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  1. yes its behind the piston so there must be. Not in the lever section though. There are 2 seals.....1 small one where lever shaft exits (no fluid there) and a large one between the main caliper body and the part that bolts on the back. in the joint where I have marked red in the photo. sits in that recess.
  2. I recently bought a seal kit from SJ to rebuild my rear calipers, unfortunately it didnt come with the square profile seal that goes in the handbrake mech between the body of the caliper and the bit that bolts on. 1 of mine was fine but the other was shot. Does anyone know who can supply these ?
  3. I'll pull the one that is still in there out and get a bunch made up.
  4. Success in removing the engine today. I fixed a strap around the gearbox and around a pole laying across the boot floor....wedged some wood under the sump and the removed the engine mounts and gearbox support bolts. Lowered the car down and placed a trolley jack with a block of wood on top under the sump, I then lifted the car and pulled the engine and box out from underneath. No engine hoist needed.
  5. That's true, I wasn't sure how well the bracket would drop out of the chassis. I'll give it a go tomorrow. Cheers. The engine mount design seems totally wrong for this configuration, I'll change it to a better design to stop it moving. Someone had installed chains around the engine mounts and chassis as a safety net haha.
  6. I am just about to remove my engine and gearbox.....It looks like the gearbox bolt have been pulled into the bush and I can't get a socket on them. Has anyone else had this issue?
  7. Does anyone have a couple of spare Dowels or know where I can buy one to fit the rear brake support brackets on an S1. I must have dropped mine cleaning the brackets.
  8. Its the bolts in the back of the gearbox that hold the exhaust bracket in place. The federal bracket is flat against the gearbox with no standoffs. The UK version has 2 standoffs which make the existing bolts too short. I managed to find some 7mm threaded bar online for £5 . Yes I noticed those but found a 1m length online for a fiver. I think the m7 thing is typically Citreon. I noticed the old Federal exhaust bracket had the speedo drive bracket welded to it, so I cut it off and used that.
  9. Hi, Yes I'm in the UK. I just had a look at that site...thanks, nothing in M7 x1.0mm x 115mm ...Most places only seem to go as long as 60mm.
  10. One last question Pete 🙂 I need longer bolts for the 2 that go through the bracket where its spaced on the gearbox....They appear to be m7x1.0mm. I need 1 at 115mm length and the other at 40mm length. I can source the 40mm one no problem but can't find anything for the other one. Did you convert yours over from Federal?
  11. Hi Pete, No that's fine, I have some bits of metal, I can make one using the old bracket as a guide. Thanks for your help. Can't wait to drive it for the first time.
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