts to the door beam that the arm connects to that I'm missing.
  2. Thanks for the replies , really helpful information.
  3. Hi Guys, I'm looking for some advice on the best method for repairing damaged fibreglass around the hinge area on my S1 bonnet. I think it was originally damaged on car transporter with the bonnet catch left undone. The wind must have caught it, ripped the support arm off and has caused the fibre glass layers to separate around the hinge plates. What would be the best method to fix this? Get some epoxy adhesive between the layers? Thanks.
  4. Original Fuel tank Dash Panels. Front spoiler
  5. For reference , I soaked mine in WD40 and then hit a small screwdriver against the pin on the shaft. You’ll see a small hole in the side of the knob , once the pin is free, you can push it in and pull the knob off .
  6. Nice job !! How did you remove the rheostat knob ? I can see what looks like a screw with no slot in it , is that meant to push in so that the knob will pull off ?
  7. Great thanks! I have my windscreen removed along with the interior (minus the dash)
  8. How does the Crash pad come off? I had a quick look at mine but couldn't see any fixings.
  9. Thanks for the Photos David. The bushes are fine, no play at all. The doors hadn't been opened for 28 years so someone had undone the top bolt slightly to make them easy to move. I took the pin to a local machine shop and they cleaned the thread up for me. I used a bit of 1200 wet and dry with the WD40 to clean the outside of the hinge pin, it had no rust, just needed a good clean. Where did you get those brass bushes from?
  10. Update..... I have the car pretty much stripped down and ready for the body shop, just the passenger door left to strip. I removed and cleaned up the hinge pin on the drivers door and the bushes look fine. I seemed to have slightly damaged the thread opening in the hinge pin when I was pushing it out of the housing. Does anyone know what size bolts fit the pin? I need to buy a tap to clear it out. Thanks
  11. Thanks David, I actually follow you on Instagram...I'm Omegaman911 on there. Cheers Simon
  12. Yes that's what I did in the end, another job out of the way.
  13. Thanks for the links John, I don't think the end flips up on mine, a puller won't work if that's the case. I'll take another look at this afternoon.
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