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  1. Oh I see, I haven't really touched the pedal, only by hand when rolling it in the workshop. I thought the mechanical handbrake part of the caliper was the self adjusting part.
  2. Thanks I'll check. I have the inside sill cover off so that I could fit new brake cables and clean the old links etc. I'm pretty certain I would have aligned the pistons with the pads, stranger things have happened though. I'm hoping that little pill shaped thing that goes between the lever and piston inside the caliper didn't fall out when I put them back together, I can't see that would have happened on both sides though.
  3. Back to this. I bled the brakes on my car a few days ago. I've fitted new MC, brake lines, front calipers, discs and handbrake cables. The rear calipers I refurbished. The hydraulics work fine but the handbrake doesn't work. I can pull the lever up and down and nothing happens. Is there another cause for this other than the rear pistons not being aligned with the splines on the mech?
  4. It was a 55,000 mile Californian car. I don’t think any of the suspension had been changed. Every nut and bolt came undone easily. Shame they aren’t so easy to put back together 🤣
  5. Is the bolt stuck in the carrier a UK salt corrosion issue? when I removed mine they just pulled out by hand.
  6. Hahahah How about installing the tank and using your iphone for a torch, then it falling down the side of the tank. I should know not to do that, I had that happen on the BMW E31 ECU box, what a pain that was to retrieve.
  7. Hi Gary, Excellent! I sent you a PM. Thanks Simon
  8. Oh..........Is the one on that Viva column a later type?
  9. Ah I see. The haulage company removed the lock as the key wouldn't unlock the steering when it came into port in the UK. They must have dropped that metal adapter. It works fine now I have let the JB weld take the shape of the lock mech. I bought the later style switch from SJ a while back, I'll get the later type lock and keep it as a back up. Thanks for the info.
  10. In the end I managed to fix my old lock. The switch part had worn so much that the key didn't turn it. I filled the center of the switch with Jb weld that fitted it back to the lock to set. A spot of ATF in the column lock mech fixed the sticking issue.
  11. @omegaman - Please place all ads on - Thanks.
  12. Has anyone tried fitting an MGB ignition switch on an S1 Esprit? Mine is sticking and from looking online, the MGB looks very similar.
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