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  1. Great Job. Question: What part of the ignition makes the key spring back from crank position? I'm putting my car back together and my key will sit in whatever position I leave it, including crank. Also, the actual switch unit area where the lock slots into looks to be a different shape than the D shaped shaft of the lock.
  2. Hi Guys, It's been a while since I've posted any updates. Today the car was finally in the booth. Turned out great!! I have a question regarding which areas should be painted black, are there any reference photos on here ? Thanks
  3. I think they look amazing in yellow, mine is an original white car but was tempted to go yellow at one point.
  4. Yes I have new ones from SJ. Yes I figured that's what the small micro switch was for, to disable the headlight motor.
  5. I thought so, I don't remember my old S2 being like that. I noticed the old hinge plates weren't too clever either, maybe a factory adjustment
  6. Haha, I’ll make sure I’m wearing a harness whilst working on my headlights. some photos I see of the bonnet gaps are tiny! I guess they fitted better hinges on later models .
  7. Well it was originally white so I guess I should. I was tempted to do it Lambo Miura green or Silver.
  8. Thanks for the prompt replies I also fitted 8mm i.d nylon bushes to the inner wing and edge of each pod, it worked really well.
  9. Hi Guys, My S1 is currently in the paint shop being prepared for paint. The guys there have installed the front light pods and bonnet and the gap at the front edge of the bonnet seems a bit too big. There doesn't seem to be a way around it though, if we make the gap any smaller it will hit when it opens. Does this look fairly normal for a single headlight S1 ?
  10. I actually have the arm, its the part that bolts to the door beam that the arm connects to that I'm missing.
  11. Thanks for the replies , really helpful information.
  12. Hi Guys, I'm looking for some advice on the best method for repairing damaged fibreglass around the hinge area on my S1 bonnet. I think it was originally damaged on car transporter with the bonnet catch left undone. The wind must have caught it, ripped the support arm off and has caused the fibre glass layers to separate around the hinge plates. What would be the best method to fix this? Get some epoxy adhesive between the layers? Thanks.
  13. Original Fuel tank Dash Panels. Front spoiler
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