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  1. Hi John , I think standard they are 45s with 36mm chokes . I’m probably going to upgrade the engine in the future so it would be nice to have some headroom . How much are you looking for them ? thanks Simon
  2. Looking to swap out my existing Strombergs for a decent set of Dellortos or the like.
  3. About inline with inflation......:-) Seriously though, that's a lot of money! Wow that interior is stunning.
  4. Awesome !! Thanks Dave , much appreciated .
  5. I asked SJ the same question and they said the euro silencer with bolt up to the OE parts , I asked about the bracket and they didn’t say it needed changing, strange .
  6. Yes I have the UK rear valance . ok so all new from the manifold back plus a new gearbox bracket ? Thanks for the info . Can you recommend a supplier ?
  7. Hi Guys, I have a question about the Exhaust system on a Fed S1. My car has manifold.....down rear silencer. Will a Euro spec rear silencer and short pipe that runs from the silencer bolt directly onto my existing down pipe? Here are the parts I want to replace.
  8. Possibly , I don’t have any history . It will look fine once I’ve glued the trim in place .
  9. there is no black at that point as I was just testing the fit. Yes the element looks fine, very good condition....just odd all the others I have seen have that main section visible after fitting.
  10. Yes strange, the car sat for 27 years so if it was changed it must have been before 94. Odd that the heater element edging is hidden on mine.
  11. Yeah they hide those in boxes on the jags as well 👍🏻
  12. Is it built into the distributor or mounted in a box externally on the S3? like this
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