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  1. Cheers Tony that’s very kind of you . 505H should be arriving on the 23rd. I’ll post some pics once it’s here .
  2. Thanks for all the warm welcomes guys. I guess it will be best if I start a project thread once the car gets here. I have a few other non Lotus projects on the go at the moment. A 190e that im converting to an EVO1 body with an M3 V8 engine in it I promise I won't do something like that to the lotus ! Im on Instagram under omegaman911 if anyone cares to take a look at my other car projects.
  3. There was only one jet in that carb
  4. Haha you should see the size of him now! He is taller than I am.
  5. Hi Guys and Gals, I'm now on my 3rd Esprit but new to this forum. I had a lovely Silver S2 back in 97, unfortunately it caught fire in 1998. I then purchased a Red S1 but sold it due to moving to the States in late 99. I have now just bought 505H and its about to leave California. It's a 77 Monaco white S1 that's been stored for the last 27 years. The car looks pretty solid, no rust that I can see but it needs a fair amount of work. The Plan is to keep it LHD but get rid of the Federal bits and bobs plus delete the sunroof and get the interior back to factory look. I have restored quite a few cars and I'm lucky enough to have my own workshop with a 2 post lift. I guess it would be better to drop a UK 2.2 engine in the car and keep the existing matching numbers engine to one side. It looks like it would take a lot of money to bring the engine up to Euro spec. If anyone has a factory steering wheel, engine cover and airbox for sale please PM me. Right, off to read some S1 restoration blogs.
  6. Hi Guys, I have just purchased 505H and it's on its way to me across the Atlantic any day soon. I am going to need an original steering wheel, engine cover and the outer part of the airbox. Thanks
  7. Looking good. I've got new front and back bumpers to prep for my S1, I've not unwrapped the rear one yet but the front looks pretty good.
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