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  1. Original Fuel tank Dash Panels. Front spoiler
  2. For reference , I soaked mine in WD40 and then hit a small screwdriver against the pin on the shaft. You’ll see a small hole in the side of the knob , once the pin is free, you can push it in and pull the knob off .
  3. Nice job !! How did you remove the rheostat knob ? I can see what looks like a screw with no slot in it , is that meant to push in so that the knob will pull off ?
  4. Great thanks! I have my windscreen removed along with the interior (minus the dash)
  5. How does the Crash pad come off? I had a quick look at mine but couldn't see any fixings.
  6. Thanks for the Photos David. The bushes are fine, no play at all. The doors hadn't been opened for 28 years so someone had undone the top bolt slightly to make them easy to move. I took the pin to a local machine shop and they cleaned the thread up for me. I used a bit of 1200 wet and dry with the WD40 to clean the outside of the hinge pin, it had no rust, just needed a good clean. Where did you get those brass bushes from?
  7. Update..... I have the car pretty much stripped down and ready for the body shop, just the passenger door left to strip. I removed and cleaned up the hinge pin on the drivers door and the bushes look fine. I seemed to have slightly damaged the thread opening in the hinge pin when I was pushing it out of the housing. Does anyone know what size bolts fit the pin? I need to buy a tap to clear it out. Thanks
  8. Thanks David, I actually follow you on Instagram...I'm Omegaman911 on there. Cheers Simon
  9. Yes that's what I did in the end, another job out of the way.
  10. Thanks for the links John, I don't think the end flips up on mine, a puller won't work if that's the case. I'll take another look at this afternoon.
  11. Well 505H is now in my possession. I have been pulling it apart to see what I need to do to get it back on the road. I have removed the bonnet, light pods, tailgate, 1/4 windows, rear lights, bumpers, side trims and I'm about to remove the front windscreen......if I can get the damn wiper arm off Does the main part of the arm just slide off the splines? I can't get it to budge. The car has had a paint job in the past, it's in pretty poor condition body wise so I've booked it in with my Painter for the end of December. Luckily the chassis is rust free. The interior is horrible, it's been recovered in vinyl at some stage in its life, nothing that can' be sorted later. After searching this forum, I decided to use Robins recovery from Blandford, I must say that his price to collect and deliver the car was amazing! Very professional from start to finish. I'm going to paint the car in its original Monaco white, I was tempted to go Silver or even Lambo Miura green, they look fantastic in that colour. I need to delete the old glass sunroof, I have ordered a new roof section from SJ sportscars and have read on here that some people chop the whole roof off and replace. Is this the preferred way of doing this? I would have thought the pillar strength would be compromised, any advice would be welcome. Thanks for looking !
  12. Cheers Tony that’s very kind of you . 505H should be arriving on the 23rd. I’ll post some pics once it’s here .
  13. Thanks for all the warm welcomes guys. I guess it will be best if I start a project thread once the car gets here. I have a few other non Lotus projects on the go at the moment. A 190e that im converting to an EVO1 body with an M3 V8 engine in it I promise I won't do something like that to the lotus ! Im on Instagram under omegaman911 if anyone cares to take a look at my other car projects.
  14. There was only one jet in that carb
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